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Anonymous 100846

NGL, I usually come here to terfpost and when lolcow is down (it's been hours now)

Who else relates?
I actually used to be a more prominent miner before spoonygate.

Anonymous 100849


what's spoonygate?

Anonymous 100850

I'm actually really new here, so I don't know what lolcow is

Anonymous 100851

There are times I come here once a week and other times I come multiple times a day. Guess it depends how deep I'm into my internet addiction at the moment.

Anonymous 100853

I keep a few tabs open all the time… I'm desperate for interaction

Anonymous 100856

lmao I come here to get away from terfposting, since radanons tend to keep that rhetoric contained within those threads (thank you)

Anonymous 100882

Yeah I mainly come here to TERFpost and use the pinkpill thread. The only real downside to lolcow is that some anons are genuinely rabid but other than that Lolcow is miles better than CC in almost every way.

The thing is that I think CC could be vastly improved if we get other lolcow users to come here and make it more lively. I like the idea of Lolcow but with the "room full of retards trying to murder eachother with foam swords" energy reduced

Anonymous 100884

I came here to see if anyone else can't access lolcow. Thought it was down just for me (awful connection) whats going on?
Also holy shit I almost uploaded an image by accident fuck

Anonymous 100907

i too miss lolcow

Anonymous 100912

I use CC more than lolcow at this point. I can't stand the tranny jannies.
I like the more positive and simultaneously TERFy vibe here over lolcow.

Anonymous 101369

Do you enjoy digital self harm ? Lolcow is incredibly toxic. They even have threads specifically to laugh at ugly women, and rip apart attractive women in ways even worse than incels do.

This. LC moderation is obnoxious as fuck.

Anonymous 101378

>lolcow is miles better than CC in almost every way
why? and how exactly? i dont see any difference tbh, except the larger lolcow userbase and the fact that lc at its base is a gossip board. i couldnt care less about gossip, so the only downside of cc for me is this board being slow.

Anonymous 101379

this shit

Anonymous 101399

I like lolcow for offtopic and shitposts, but the main purpose seem to me idk useless, shallow?
I mean yeah, I too like to kek at some retardos and internet sleuthing can be fun, but… Why would I bother being interested in trash people - they are nothing
And I always was appalled by lolcows rules of killing any live discussion and "blogposting" rules, like wha.. it's fucking ib…
So cc makes more sense for me

Anonymous 101482

Like some others said I prefer CC. It's slow as molasses but there are some quality posters here. The miner moniker for CC users is pretty apropo. It's a kind of a grid but you do end up finding some gems

Anonymous 101495

Lolcow down again. And just when an interesting discussion on migrants pops up while jannies are seemingly comatose. Annoying af.

Anonymous 101499

cece and farmer-ta…

i've only started using cc recently, if it were more active i'd like it just as much as lolcow. i also find miners (barring x users) tend to be more sane & levelheaded than farmers, which is intimidating in a way. i know komaedanon can't judge me, but miners probably can

Anonymous 101502

Screencap or info by any chance?

Anonymous 101503

I'm new too. Miners are nicer.

It's back! Vent thread.

Anonymous 101600

I'm getting annoyed at how the new admin/farmhands on there aren't deleting male bait posts like they used to. So many threads are getting derailed by arguing with men now. I'm spending less time on there now.

Anonymous 101601

>i refuse to believe she's one person
If only you knew how bad things were

This is a constant problem with LC. They alternate wildly between being too lax, causing the moids to flood in, and being too strict, causing legitimate posters to get banned for minor things.

Anonymous 101602

Yeah, I usually never respond to moids but this one just pissed me the fuck off. I'm here cooling off and waiting for my ban now lmfao.

Anonymous 101656

did she actually get a new admin?? or are we still referring to 2 or so yr old admin as the new admin?

Anonymous 101658

will someone explain what spoonygate is

Anonymous 101659

a narcissistic poster from /cgl/ posted relentlessly all over lc (allegedly) being annoying etc etc. that's kind of it iirc? she used to post her nudes and shit on r9k and guys were into her, unsure if she just gained weight or it was largely shoop but pics came out where she was unlike her chan posted pics and she was mocked. lmk if i'm missing anything anons. i don't think it's a particularly interesting bit of lc lore.

Anonymous 101881

Cece looks like an argonian here

Anonymous 101906

no idea what spoonygate is
i came here from a massive list of imageboards and just lurk because it seems good here

Anonymous 109680


I finally have been unbanned after a month (for no fucking reason) so I can answer this lol Also since lolcow has been down, I have nothing better to do lies

Spoony was/is an infamous board user and she would attention whore and write walls of text >whenever she went. She was clocked here in C.C (I don't remember if she was banned as well) and when she was called out, she post this site on 4chan and got an incel army to raid this place constantly. Not only it was awful to see that shit everyday, but c.c got infested by troons and nlogs, and the charm was lost for a lot of users (me included)
It got a bit better with the pinkpill and terfposts, though. But it seems like it got slower since then.

Lolcow.farm is probably the biggest female imageboard out there. Crystal.cafe's admin actually conceptualized this site's idea on a thread there

This happens from time to time… I miss tempcow for those moments

>The thing is that I think CC could be vastly improved if we get other lolcow users to come here and make it more lively.
I tried to get users a lot back in the day, but after the troon swarm I couldn't justify it anymore
I should try again now, but for most farmers, it's image has being tainted forever

unrel pic is unrel

Anonymous 109683

For some reason this spoony thing is striking my interest. When was spoonygate? I discovered CC and LC around the same time in November-ish last year, did it happen around that time? I remember I was turned off CC and stuck to LC because there was constantly gore and porn on the front page. Eventually the raids stopped and I realized I liked CC a lot better.

Also LC being constantly down is annoying - anyone know why that is? Is it getting attacked or are they just having a hard time keeping their servers up?

Anonymous 109687

No, not at all. Spoonygate was around 2017~2018 at most, c.c was still in its infancy. It was actually super annoying and at the time the gore/cheese pizza spans were actually worse than at lolcow. I actually (unfortunately) saw my first cp picture here.
Also to your second question I think it's a server problem. Those down times have been worse in the past as well (hence tempcow was a thing), but they are still annoying nowadays.

Anonymous 109688

I want to post about my husbando's nutsack why is LC down reeee

Anonymous 109690


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