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Anonymous 101607

Do artists make good bf's or are they even bigger weirdos than normal guys? Any have experience with artistic moids?

Anonymous 101610

Depends. In my experience guys I've known who consider being an "artist" part of their identity are creepy and insufferable. But normal guys who happen to have artistic hobbies are fine. No idea about tradesmen artists like carpenters or house painters though, but I imagine they're more normal too.
My rule of thumb is to avoid anyone who answers "I'm an artist" when you ask what they do.

Anonymous 101613

"Artist" types usually have inflated egos and they think they're above hard work. There are exceptions as usual but most of them are insufferable.

Anonymous 101624

Artists can’t provide for shit
Just fuck stem nerds and take their money

t. Grifter pro

Anonymous 101627


From my personal experience they're narcissists and want to play the victim all the fucking time. Stay away from the try hards that want to convey a sadboy tragic suffering artist aesthetic in their work. It's annoying and fake deep type of shit. But maybe I just met the bad apples so who knows? Honestly >>101610 is right.

Anonymous 101629

I dated a successful artist (in museums, I knew his work, rich etc) and yeah, wasn't a good time. He was OBSESSED with me but even more obsessed with himself.
Every time I'd message him something about me, he had to reply with something similar about him. Like I could say "I ran 10 miles" and he'd send me a picture of him running a 5k 10 years ago. I love a big ego but this honestly felt pathological

Anonymous 101649

perverts pretending to be deep.

Anonymous 101683

Pretty much, guys who happen to have creative hobbies are usually nice, guys who call themselves artists are insufferable

Anonymous 101697

Hm. I can only speak from my experience as someone who casually draws and posts cute cartoon girl art and has been in weeb/nerd circles online.

For hobbyists, a male arthoe is different than some weeb, or a guy who likes to draw Pokémon or something. Not to poop on him since he's a nice dude, but I have a friend who is 100% just the male version of the arthoe stereotype and he's a big extrovert normie who, from what I can tell, is a bit…easy. He's also not terminally online and didn't even know about lolcows and other pretty basic shit until I told him. Meanwhile, a male furry friend I have is more similar to myself even if the topics we enjoy are different.

I imagine pro artists are similar, though my experience is limited. A dude who paints for galleries is likely quite socially adept, but a guy who storyboards for cartoons is likely a nerd. Illustration and graphic design can be quite broad, best to ask what their personal art topics include. Fwiw In my circles (full of dweebs), I have only seen one or two gallery fine artists. Most pro nerds are in graphic design, illustration, comics, and animation.

But imo the only benefit to dating an artist specifically is if you like making art yourself. Everyone has a different personality outside of it.

A side note is also that a lot of artists in general do make coomer art on the side, regardless of gender. Including me. It's just too easy and the ability is right there.

Anonymous 102388

If this counts musicians then yeah most of them have massive egos unfortunately

Anonymous 102390

If it's a shared interest you can have a real conversation about, it's great. I've known all types of artist men and I don't think I can pin down any common personality traits. I don't know what it's like to date an artist as a non-artist, it might be different if you don't have that common ground.

Anonymous 102757

If he has a successful art career OR he's just a hobbyist, or does art as a side gig, he might be alright. Stay away from the aspiring artists who refuse to try or consider other occupations, though. They'll be perpetually broke and tend to have massive egos that make them think they're guaranteed to be rich and famous artists when in reality, chances are slim.

Anonymous 102758

I don't know. I feel it's true only for "pop" musician, learning guitar or something. Every classical musician I have met had his ego really lowered down becaue of the massive competition.
Audition are awfully stressful, and people tear you down because of the tiniest mistake. You can clearly see people who are better than you.
If we speak about guys playing in a "band" and thinking they're going to be the next big thing, I 100% agree though

Anonymous 102796

There's this german painter on instagram and he is kind of growing famous atm. He follows so many porn/onlyfans/18-21 year olds accounts and he will immediately dm any younger female following him and ask for a meet up. Also he comments on thirst posts a lot. I think in art you'll find a lot of degenerates and scrotes because it's often aligned with a big stupid ego. In the serious art world you will meet a lot of painters who are unfaithful or sexist machos.

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