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can sexuality be changed? Anonymous 10171

could i become something other than straight? is it possible for the perfect girl to walk along & make me forget what a man even is?

anyone here ever undergo a sexuality change?

Anonymous 10179

the fuck is this shit
Believe me, I've been in lesbian dominated radfem online circles and read plenty of yuri manga. At a point in time I regreted not being les or at least bi cause I thought that it's impossible to fimd a good man. Nothing changed.

I do not believe that sexual orientation can change. This is the same crap that so many christian conversion camps preach. Disgusting.

Liking porn with traps isn't always about being into transwoman or sissies. The appeal can be seeing two woman but also penetration. So it has all the appeal of lesbian and straight porn without downsides (seeing male body).

Anonymous 10180

Kerasco√ęt [30].png

Anon…All those people who claim to have turned gay or bisexual were never straight to begin with, they just weren't aware of it or they were in denial at first. You can't change your sexuality.

Anonymous 10182

I would strongly advice against it. What you wish for is basically hiding in a closet: living the life of a lesbian as a straight woman. Even worse, becoming like those incels who go through MtF transition in hope of bettering their lives.
Gender identity, sexual preference, mental illness - like everything that has to do with the brain - is determined by how your brain is wired. External influences like previous experiences or indoctrination (cults DO work) can change one's behavior but there's always and underlying receptivity.
This doesn't mean that you can't better yourself. What you need is awareness. You lived through enough bad experiences to notice red flags in advance. However some of us are incurable and fall for the same shit over and over again. Like all those women who write articles titled "where did all the good men go?". Honey you were never interested in these so called "good men". Or worse, those who stick to their abusive boyfriends.

Going after the other sex won't change the way you select your partners. Unless you believe that the haterend for men is a strong enough in you to bond with people who you never would otherwise.

tl;dr: maybe the problem is not with the half of the global population

Anonymous 10199


wish i could understand it better, im the anon from the lesbian thread who is trying to accept herself and dealing with somewhat similar. i'd do everything i could to be fully straight mostly to please my angry family. it sucks balls, anon. good luck. wish we could trade places.

Anonymous 10200

this thread is wrong and traps are ALWAYS gay. the people who like them are 1. bi or 2. gay. theres nothing het about liking

Anonymous 10201

shit, hit post before i was done. about liking "women" with penises. if you like penises you're not straight. period.

Anonymous 10202

I suppose watching het porn is also gay, cause dicks are involved

Anonymous 10208

If the guy keeps staring at the dick, yes. If you're a woman, who cares?

Anonymous 10209

Delusion and mental illness. You're gonna have men go bareback in trap ass and give AIDs back to straight women

Nasty faggots

Anonymous 10224


That happened to someone my mom knows. I can't imagine being that lady. God. Trap IS gay. People need to accept that.

Am I in a different parallel universe where being a trap means you're female and the guys who suck your peen and fuck your butthole are straight? God. I'll stop because I don't want to derail further, but please common sense is calling you, >>10202

Anonymous 10257

this probably isn't a good fit for this thread but if i watch het porn to see the woman's reactions then what does that make me?

Anonymous 10260

Someone who'd probably like pornography made especially for females. Try /NSFW/ to see if you find anything there, or create a thread for it.

Anonymous 10287

Possibly, but not likely enough to be worth pursuing imo.
Details of sexuality like turn ons, types, roles, etc can and do change all the time, and if you're bi you may fluctuate on which sex you prefer, but if you've never been attracted to a woman in any way in your entire life then I think it's unlikely for something to change so radically that you suddenly are.
I denied I was bi and thought I was straight until I was 18, but I had so many experiences of being turned on and crushing on women before then, I just denied it to myself or did mental gymnastics to not face it.
If you actually know that you've never been bi then it's really unlikely that it's going to suddenly happen.

Anonymous 10345


Have you even read my post? It's not about sex with transwoman or man at all.
It is gay to wish to be fucked by trap or fuck them. I'm talking about enjoying watching guy looking like a girl fucking another girl. It's like het porn but with lesbians (but with the benefit of being able to identify with orgasm of the trap as they have a penis). People have different reasons for enjoying erotica/porn. Though people going >why even live when you won't have a trap gf are gay/bi.
Not gonna argue further beyond that cause neither of us is changing their mind.

Anonymous 10346


>>I'm talking about enjoying watching guy looking like a girl fucking another girl.

You said you don't want to argue so I will assume I won't get any replies, but your post was "I suppose watching het porn is also gay, cause dicks are involved" in response to two posts that said TRAPS ARE GAY. Can't you understand why people thought what you were saying since you were responding to "traps are gay"? Really? The problem isn't people's reading comprehension, my dude. It's you. Anyway, have a good day. Had to repost this.

Also, traps are gay. Glad you agree with us on that one.

Anonymous 10352


>my dude
>have a good day

sweatie :)

Anonymous 10354

Just had to make sure you'd respond. And you did. What a surprise. Enjoy your girl dick.

Anonymous 10492

I have a few friends that have turned lesbian because they wanted to. I believe its possible, they just feel miserable a few years in.

Anonymous 13475

Would like to know more about that >>10492

Anonymous 13490


Most people are naturally bisexual to some degree,but if you're primarily attracted to masculine features that's probably not going to change too much.

Anonymous 13971

I'll turn you gay anon. Come with me.

In all seriousness though no it can't. You are what you are.

Anonymous 14172

Are you kidding me? Count yourself lucky that you're not attracted to women. My whole world walked out on me because she's apparently a man on the inside. Whenever I'm at my loneliest, I always think about how happy I would be and how easy things would be if I were just attracted to men. I would be way less miserable, be able to travel freely, and not have to worry about alienating my female friends.
Be straight if you can. I would.

Anonymous 14190

I wish you didn't feel that way anon. The lesbian world needs you, there aren't that many of us. I used to think like that but I don't anymore. Honestly men can be pretty horrible to women and sometimes other men too. and According to the CDC, there are no confirmed cases of HIV from female-to-female transmission. Which isn't to say that there aren't lesbians who are HIV+, there mgiht be, but there isn't any data collected on the women who sleep with other women so we don't know. but various people have told me that lesbian sex is very low risk for contracting any STDs, although still possible.

You can't travel? You mean with your girlfriend?Why can't people just assume that you're friends or is it obvious from looking at you that you're together?

I'm sorry your female friends feel weirded out by your being gay, you need to find better female friends.

Anonymous 14214

I don't have a girlfriend anymore. She decided that she'd be happier as a man, and dumped me because "I don't want you to have to be with someone who you're not attracted to".
We were going to get married.

Anonymous 14263

Wait a minute… I remember this from a song I saw on mtv when I was younger do you have the source of that gif anon?

Anonymous 14266

Anonymous 19811

yes i think so. think about it, its all hormones and stuff. why would you expect that say, testosterone makes you aggressive and confident, but then not think that if you gave a woman testosterone shed become more attracted to submissive guys? or vice versa. i dont know much but i think its all about the hormones (to a point).

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