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Anonymous 100409

The Romans after invading Britain castrated and raped 10,000 British males. They would frequently force British men to cum into a wine cup, the Romans would then drink from it and the one with sweetest cum would be penetrated by a Roman leigionairre, the rest would be sacrificed to the God Jupiter and the Romans would have sex with the corpse.

Anonymous 100411

>As we learnt with the sex lives of the emperors, Romans didn’t do vanilla sex, and bestiality was just one of the repertoire of available pleasures. There were brothels named according to the type of animal they offered. The caprarii was for goats, the belluarii for dogs, and the ansenarii for birds.

>According to historian Gerald Carson, bears, crocodiles, leopards and giraffes were trained to copulate with women for public entertainment. Snakes were pushed into their vagina or enticed to writhe around their breasts. They would soak a woman’s pussy in the urine of female chimps, which would entice the male chimp into a lusty frenzy, with one spectacle said to have included "a hundred tiny blonde girls being raped simultaneously by a horde of baboons." These spectacles were performed at the Roman Games mostly involving young girls, who were frequently devoured or maimed in the process – a grand finale. The shows were sometimes touted as reenactments of the stories of the Gods, with a favourite being the scene in which Pasiphaie allows herself to be mounted by the white bull (she mothered the Minotaur).

Anonymous 100415

Sounds like a bullshit

Anonymous 100416

Why do you say that?

Anonymous 100417

Mainly that the Romans didn't commit human sacrifice and viewed it as a barbaric practice. Now, if you described it as a ritual killing, maybe you would have a leg to stand on, but this doesn't even sound like how Romans performed their ritual killings.

Anonymous 100418

That cum drinking part sounds like someone's perverted fetish fantasy

Anonymous 100419

no this sounds like alexander stuart mahan

Anonymous 100420

I mean…when you're talking about cutting 500 disks off. Drinking cum is hardly the weirdest part of it.

Anonymous 100614

Romans knew how to party

Anonymous 100618

horrific, thanks for this

Anonymous 100624

low key horny

Anonymous 100631


>According to historian Gerald Carson, bears, crocodiles, leopards and giraffes were trained to copulate with women
How do you train gators for that? How can they mount someone with their stumpy little legs? Doesn't gator sex happen underwater? This isn't adding up…

Anonymous 100639

tenor (3).gif

this tbqh

Anonymous 100640


Anonymous 100642

>Gerald Carson was an American advertising executive, social historian and writer.
Looking at most of his other works, ancient rome seems like it's pretty far outside of his area of expertise, and the book in particular where I assume this claim comes from seems to be fairly poorly received.
>Carson authored a historical volume on animal welfare, Men, Beasts, and Gods: A History of Cruelty and Kindness to Animals in 1972. Unlike Carson's other works it was negatively reviewed in academic journals. For example, historian Miriam Z. Langsam commented that it is "frequently difficult to distinguish this book from a polemic put out by the ASPCA".
So I'm pretty sure this is all sensationalist nonsense.

Anonymous 102057

To be a ritual sacrifice there has to be a ritualistic element to it, in this case, referring to a religious form of worship where you specifically kill someone as a sacrifice for a god. Recreationally killing people in the colleseum is different, that's just good ole' brutality-for-entertainment.

Comparing the colosseum to ritual sacrifice is like sayings Mexicans engage in "ritualistic animal killing" every time they have a cockfight/dogfight.


Yes, all of these statements are correct. That doesn't make the violence ritualistic.

Anonymous 102058

Furthermore, if you actually wanted to make a strong case for the Romans engaging in ritualistic human sacrifice, you should really look at the concept of a "Roman Triumph" instead, though they still purport the flimsiest of excuses for that just being a display of militaristic victory as opposed to a holy ritual.

Anonymous 102059

The colosseum was just fun, let people enjoy things.

Anonymous 102062

Is that normal behavior when you're a coomer?

Anonymous 102065

>t. British abbey monk

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