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What exotic food have you wanted to try to make? Anonymous 102091

Does anyone else try exotic things once in a while? The weirder the better for me. I keep coming back to this cake. I don't know why I can't forget it. Its called Cassata Siciliana.. Served at Easter and sometimes Christmas in Sicily. It has sweet ricotta filling with chocolate chips.

Anonymous 102092


Also it is gorgeous and looks really involved!

Anonymous 102094


Also chinese moon cake

Anonymous 102095


Stuffed eggplant dim sum

Anonymous 102179

moid post
moid problems

Anonymous 102187

I'm literally a girl but ok

Anonymous 102190

Samefag but like what, do you demand that all girls only post cutesy cake pics? I just want to know what a geoduck tastes like bitch! It's an exotic food!

Anonymous 102193

> ..geoduck..

Sea penis

Anonymous 102195

I don't eat meat so I wouldn't try one myself. Also did that actually happen? Wtf

Anonymous 102196


considerable eye bleach

Anonymous 102197

the Sicilians stole my cake idea? screw them

Anonymous 102198

You can tell I'm a woman because I don't feel the need to assert my femininity 24/7 like a tranny or larper

Anonymous 102199

okay nontranny welcome to the exotic food lair

Anonymous 102201

overrated, too oily

Anonymous 102224

You obviously have a penis
Not like me
I’m 1000% female and have a coochie

Anonymous 102225

It's just a big clam, I assume it doesn't really taste any different than a smaller one.
If you can't tell why your post seemed like a troll though…

Anonymous 102226

I get how one could think I was trolling but did it deserve a permaban? Like wtf

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