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static in vision? Anonymous 101970

i have some sort of transparent static in my vision. Idk what it is. During the day or in light, especially in sunlight, it's negligible, but when it's dark it becomes much more vivid, and it outright kinda interferes with my vision.
When it's sunny and i'm outside i sometimes see floaters, but the static nearly goes away completely.
I had this since i was a child. I remember staring at the ceiling as a 4 year old, just watching the static and wanting to ask my mom what it was.
The "static" in question is transparent and kind of colorful (although as i said, just how transparent it is depends on lighting), it constantly pops, and i see it even when i close my eyelids.
Does anyone else here experience something like this?

Anonymous 101976


I think I have a vague idea. As a kid staring at the ceiling and seeing static definitely sounds familiar, but I see it mostly when I rub my eyes. Something you reminded me of is sometimes when I rub the top part of one of my eyes, I can see a crescent moon type-shape morph and move around as I rub. When I asked my parents about it as a kid, they had no idea what I was talking about. I'm glad I wasn't the only one with unanswered eye questions as a kid.

Anonymous 101980

I'm pretty sure everyone has that to varying degrees. Don't worry about it unless it starts getting worse.

Anonymous 101983

those are likely your optic nerves. in humans, those nerves are in front of the retina. you usually don't notice them. but when coming into a darker environment from intense sunlight, you notice. even i have it to some extent.
this is just speculation though. if it gets too bad you can always visit an optometrist. dw until then

Anonymous 101995

Yeah, I used to be more aware as a child like >>101976 but have just adjusted to it so I rarely think about it.

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