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Anonymous 100410

Anyone invested in crypto?

Anonymous 100517

Not I.
When I first heard about it, I thought it was just gamer money. Now that I started listening to The Keiser Report, I see that it’s ridiculously expensive.
It has potential to be something in the future, but I don’t see it as useful for 75% of the world. It’s still an accumulative kingmaker currency.
Not to dissuade anyone from trying to mine some. I just think we’re going to need something else

Anonymous 100519

Hah. Can’t get my thoughts together
> Now that I started listening to The Keiser Report, I see its potential to defund states, though they’ll surely fight back by guns and by switching off power grids if they have to. It’s also ridiculously expensive now. What good are Satoshi bits to me?

Anonymous 100537

I got 30 dollarydoos in Ethereum and I buy a lil more now and then if the price dips below what I paid initially. So if it moons I can sell it, if it dies I didn't lose much

Anonymous 100648

Bought $60 of BTC and ETH maybe 4 years ago and saw it tripled this year. Put a little more in this year and now I have something like $400 in it. It's not my main investment by far but if I have extra money I put a little in.

Anonymous 100649

fuck no, crypto is astrology for men

Anonymous 100651

It's slightly more based in reality. As a mostly speculative investment market, its value literally goes up based on how strongly men believe in it. You just gotta cash out before the men fuck it up.

Anonymous 100825

Have a secret stash of XMR to buy a plane/boat ticket in case the country falls apart.

Anonymous 100826

I do.

Worst fuck up was losing 3k on GRUMP post peak.

But, I made 1.5k on RAINI before the market crash and 5k in BTC before that so I'm not that worried.

Anonymous 100830

I have a small amount. Honestly, I want to invest more. I can see how people get addicted to it and caught up in the hype.

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