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Art graduates vs W…

Anonymous 100194

How does it make you feel that getting an Art degree means you actually have less of a chance of being a working artist?

Anonymous 100195

Sort of emotional? I know one or two people in art school and I truly think they deserve to work their passion, although our concept of work is outdated

Anonymous 100196

Makes sense, I'm one of the uneducated artists as I found what tgey were teaching in artschools to be useless nonsense for actually craftmanship.
In a team of 18 AAA artists only one had taken artschool, which was a proper old UK one.
Artschools are sadly a waste of time in very a very critical learning period.

Anonymous 100197

most of the 'art degree' people i know didn't actually attend art school and they can't draw well either? it's weird

like why the hell are you majoring in art if you're shit at drawing…i can understand stem kids that are bad at math going into stem bc they wish to make cash, but. fuck dude.

Anonymous 100199

To my understanding what you are paying for in "art school" is networking opportunities. I'm sure a greater number of graduates are employed period rather than being an outright "working artist." Seems like one of the more expensive "I work but not in my field" degrees you can have.


Anonymous 100200


van gogh died without being famous too

Anonymous 100216

>what you are paying for in "art school" is networking opportunities
Pretty much this. Art schools are usually mediocre at actually teaching on how to make art. If you didn't have talent before studying, you will probably won't make a lot of progress, unless you spend a lot of time to learn on your own.

Anonymous 100220

correlation != causation…

Anonymous 100228

Feels pretty good. I'm trying to be a novelist. When I compare myself to English majors, I'm unbelievably more well read than they are. Most of them only read Shakespeare, YA, and assigned trash and watch movies as a hobby. They aren't serious about anything and have horrible taste and sensibilities. Applying that to art, I think people only go into majors like that because they want to BE an artist (or author) but don't have the motivation on their own to actually study/practice (or read/write) enough to get gud. You aren't going to find a virtuoso in these university programs, just drug addled kids whose parents forced them to go to uni but didn't specify for what. Everyone there is a time waster.
I'm pretty sure uni lit courses actually retard their students. You are what you read. Trash in, trash out, and all they want to teach is flavor of the month trash. Doubtless it's the same for visual art. Iirc visual art programs stopped teaching kids the basics like figure drawing and portraiture and it's just a bunch of angsty latte sipping middle class retards with crayon drawings now. On the literature side they can't stop villifying the classics long enough to learn what makes them good to begin with, and opt for virtue signalling shallow garbage that is just a cashgrab by inscrupulous publishers wanting to make a buck from the woke crowd and seem hip. But hey, I heard even programming is the same, that uni education produces graduates who can't program their way out of a fizzbuzz. Uni isn't for learning skills–it's to get a piece of paper that gets you past HR gatekeepers. There is not necessarily any correlation between having a degree and having a skill.

Anonymous 100251

Correlation = probability
It is statistically true that if you are eating ice cream, you are more likely to drown. Not because ice cream causes drowning, but because something else correlates the two factors, in this case, it being summer means people are more likely to swim and eat ice cream. The fact is that going to Art school means you actually have less of a chance of working in Art. Why that is? Who cares. Some underlying pattern is causing this relation however.

God I hate midwits who think quoting "correlation != causation" is meaningful.

Anonymous 100252

I have no doubt art school students network with each other, it just, statistically, doesn't help.


>Doesn't this mean that non-graduate's chance of becoming a working artist is even lower than those 16%
No, not at all. If I told you that 84% of practicing doctors didn't have medical degrees, but something else, you'd laugh in my face, that's fucking absurd. Yet I can say this with a straight face, that 84% of working artists don't have art degrees. This isn't even like mathematicians where sure, the majority of mathematics graduates don't become mathematicians, but you can bet your sweet asscheeks that the majority of practicing mathematicians have math degrees. The majority of working Artists don't have math degrees, the majority of art graduates aren't employed as artists.

You are more statistically likely to work in art without a degree than you are with one.

