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Anonymous 100768

Men hit the wall hard at 25

Anonymous 100769


What kinda wall tho? If it's a Harsh Noise Wall they're good

Anonymous 100773


Anonymous 100776

More like at 16

Anonymous 100780

Hairline receding will destroy any man's looks. And yeah, men hit the wall at about 25

Anonymous 100782

Both are ugly, what the fuck

Do people find that swamp child attractive? Ew

Anonymous 100784

Why do they go bald so early?

Anonymous 100785

To be fair nearly the whole cast of HP ended up being pretty ugly. I think the best looking of the bunch ended up being the fat kid, and he's still not that great. Them Brit genes hit hard.

Anonymous 100786

Genetics and stress.

Anonymous 100787

I have a cousin that is half-Asian and he started balding pretty young. Which is a shame, I think he is kinda hot, but still, it is not like balding doesn't take its tool, he is married though, so whatever.

Anonymous 100791


The balding gene is located on the X chromosome and as such baldness is inherited in a X-linked recessive manner. Men who have a balding father and a balding maternal grandfather are at highest risk of getting bald. Woman can get bald too but at lower rates than men. Almost 80% of balding is purely genetic.

Because females have two X chromosome presence of the balding gene doesn't necessarily cause baldness because the other X chromosome will contain the non-balding gene(although it's more complicated than that because of a process known as 'X-inactivation')
On the other hand males have only one X chromosome so there's no other non-balding gene to protect them against balding and so they bald.
Though most of that is still oversimplification because it appears there's more than one gene involved in balding, one of these other genes that scientists discovered is located on chromosome 20 and has also been associated with balding.

For the source i got most of that info from here: https://genetics.thetech.org/original_news/news100

Anonymous 100797

Spoiler this pic, yikes

Anonymous 100803

Getting fit helps everyone tbh

Anonymous 100805


some of those guys must be filling their muscles with oil. only ~5 guys look good

Anonymous 100806


Are you having a laugh, anon?

Anonymous 100807

Seriously wtf where is his neck??

Anonymous 100814

hold on what

Anonymous 100824

that's the age androgenic alopecia happens if it happens, usually

it's really only hollywood why we think that it's something that happens when men are 50+

Anonymous 100833

99% of men are ugly

Anonymous 100965

If 99% of men are ugly why hasn't natural selection selected them out?

Anonymous 100986

because nature is cruel

Anonymous 100992

am i the only one who hates buff men? for all i care a guy could be fat, skinny fat, super skinny, whatever, but i'm repulsed by men who have a six pack for some reason

Anonymous 100993

I feel the same anon, healthy skinny-a bit chubby is the best for me.

Anonymous 101002

Men hit the wall at birth

Anonymous 101109

20% is a high estimate… Maybe more like 2%

Anonymous 101141


Anonymous 101151

He is just British.

Anonymous 101327

Draco's testosterone body got to him and I will never recover

Anonymous 102650

nah they dont.
Statistics shows that men of all ages prefer women in their early 20s which is not the case with women.

Anonymous 102651

He looks like my high school English teacher now.

Anonymous 102652

Studies show that women respond to surveys according to social expectation and this is completely divorced from any measurable erotic response.
Among other things, women who respond to survey questions as being "equally attracted to men and women" are much, much more responsive to women.

Anonymous 102654


you cant be seriously stating that women are sheep to the degree that all studies would be discredited. Sure its a factor that influences resutls but doesnt define the reuslts.

Anonymous 102663

Actually, that's a pretty damn reasonable consideration. It doesn't mean that dudes aren't almost as sheepish, or even might bullshit surveys even more in any number of ways. But it's not the least bit outlandish to suggest that recipents bullshit study-surveys enough to invalidate them in whatever way.

Anonymous 102667

>Studies show that women respond to surveys according to social expectation and this is completely divorced from any measurable erotic response.
Wouldn't this mean any survey you take would be useless because they're all giving fake responses?

Anonymous 102677

Surveys of physical attraction and attractiveness, yes. This is because there are objective means of measuring those phenomena, particularly by studying combinations of blood flow, eye focus, hormone levels etc., which consistently contradict surveys on those subjects. There may be other surveys which actually reflect physical reality and behavior. Looking at surveys to find the age at which men lose their looks has the validity of trying to get a team of cryptographers to use codebreaking techniques to translate whalesong into English, without tracking whale behavior during and after their songs. You can put in the effort, but you won't learn anything.

Anonymous 102685

Would this not mean that the women in question lack the ability to articulate their responses in situations other than surveys? The survey is just a social situation isn't it?

Anonymous 102686

Compulsory Heterosexuality is a very real thing, yes. And since CompHet is a pretty well known phenomenon affecting more-or-less exclusively women, it is relatively safe to say that compulsory ultra-teleiophilia would also exist in women. The message that you must love a man is usually conveyed in media involving an obligation to love an older man.
That said, not all social situations are equal. Surveys are alien and inorganic situations, so it's understandable that alienated and unnatural responses tending towards social acceptability would be the result. Sexuality is also a special subsection of social and emotional systems, one which every woman alive instinctively knows can and will have dire consequences for her.

Anonymous 102691

Gurl men don't even usually start their careers until around that age though lol, the wall for men is just an empty wallet.

Anonymous 102703

>Among other things, women who respond to survey questions as being "equally attracted to men and women" are much, much more responsive to women.
I'm curious as to whether they controlled for age, health, youthfulness, style, etc. when showing women the images of men and women. If they showed me, a bisexual woman, pictures of the typical female porn stars who are young, in good shape, and wear makeup + keep their hair long to emphasize youthfulness, and then showed me pictures of fat, middle-aged, bald-looking moids with visible wrinkles and skin problems, then OF COURSE my body will respond more to the female images.
Even if a woman is straight/strongly prefers men, I think she'd still rather fuck an aesthetically pleasing 20 year old woman then a grandpa for example.

