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big rat Anonymous 100454

i like big rat

Anonymous 100458

hi big rat u r cute

Anonymous 100462



Anonymous 100466

I am fucking obsessed you apple shaped bastard

Anonymous 100475

Ugly rat

Anonymous 100476

mean :(

Anonymous 100484


rat looks delicious..

Anonymous 100493


please do not insult the rats

Anonymous 100534

Dat good rat

Anonymous 100573


could this small rat befriend the big rat. she likes big rat too

Anonymous 100580


i wish to see all rats safe, cuddly and sleep comfortably in bed with tiny teddies, amen

Anonymous 100594

fat bitch

Anonymous 100598


Anonymous 100603


Anonymous 100604


rat hands

Anonymous 100605

girlz you're making me regret killing all the rats i've killed :(

Anonymous 100606


Anonymous 100608


they're so smart and sweet, it's so sad

Anonymous 100613


Anonymous 100615

Why have you killed rats? Like using mousetraps and pest sprays?

Anonymous 100632

I fucking love rat

Anonymous 100643


If only pet rats lived longer… and didn't pee on you.

Anonymous 100672


the fairy godrat shall accomplish your wish

Anonymous 100753

the house next to mine was unoccupied for those past 10 years. lately, rats had made it their haunt. the drainage lines are connected, and they could also just walk right over. it was a huge menace. they chewed on wires in my gas-powered water heater, and also screwed up my washing machine aside from leaving dropping everywhere.
i used my dog to kill them. once i found out what room a rat was in, i'd call the mutt and he'd help me find where exactly the rodent was. i'd drive him out. then either my dog damn near killed it and i delivered the killing blow, or he didn't do shit and i'd have to do all the dirty work. there were a few nights when i'd killed 3 of the little fuckers. i hated doing it, but you gotta do what you gotta do.
the house next to mine just got sold and i havent hunted down any in like 2 months.

Anonymous 100756

English isn't my first language, sorry, they were mice. Big mice, but not rats. Didn't know there was a difference

Anonymous 100758


Both of the rodents in that picture are rats (Rattus norvegicus). Left one is a juvenile rat. Mice are smaller, they have a pointy snout, thin long tails and their ears are bigger. Both domestic rats and mice make great pets and they can hold food in their tiny pawhands. Picture related, it's a mouse.

Anonymous 100763


What sound would a cheeseracer make? would it be vroom vroom or chroom chroom?

Anonymous 100789


ive always wondered if the rapid onset of rat/pest memes/acceptance was some sort of grand ploy by the upper caste to get the rest of us comfortable with beasts of filth. same with the whole "whooo eating bugs is trendy xDDD" thing that's since died off, or the idea that living in a pod in a major city for like 5k a month is a good thing

Anonymous 100792

A mammal is a mammal, its all good. Human is good too, but when a human misunderstands you, it can hurt. Animal is less opinionated and even if it does misunderstand you, you can often work it out, not so with humans.

Anonymous 100794

>eating bugs is trendy xDDD
>pod homes
these conservative talking points memes I've heard about, but what is the long play with the rats

Anonymous 101475


Every time I see a photo of a cute rat online I get a little sad because I know they are probably dead since rats only live like 2 years. If you have pet rats please love them all you can and show them a wonderful life in the little time they have in this world

Anonymous 101485

I think rats are just rats and everyone knows the difference between a domestic one kept in a cage and one found on the street. That said, the pod and bug thing still creep me out.

Anonymous 101487

>these conservative talking points
I don't want to turn this into a political debate, but conservatives didn't come up with either of those ideas, people predicting a Malthusian apocalypse did. You hear about it from them because they like to bring up how ridiculous it is that anyone would think it's an acceptable way to live.

Anonymous 103098


>rat memes are a psyop by Big Filth
Rats, raccoons, and opossums have gotten extremely popular because they're small and cute but in a slobbish and weird way, so they're super ~relatable~ to the current generation's obsession with leaning into being "useless trash uwu". That's all there is to it.

Anonymous 103109

Chroom chroom

Anonymous 103144

noooo :(

Anonymous 103147


yours aint big enough

Anonymous 103148

i wanna eat em :d

Anonymous 103158



Anonymous 103159

carpinchos rules

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