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Thought Broadcasting Anonymous 101986

Has anyone experienced the feeling others can read your thoughts?
I don't have any severe mental illness or anything, so I was just wondering if anyone else who isn't mentally ill has experienced this feeling.
Its not constant and usually not very troubling. Every once in a while I'll be thinking really loudly and wonder if people can hear me. Recently, I was sitting in the car with a relative. I felt like I was thinking really loudly, and that she could hear me. I even noticed that her attitude had changed and I started getting really uncomfortable thinking she could hear me.
The next time I saw her I felt awkward too.
Has anyone else experienced this? I'm not mentally ill or anything, so I was wondering if people who aren't mentally ill have this reoccuring thought.

Anonymous 101994

"Thinking loudly" probably means you are talking to yourself or making weird faces if you think too hard about something that upsets you. That's why your relative got uncomfortable.

Anonymous 102007

I was staring at myself in the rear view mirror, so I wasn't making faces or talking. I just zoned out and kept thinking really intensely.
We were both tired, maybe it was just that.

Anonymous 102008

Somewhat, I used to think that I was broadcasting the opposite of what I was thinking and it seemed that people wouldn't listen to whatever I was saying.

Anonymous 102012

Are you the one who keeps posting all the schizo threads

Anonymous 102013

Anonymous 102019

I may have some sort of anxiety (the trendy mental illness, I know), but not psychosis or anything and I definitely experience this often. Each time I think anything horny or embarrassing I fear my parents can hear it and are just keeping it under wraps to be civil. Literally every time I masturbate the thought crosses my mind, no kidding. I also frequently consider this on the bus or in public when I slip into my daydreams, especially if someone looks at me. As if proximity could affect psychic power kek. One of my friends specifically I also fear can read my mind because of some coincidences between us.

Now, I don't actually believe others are reading my thoughts, but I do experience mild discomfort and my heart races a bit at least once every two days when thinking about it. Out of everything it's the least of my irrational worries, plus it's kind of funny.


For real? I see a lot of fellow neurotic, introverted people online express similar irrational concerns. Likely anxiety, not that it matters as long as she's usually fine.

Anonymous 102020

Yeah, I feel this way all the time. I don't like looking people in the eyes unless my mind is completely empty, so they can't see what I'm thinking. And it happens both ways - if I look at someone else's eyes, sometimes I get these quick flashes of images and words, like I'm peering into their mind.

I can relate to >>102019 as well. I feel like some of these thoughts give off an energy, and I really wouldn't want people to pick up on it, it feels very intrusive, like I have no privacy.

I just want to isolate myself when this happens. I hate feeling this anxiety and shame, I don't know how to protect my mind, the only thing I can do is look away or think of nothing.

Anonymous 102053

Others can read your thoughts, through body language, the way you hold your eyes, the tone of your voice, etc.

Anonymous 102054

Okay so you were speaking intermittently, which means you were making words with your mouth, and your tone can change when you're doing that. So even if you weren't aware of it, you're probably going to change the way you talk and how you express yourself when you're feeling "watched" in such a manner.

Anonymous 102055

Did you have the "feeling" that she could read your thoughts or did you actually believe she could read your thoughts?

Anonymous 102056

There's having anxiety and then there's having an anxiety disorder. Everyone, everywhere, experiences anxiety.

Anonymous 102176


Also, I used to have thoughts like that when I was…5? But only around people who knew me well.

Anonymous 102481

I don't need to talk for someone to see or hear what's inside my head, it all depends on eye contact. Ngl, your response really confused me, you probably meant someone else.

Anonymous 102504

I feel the exact same way , I'm glad you made this thread. I have read the wikipedia article on thought Broadcasting in the past and it described what I was experiencing perfectly.

I don't think I'm mentally ill but sometimes I don't express my feelings fully to someone or don't express my thoughts properly becouse deep down I feel like they are reading my thoughts already.
that has calmed down in the past few months but I still can't express my feeling to myself because they're "embarrassing" and I don't want others to hear them.

Anonymous 102511

Yeah everyone knows that, but that wasn't the point of this thread. It was addressing the feeling that someone is literally reading your mind.

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