Anonymous 102784

If she were straight she'd prefer neither.

Anonymous 103287

That could explain why the study claimed to "prove" that straight women are equally attracted to women and men. "Equal" could mean that they didn't show any response to either the male or female images.
There's clearly something very wrong with any study that "proves" that all bisexual women are gay and that all straight women are bi and that straight women don't exist. Women aren't all liars, and it just doesn't make sense from an evolutionary standpoint for women to be predominantly homosexual. I feel quite certain that in that they used images of gross old men and healthy young women to achieve those results. Or the study must have been very poorly designed in some other way.

Anonymous 103328

Most of these men are taking steroids, which ironically causes baldness.

Anonymous 103329

>implying relying on a man who can withold finances for any reason at all is better than having a fulfilling or even just decent career

Anonymous 103336

Don't know what the moid said, but only a fraction of people have anything resembling a career, and that goes for the college educated as well. So unless you have very good reason to believe that you're exceptional it's unlikely you're going to have a "career" at all let alone a good one.

Anonymous 103337


You chose poorly

Anonymous 103412

they both look like shit

Anonymous 103470

This. Not to mention the fact that most men aren't rich with "careers" either. I love how people who are against women working and think leeching off a moid is soo much better like to point out that most jobs don't make you that much money when women do them, but then act like if you're married to a moid, he's guaranteed to be a rich careerman who can provide you with a life of luxury. As if being a broke housewife isn't also possible, and worse than being a broke woman with freedom due to the manipulation.

Anonymous 103549

so is henry cavill

Anonymous 103569

regarding the same age group of woman the older Bezos is much much more attractive.

That being said the left image is really shit

Anonymous 103576

Younger Bezos would be kind of ugly cute if he wasn't balding. Older Bezos only has the benefit of just getting rid of the hair and being fit. He's not particularly attractive.

Anonymous 103606


>Women like you are the reason men become soulless bastards and rapists

Anonymous 103611

It seems you're somewhat upset, and I can understand. You seem to be reacting as if I said that you shouldn't try and earn any money at all, am I correct in that this is what you think I was implying? Or am I wrong?

Anonymous 104515


He's Neckmaxxing

Anonymous 104516

That is mostly the case with these people. One of my friends is a personal trainer, he's told me that the reason they look so weird is because they're so missproportioned our brains pick it up instantly. While there are exercises that target specific areas, they work with entire muscle groups so you're training entire groups all the time and all muscles will look properly developed.

Anonymous 104588

Yes. The only one in the entire world. The rest of us have weekly meetings where we laugh at fatties and dad bods. You can start coming if you repent.

Anonymous 107281

What did she said?

Anonymous 109656

That's pretty generous. More like at 21-22 since they hardly take care of themselves.

Anonymous 109692

the women hitting the wall thing only exists bc men are just more anal about small details and women actually have broader tastes than men.

anyway, knew an asian boy in class. had thicc, fluffy hair but strands of white hair obvious in the obsidian. still was 100x better than a receding hair line.

Anonymous 111148

Dad bods are gross too. But being buff just speaks to the need to be controlling. The need to have the ability to be overpowering. Its kind of unnecessary.

Anonymous 111149

Plus it takes way too much effort to maintain. Why worry about being buff when you can be normal? And if you do put all that effort into it …why? It makes no sense to me. There are so many men who don't.

Anonymous 111165


He would look fine if he just shaved his head. I get it's not peak attractiveness but bald guys still look fine if they take care of themselves.

Anonymous 111197

moiiddddd neo nazi spasms
or deluded pickme

Anonymous 111198

My head is a repository of men who have aged horribly. Seeing a 9/10 fall to 4/10 is just horrible. It is made worse by some of them apparently just giving up on grooming once they begin balding or gaining weight.

Anonymous 111827

Draco .JPG

Imagine aging so badly your fangirls have to shift realities to look at your face

Anonymous 113193

Wouldn't the fact that height isn't a "genuine" factor (you can list it but can't really convey it) skew those results wildly?

Anonymous 113194


>>111165 schizo tier

Anonymous 113219

The proximal explanation is that women don't produce DHT which is the final step in MPB. Whether or not it causes MPB is not clear. For example FTM do start balding, since they take male hormones.

The ultimate explanation is unclear. Firslty we don't know whether or not MPB is an adaptation, an evolutionary spandrel or a result of genetic drift. It's probably reasonable to assume that it was selected against in women, as estrogen protects hair in general while androgens damage hair even if it doesn't ultimately lead to severe stages of MPB.

Anonymous 113220

HAHAHA ily anon

Anonymous 114059

He would look less retarded if he didn't opt for that terrible mustache Plus, that beard is ugly. Moids are better when they're clean shaven.

Anonymous 114081


There is a lot of evidence for MPB being caused by chronic tension of the galea aponeurotica, a fibrous membrane connecting the muscles of the upper head to each other and the skull, causing an inflammatory cascade in adjacent scalp tissue. The chronic tension is caused by chronic contraction of those muscles of the head, which is likely caused by DHT.
personal theory:
DHT->muscle contraction->GA tension->inflammation->follicle miniaturization & tissue restructuring

It makes no sense that a hormone which is known to cause the growth of body hair on all other parts of the body to then paradoxically cause loss of hair on only one very specific part. I also believe that if the GA were surgically modified to increase its effective surface area, that symptoms could be reduced without drugs or injections.
Imagine a sheet of rubber stretched taut, and then with incisions made in specific areas which allow it to expand slightly.

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