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Anonymous 100617

How do I cope with being dumb? I'm serious. I'm dumb as a brick

Anonymous 100622

just accept it and don't dwell on it too too much - it's what i do :)

Anonymous 100625

dumb in what aspect? emotionally? or do you have hard time learning certain subjects or what?

Anonymous 100954


Lets watch Harvey together, OP.

Anonymous 100997

Being smart or well read is overated af. I dont consider myself actually that intelligent, but I've had quite a handful of people label me as such. I've never done any serious iq test, that shit doesnt really mean much tbh. I atribute most of my "percieved intelligence" to things I've learned, it's not something that I was born with. So if you wanna stop being dumb then literrally just start reading and learning about shit, its that simple.

Now the thing is, do you actually want to do that? There is no point in going out of your way to learn stuff you have no interest on. Being labeled as smart has no value in itself. What's important is the joy you feel from curiosity and learning.

When you are smart (at least from my experience, if I'm indeed smart) it becomes harder to enjoy certain things or connect with most people. Many of your interests are limited to small and scarse groups.

Enjoying the things and people in your life is the priority. Most people out there are pretty stupid, and most things are desinged for them. Being dumb can mean that having a good time is easier.

hope I could help.

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