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Anonymous 100179

I may be retarded, so excuse me for asking, but I've seen some figures handed out here about attractiveness that seem odd to me. When I talk about a guy being ugly or attractive, I'm talking on a normal distribution basis (66% of men are 4-6 for example) with completely ugly men and drop dead gorgeous men being extremely rare (.3%< each for 1s and 10s respectively). I'm seen some here who attracted to men (lesbians welcome to post but you don't have skin in the game) claiming that even 60% of men are just flat out ugly. I just don't get how other miners are using these rating systems.

Anonymous 100180


they are probably referring to this

Anonymous 100181

>using a pareto distribution

Anonymous 100185

I feel this chart is just a direct translation of the idea that men have to work harder for "ideal" masculine aesthetics while women are much closer to the "ideal" feminine aesthetics by default.

A lot of men never even attempt getting swole and grooming, so of course most of them are perceived as less than attractive. A lot of women are pretty cute simply by not being too fat.

Anonymous 100187

Makeup can only do so much though and most men can completely transform their look with a flattering haircut and suiting facial hair, but none of them do that

Anonymous 100190

In my opinion it's a combination of factors, but it's very true that few men put effort into their appearance the way women do. It's difficult to explain and I'm not even sure if I can do it; but there's a sort of thought process that women go through with regards to things like appearances that is completely foreign to men. Some women don't go through this thought process either because they weren't raised with it or they have freed themselves from it. So, it isn't to say that all women care about it or even value it. In any case.

In my opinion, as somebody who sees a lot of people every day due to my job, I typically find women more attractive and appealing because they are frequently "unscented" (so, in other words, they wash and maintain their scent well enough to have no scent) or smell like a nice perfume, wear clothing that is well-fitted, flattering, and stylish; they have nice posture. Their hair is rarely greasy or fried/super-dry. When it is, they pull it back in a ponytail or another type of updo to minimize it. Even women with short hair who clearly have greasy hair or damaged hair seem to put some effort into doing something about it, like using headbands, clips, wearing a hat; etc. – with the exception of some teenagers who just don't care (nor should they, really, idgaf). They are less frequently overweight. If they are overweight, they usually don't wear "shame clothes" (sometimes they do, of course) but in my opinion men who are no more than a half year of dieting away from being at a healthy weight yet are so ashamed they try to hide under frumpy, cheap, ratty clothing aren't doing themselves any favors. They frequently clearly wash their skin and use serums on their faces. Even if they have acne, blemishes, etc. it's obvious they try (moisturizer, sunscreen) and their skin isn't literally flaky (as I often see with men). They know how to accessorize. The list could go on.

Something I find interesting: I often find men of the older generation here more attractive than men of the new generation. I'm not a grandpa-phile at all. This isn't about sexual attraction, but rather just finding them pleasant to see. They just exude a handsomeness built on habits that some of the younger men lack. It isn't about their faces at all, or even their bodies, really. Men of the older generation will wear nice, tailored, woollen clothes. They wear high-quality leather shoes. They never leave the house without a hat. They brush their hair. They're clean shaven or have nicely groomed facial hair. Their outfits are layered, color-coordinated, and their winter jackets are always expensive. I'm not even into that style of dress, but I think it just goes to show that seeing a man intentionally put effort into looking presentable is striking. They look much more attractive to me than schlubby young men who clearly haven't run a comb through their hair in a few days, who wear basketball shorts and a t-shirt with a hole in it while their girlfriend is dressed nicely.

Anonymous 100217

probably because depending on where you live, men will most likely not only have genetics that make them far from the beauty norm (good jawline, not going bald by 20 with a baby face, etc) but also have negative self care to the point of having the skinnyfat look on top of thinking dressing well is a "bluepilled cope"

Anonymous 100218

Deadass, basically this. A lot of older men have that kept-togetherness that makes them handsome. Etiquette, almost. Younger men lack that, and most to all women have a degree of it, usually ranging on the higher side of disciplined.

Anonymous 100233

>A lot of older men have that kept-togetherness that makes them handsome. Etiquette, almost.

Anonymous 100236

Men are usually fucking ugly its a travesty. Its like the >>100190

Where do you live that men are like this?? Around where I am I never see older men like that.

Anonymous 100254

>claiming that even 60% of men are just flat out ugly. I just don't get how other miners are using these rating systems
they probably don't mean they are actually ugly. They are exaggerating and/or are just not attracted to them so they call them ugly. also, women find less men attractive than men finding women attractive because women are more selective, its not because men are objectively uglier. few men are attractive to me.

Anonymous 100257


this statistic could also be interpreted as below average looking men being more likely to use online dating

Anonymous 100258

> also, women find less men attractive than men finding women attractive because women are more selective
This doesn't make sense because I think most men are ugly but I think most women are attractive

Anonymous 100276

why do you think most men are ugly?

Anonymous 100279

until the dominance of monogamy far too recently for evolution to catch up, 80% of females reproduced, but only 40% of males did. almost everything, including the sex imbalance of perceived attractiveness can be explained in part or whole by this

Anonymous 100281

yes, but what are the features you find ugly in the normal man
i'm asking because i don't mind the men here that much since most of them are wide and have muscles because of working in farm stuff

Anonymous 100283

This. If men want to be seen as more attractive, they should put more effort into skincare, having a flattering haircut, eating clean, and dressing well. Most women do all of the above. Most men don't.

Anonymous 100310

tbh all men are ugly unless they're 2D

Anonymous 100312

>Most women do all of the above
not in the USA

Anonymous 100316

I think that there are more well groomed women than men, but I do notice there's quite a few women who are out of shape/lazy dressers as well.

Anonymous 100351

Agreed. >>100190 have never saw "older men" in real life, only in media.

Anonymous 100353


I don't think its only because of their specific """self-care routine""". They are just objectively uglier. Women look softer, are curvier (humans prefer less angular shapes), more balanced proportional faces and are just easier on the eyes. I am bi, but I find women more pleasing to look at (without any sexual feelings present). The female form is just perfection personified. I enjoy looking even at "ugly" femcel-tier women (I would say enjoy even more - I sympathize with them for some reason, even though i am a stacy), because they look beautiful to me. Males are more vibrant in their appearance (like beards, angular dramatic shapes, take more space, etc), but women are more harmonious when it comes to looks.

Anonymous 100354

how. wtf is this "logic"

Anonymous 100356

Women have more varied tastes in men than men do in women. Seethe "muh selectivity" anon https://www.livescience.com/5502-men-agree-hot-women.html

Anonymous 100357

More dominate men had kids with multiple women less dominate men died

Anonymous 100358

>the average American man
Well there's your problem, you live in burgerland.

Anonymous 100362

But didn't the pig woman experiment prove men are disgusting enough to fuck anything?

Anonymous 100388

Some men will fuck anything. It doesn't prove anything about men in general, only that the lowest of the low will debase themselves significantly.

Anonymous 100394

Thats not what I'm talking about. I know they have more varied tastes. I just mean women don't find as much men attractive compared to men finding women attractive. Like women get more right swipes on dating apps than men do. And men swipe right on most women they see.

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