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666 Anonymous 10211

Let's think of this imaginary situation:
The world as we know is about to end. Everyone we ever rejected who talked about Jesus, love and God was right and you can visibly see they are being saved. The rest of us will need to stay with the demons and S U F F E R terribly forever and ever.
You have the option to save one person though.
- Who will you save?

1. Yourself
2. Your mom
3. Your dad
4. A sibling
5. Your favorite star (hahaha)
6. Your SO
7. Someone else

- Plus: do you think anyone you know would choose you?

Anonymous 10212

my bf and me would choose eachother cause our family situations suck.

>mfw my chinese bf chooses me over his mom if one of us are drowning

Anonymous 10213

unnamed (1).gif

I'd choose my atheist Jewish boyfriend because maybe he could talk to Jesus and bring me back somehow. But yeah, he deserves to live way more than I do, imo.

Anonymous 10215

Sorry, anon! I'm OP and you're the ONLY who can choose someone to live. Your boyfriend can't choose you. Would you change your mind?

Anonymous 10217


Myself, fuck everyone else.

1-4 : My whole family despises me no matter what I do. They made my life hell for years and I'm still dealing with the consequences.
5 : haha indeed.
6 : all relationships turned out to be shit.
7 : I might consider saving some random child rapist or other, just because fuck you.

I'm not better than anyone of course, but facing eternal suffering means I can treat myself with being a little selfish.

Anonymous 10220


Hey! You probably need therapy but I like your honesty, anon!

Anonymous 10251


They can all go be "saved". Demons are much better to hang with :3

I'd save no one if i have to be honest because screw it, let's have some fun bbq with demons and hell.

But thinking about it again, probably 6. My SO, especially if their family gets "saved" and considering my way of thinking about this is way different.

I really don't want anyone to choose me because i'll feel much more at home with any demon rather than any 'heavenly' figure.
Even if it means suffering :)

Just being honest.
Hope i'm not the only freaky one.

Anonymous 10254

I'd choose to save the God.

Anonymous 10256

Which one since Satan is also a kind of god?

Anonymous 10258

The one who created the world. Because I try to always come up with the most edgiest and illogical answer. I have rather bad sense of humour when it comes to these riddles (or whatever they are called in English?).

I considered choosing Satan but that would mean that there was no one ruling over Hell. This would lead to anarchy and the inhabitants might then start to build heaven on Hell since it didn't work out on Earth, because of that world's end thingy.

But I think this would be boring answer and outcome.

Anonymous 10259

If we went to hell would we have to live with lolcows forever? :/

Anonymous 10261

Do you think it would be hell otherwise?

Anonymous 10262

Does hell have internet?

Anonymous 10263

I think i heard once there's free wifi in hell but not sure

Anonymous 10264

I bet it's slow as fuck… And the only websites available are lolcows Tumblrs, Twitters, PewDiePie's channel and others…

Anonymous 10265

This is kind of confusing because my parents and my bf believe in God but they're not church-goers. Do they still go to heaven?

Anonymous 10266

giphy (1).gif

Well, I'm not god to respond but according to Jesus "the faith without works is dead" so… Probably no unless they do their best to be good whenever possible and follow gods word? I've always thought believing isn't enough unless you act on your beliefs, but I'm not god and this is just an imaginary situation, anyway. Maybe ask a religious anon and she will help you better than I could ever do.
I don't want to turn the thread into some kind of god is real or not type of thread, we already have one of those in /b/, but still… I guess they wouldn't go to heaven.

But as OP, yes, everyone is going to hell unless you save them!

Anonymous 10269

uh yea i was saying that as the plus…

Anonymous 10270

Ah the plus is fine. Sorry for the confusion. I just meant you can't trade a soul for another. Hopefully he'd choose you, not his mother, anon.

