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Anonymous 10061

What was your most interesting experience with niche imageboards?
Most people usually just hang out in the chans but i like to search for other kind of imageboards and lurk them. Some are fascinating, functioning almost like a micro universe of their own… what's your view on those?

Anonymous 10062

What other good imageboards are out there? I've only ever been to lc, here and lain. no interest in 4chan at all.

Anonymous 10065

Nairaland is an interesting one to lurk.

It's more of a forum than an imageboard but even so it's very interesting. Basically kind of an internet place for nigerians

Anonymous 10072

All of them are interesting to some degree. I'm personally an internet nomad myself.

Here's a website I found that will link you to most relevant imageboards (in the english internet anyways): https://getwatcher.net/

There's also great foreign imageboards and board variants as well but that's another topic.

Anonymous 10073

I miss mIRC most of all.

Anonymous 10074

IRC communities still exist…

Anonymous 10076

I never said that they didn't, but they're smaller than they were in the late 90s. Could you go be a bitch somewhere else?

Anonymous 10078

I miss 99chan, they had a ton of boards and they were all dead but they were very interesting. There was a pdf there a long time ago that had helpful info to me about how to be more of a normie. Just basic stuff like "brush your teeth, diversify your music tastes to something other than video game music" but that's how far gone I was at the time lol. They also had a board for pretending to be a dapper 19th century dandy which was super cool, I always wanted a female equivalent of that of roleplaying as a victorian lady.

Anonymous 10079

>victorian lady
Girl you found the right place lol. I'm still waiting for the art, draw anons.

Anonymous 10089



Rococo/Victorian RPG thread when?

I honestly never played RPG through threads, but I love text-based RPGs, do I'd give it a shot in a heartbeat. However, I guess we would need a set of rules so it wouldn't go like children playing and someone instantly makes a super OP character that kills everyone. I guess we would need a admin/homegirl as a dungeon master.

>Bonus points for victorian/roccoco HORROR RPG

>Bonus points if it has elderitch monsters

Anonymous 10091

I used to lurk uboachan back in the day, it was a super comfy board. I recently discovered lainchan and it seems nice, but not quite what I'm looking for.

Anonymous 10104

I often lurk bronnen
I don't post there because it's too niche for me but it's cool to see their random stories and read about their lives. It's a world of its own

Anonymous 10110

These lists are super outdated but you might find something interesting.

Anonymous 10205


Roy horsecock pizza judaism minimum wage?

Anonymous 10207

Can someone who browse(d) this translate what this means?

Anonymous 10238

It's a reference to one of its most famous posters (and also bullied by many). The guy has a talent to find himself in the most endearing adventures and became some sort of meme… There's tons of pics of him too

Anonymous 10281

Ohh, mystery solved. Ty!

Anonymous 10392

He's a handsome guy always hooking up with girls, you would never tell that he's an imageboard dweler

Anonymous 10404

He can be as handsome as you want and hook up with as many sluts he can find, if he spends too much time on imageboards he's probably a shithead. Guy + chans = pieces of shit.

Anonymous 10405

yeah he burned down his mom’s house after putting a boxed frozen pizza and passing out from alcohol

Anonymous 10406

I tried to go to that website, but it gave me an error message "For Big Ballers only: Stay In Yo Lane", how did you get on it??

Anonymous 10409

roy is a skinhead neonazi vegan with a fetish for horsecock who's 31 unemployed and lives with his grandma
he's never had a job that paid above minimum wage or that was full time

Anonymous 10410

IDGAF about this guy Roy or his ugly mug, now stop derailing

Anonymous 10411

roy horse cringe.p…

stop trying to deflect attention roy

Anonymous Moderator 10412

Stop derailing.

Anonymous 10413

calm down. we're just horsing around a bit(YOU CAN'T SIT WITH US)

Anonymous 10415

oh i remember this hon. for all the fellow girls here, this meme was called "ooga booga watermelon coconut tits"

Anonymous 10420

bronnen is the closest board to crystal.cafe
we come in peace(YOU CAN'T SIT WITH US)

Anonymous 10421

"We come in peace"
>Post horse dicks and talk about a fucking random no one here gives a shit about.
Ok. At least try to integrate?

Anonymous 10423

thats just "ron"
"ron put himself in that compilation photo but hes a fucking nobody who showed up a few days ago. classic "ron" for you

Anonymous 10425

women are better than us(YOU CAN'T SIT WITH US)

Anonymous 10426

yes we are a lot better than you boys

Anonymous 10427

Well at least you got that one right.

Anonymous 10428

kill yourself roy

Anonymous 10430

Can this kid get a star? Please? Pretend this is a star *. Good job.

Anonymous 10431

i dont know who this roy is your talking about. but he sounds like a real jerk. what kinda guy would hurt a horse? this roy guy should kill himself.

Anonymous 10434

>cocksucking their uncles or daddies

God, i wish that was me

Anonymous 10435

get THE FUCK off their website and DONT come back to bronnen

Anonymous 11672

On a niche board that no longer exists (I think it was circleboard?) I lurked while there was drama about a 15 year old boy that posted there for a bit running away with an adult man. Which in and of itself isn't amazing, but his schizophrenic mother thought that one of the other users who had the same name as her son was actually her son. The drama of having a panicking and mentally ill mother posting on an imageboard populated by mostly mentally ill virgin adult men was very interesting until the boy was finally found and the guy he ran off with arrested.

Anonymous 11732

Venezuela's board on Hispachan is interesting.

Anonymous 11735

Are there any western textboards left at all? I know they still exist in japan. I find it weird that ibs became popular worldwide yet textboards completely died.

Wha-! Is there another venefag here?? Are you the fellow anona triggering all the losers lately??
Been there since /arepa/, but i mostly just lurk. Especially since mainstream media in venezuela is owned by the government, /ve/ is a good place to share censored news. And yeah it's pretty fucked up.

Anonymous 11799


>meet some guy from 8chan because he lives in my same town
>go to dollar beer and dollar admission night at the local minor league ballpark
>9 beers in he starts ranting about how the team is probably owned by the jews and starts shouting memes like calling the 2nd baseman based black man
>tell him he needs to take an uber. he gets super angry
>he randomly starts ignoring my texts
I guess I should not be surprised that an anon was flaky but Jesus there are some strange souls on the chans

Anonymous 11800

I cant see the point of having a text only board unless you had the shitest of shithole internet connection half of my fun browsing chans is collecting images anons post

Anonymous 11807

lol if i remember correctly Venezuela legit has the slowest internet connection in the world. When it's not down that is.

And the culture of textboards was different i guess… they were so simple but they had their own identity, like text art and stuff. And less shitposting imo. But i guess they died out for a reason.

Anonymous 11810

if you're spanish like me then hispachan is good.
in fact, every 4chan clone that ISN'T in english is miles better than the original.
I think its because not everyone can speak spanish

Anonymous 11812

Does anyone know when lolcow will be back? Asking here because it's the thread about chans. Both lolcow and temp are not working for me.

Anonymous 11816

Its working for me

Anonymous 11860


Anonymous 11866

Are you really surprised? 8chan in this day and age is nothing but /pol/ in it's most grotesque.

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