Anonymous 100253

If you want the causative factor, by the way, it's probably because Art Schools are the majority of the most expensive schools to go to, and if you're straddled with debt, it's even harder to deal with how low your wages are. Art schools have some of the highest costs and lowest wage potential of any college programs. How's that for a causative factor, larger debt than 100k$ out of school engineers, yet your average is 46k$.

Anonymous 100264

Go to art school -> Get debt -> Art jobs don't pay shit -> Have to get a different career to pay off art school debt

That's what I think happens.

Anonymous 100269

i'm convinced art school is one of those things kids go into just to please their parents and satisfy the "so are you in college?" question. feels like a lot of them have well off parents.

Anonymous 100272


>Iirc visual art programs stopped teaching kids the basics like figure drawing and portraiture
I initially thought that's bullshit but I've seen multiple people in different communities saying similar, did they really stop teaching art skills at visual arts schools? Wtf

Anonymous 100275

Yes, this is objectively true, and it's quite fucking appaling. If you want fundamental skills you have to find them on your own in ateliers.

Anonymous 100291

Yes. Go to /ic/ and ask them. education is getting more and more fucked up. literature programs stop teaching classic literature, arts programs stop teaching fundamentals. everything is just support-the-trannies wokeshit now. society has become too decadent.

Anonymous 100293

assault on art.web…

Anonymous 100294

Certainly not everywhere. Source: I graduated two years ago. I learned the fundamentals.

Anonymous 100295

modern art.webm

Anonymous 100329

I'm from France and here it's kinda obvious.
If you study art in college, you're shit. However, if you study art in a dedicated art school, like the Beaux Arts, or the Conservatoire for music, dancing, theater, etc, then you're good. The difference is anyone can go to college and "learn" art, but to get into Beaux Arts or the Conservatoire you need to pass an audition and if you're shit, you're not getting in.
Isn't it kind of the same in the US, with Julliard and these kind of things? I think in art, if you go to an art school it only matters if it's a very good one.

Anonymous 100344

>practicing mathematicians
You mean professors? Well, it's fucking obvious that they are all with a degree then. I bet that most art professors also have a degree. A mathematician is a theoretician and theoreticians always need to graduate in order to work in their field, but if a person's job is practical (ie you need to produce something, not research and ~think~) then the most important things are your abilities and skills, that can be acquired without a degree (think of code monkeys - you don't really need an IT degree to become one, your skills are more important).

Anonymous 100350

I think you are exaggerating. Education was never perfect. A large part of it has always been self-education, it's not a modern day issue. And programs in universities are supposed to change with time (due to shift in values or technical progress) - disregarding previous authorities (literature classics, traditional art techniques, etc) is a normal part of it.

Anonymous 100816

What about design or UI/UX? I am only somewhat familiar with that field. Can you do that or transition to it with an art degree?

Anonymous 100842

I don't give a shit, I have an art degree and I work as a graphic deisgner and illustrator, just as I always wanted.
If you're dedicated enough, you will find a job eventually, art degree or not.

I also didn't pay a cent for my art degree, in fact the nanny state payed me for it.

>t. french

Anonymous 100843

This is a terrible take. A lot of Beaux Arts schools are shit, and won't get you into anything, except if you get really close with the artists that teach in there. But most of them don't work with galleries, where the big money is.
But if you want to work in design, it won't be much of use.

Yes, I have a friend that works in that field. Basically the internships you do matter more than your actual diploma.

Anonymous 100848

Okay everyone, I work full time in Concept Art/Animation and I literally just paint digitally all day

Ask me anything except anything that could expose me obviously.

I make a decent wage and during the last 2 years I saved up approximately 30k dollars. I went to nobody University, not a brilliant artist but I do my job decently

Anonymous 100904

I was an artistic kid but my soul died and now I hate touching a pencil

When I draw these disgusting empty faced "humans" come out, I'm even too lazy to draw hair on them so they're all bald.

Anonymous 100909

What do you want me to say
I've seen a lot of people say hand drawn for digital frames, then traditional for on paper.
No one i know of, but there are people from all walks and all ages so I wouldn't worry about that. Many don't even have degrees in anything art related
I live in Europe

Anonymous 100911

>I live in Europe
Ah, that would do it. Well thanks for the info I guess.

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