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What are you putting off to do tomorrow? Anonymous 102064

Are you going to actually do it tomorrow?

Anonymous 102066

I did it TODAY, take that!
(it was my laundry)

Anonymous 102068

I need to call and reschedule an appointment. And call and make a checkup appointment for my cat. And call to see where my prescription is. Fucking hell.

Anonymous 102106

Brain says nothing specific, I don't put things off I'm consciously aware of anymor.

Anonymous 102765



Anonymous 102766

Math homework. Oh god there's so much of it

Anonymous 102769

- Paying for hat I bought last month
- Uploadnig some projects on github
- Watching missed online class recordings
- Wathing the paralympics opening ceremony
- Tasting my sauerkraut batch to see if it's ready

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