Anonymous 10275

I believe in God so I hope I would get saved, I also would also vouch for my boyfriend if I could only do so for one person. I think about stuff like this sometimes. I wonder if on the day you die and have to stand before God in judgement if other people in heaven can advocate for God to pardon your sins or if it's a personal thing between you and God and you're totally on your own. I think if anyone could do it Jesus's mom Mary would for sure for anyone who asks her, because Jesus turned water into wine at a party even though he was originally against the idea just because she asked Him to. So she's got a track record for getting God to change his mind lol. If I make it and can advocate for an unlimited number of people I would advocate for everyone on imageboards because you guys are my tribe. This is not the dogma of any denomination I belong to btw just something I like to wonder about since what the afterlife is like is totally unknowable.

Anonymous 10276


If the Christian version of what demons are like is real in this scebario, those are probable not guys you want to hang out with unless you like getting tortured for eternity lol.

Anonymous 10277

>>I would advocate for everyone on imageboards because you guys are my tribe.
C-cute!!! Please just leave the people who post cp in hell, anon.

I think about the same sometimes. I feel so unworthy of god. But god is real, I hope he accepts me even with all my mistakes and doubts, and my boyfriend too, an atheist.

Anonymous 10278


Sorry, forgot to drop gif.

Anonymous 10280

I'm really not one to judge by looks ;)
They might be really cool on the inside (and not just literally).

Anonymous 10282

nta but it's hell so they will chew your head and you won't die. hope you can make friends with the other heads he's digesting!

Anonymous 10283


i guess i would have to listen to everyone's pitch and pick whoever wanted to be saved the most, so not me or my SO.
I've never flat out rejected the people mentioned in the OP, I believed them pretty sincerely and it lead to nothing but self hatred and guilt simply for existing.
Now that I don't hate myself or my body or instincts I feel really disgusted by the whole concept. I didn't choose to be born into this form in this realm at all, and the idea of a God who would punish and berate me for being born into the world HE made in a body HE designed is so fucking repugnant that I'd rather just dive head first into the consequences, including very real suffering. Besides, I think where there's suffering, there's lucid consciousness, and where there's lucid consciousness, there's usually a way out, but I don't even need to believe that to lay in the bed I've made.

Anonymous 10284

I hope they feel like socializing in there but i doubt it.

Not to be too graphic but i think they will need to put my head back together later.
What i had in mind is much worse than that and involves a lot of other parts of the body :)

Anonymous 10285

The problem with many people is that you always associate god with Christism, Judaism and the like, where god tends to punish people and be full of revenge, which is in the Bible de facto… But god does NOT need to be like that. To everyone that has wondered if god exists or god, and feels like if the answer is positive, but that god can't be this way, please look for other religions who aren't very mainstream, or even mentality create your own ideal of god.

To those who feel like a life without god or a belief makes sense, then fine. Move on with your life because I'm sure not everyone wants or need a power higher than us to be happy. But many are always searching for the "one" who can't be found.

Personally speaking, I consider myself a Christian, but I don't believe many things I was taught to believe, and I've read the Bible several times while growing up, cover to cover. Gradually I have developed my own relationship with "god", which is ironic because I was an angry tier atheist before. Nowadays if asked what I am, I'd say I'm agnostic to avoid having to explain in depth all my feelings, but I guess I'm actually a believer… It's complicated.
Creating your own idea of god is very new agerish, but I think it's a lovely idea, honestly.

Oh yeah, and I've said this before, but I'd save my boyfriend. He's amazing.

Anonymous 10286

My answer is based on the OP's premise, not my personal suspicions or thoughts on theism in general. If God is what people say, but not going to punish me for my so called sins, then obviously I have nothing to worry about. That said I would still eventually like to escape God's realm and/or the Samsaric cycle.

Anonymous 10288

>S U F F E R terribly forever and ever.
Umm, what should I do if I'm a masochist?

Anonymous 10291

I doubt even a masochist would want an eternity with the devil himself, but go on.

Anonymous 10294


I also think it's super important to have a healthy relationship with God as a person who truly loves you rather than someone whose love is conditional and will suddenly hate you if you do something to displease him. But I also don't think that all major Christian denominations are inherently punishment and fire-and-brimstone oriented… I don't think mine is at least. I do think that God wants us to be our best selves and following the golden rule and the 10 Commandments (which I think a variation of are common to all major religions) are a guide on how to do that, but even if you majorly heck it up your whole life long God will still love you. Like Saint Dismas, the good theif who was crucified with Jesus, had nothing to offer God other than a broken heart and a plea of "Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom" and Jesus told him that they would be in heaven together that day.

This is getting super off-topic to the OP's hypothetical though so maybe we should take this to the other religion thread. ^^;

Anonymous 10295

yeah i'm
>>10283 and from what i've researched a huge proportion of western occult and mystery traditions incorporate a belief in God. Many of the casualties of catholicism were believers in God, maybe most. Part of catholicism's trickery is that their relatively modern interpretation is actually the most ancient and historically widespread.

I don't want to become one with God personally and I don't believe one way or the other. I'm aiming for eventual liberation from the cycle of rebirth and from this universe. Whether it was created by God or not isn't crucial to me at this point in time.

Anonymous 10297

>the good theif who was crucified with Jesus, had nothing to offer God other than a broken heart and a plea of "Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom" and Jesus told him that they would be in heaven together that day

I'm not religious but this always makes me tear up, fam.

Anonymous 10335

images (3).jpeg

Who would you choose to go straight to hell?

Yes, it can be someone you know IRL, a cow you hate or even yourself if you think you deserve it!

I'd probably choose no ex stepfather because he abused me or my ex who wanted to murder me due to blind jealousy.

Anonymous 10343

Then I'd save my boyfriend, he deserves it. But if we end up in purgatory he can pray for us.

Anonymous 10512


Good ol' Cronus eating his kids n stuff.
My entire family is christian and very active in their faith, so they automatically get a pass or whatever. My relationship is quite new and might change quite abruptly, so i'm not vouching for my S/O either.
I'm a practising pagan witch, and i never read too much into it but i think witches become the devil's brides or something? I'm cool with that, too.

>Though i do not consider myself evil, i actually have some morals i cannot let go of and denying my faith is one of them, so i think i'd stand by my gods' side, even if they turned out to be demons, until the very end.

Anonymous 10513

Samefag, but i put a little more thought into it, so can i vouch for every animal ever not counting humanity or do they also get a free pass?

Anonymous 10514

I'd save Pixyteri

Anonymous 10517

You have a kind heart. Long live the kween!

Anonymous 10532


People have had different theories about that over the centuries because it's not something Jesus ever brought up directly but I think they will. Pope Francis thinks so too so hey, that's a good sign lol.

Anonymous 10543

If I save myself will heaven be boring as hell? (Ha)
Had to repost it :')

Anonymous 10570

You're the best person in this entire thread. Amen.

Anonymous 10604

Not to delve too much off-topic, but isn't she doing a lot better these days?
Insofar as having lost a lot of weight, and stopped posting as much immature stuff online?
Maybe it's because the people that tracked her actions stopped updating, but I haven't heard anything negative about her in a solid year and I just kinda figured she mellowed into adult life by now?

Anonymous 10605

last i heard she became a shota boy cosplayer…

Anonymous 10626

top 10 cringiest replies to a single thread 2k18 this post included

Anonymous 10631


That's part of the fun of being on imageboards! <3

Anonymous 20529

My mom is already christian so if she chooses to save me she can still go to heaven right?

Anonymous 20533

It depends. Is she a ""real"" Christian?

Anonymous 20534


>7 : I might consider saving some random child rapist or other, just because fuck you

Anonymous 87010

My sister ig. I think my bf would choose me
>inb4 "youre a pos for choosing your sister over your bf"

Anonymous 87093


Erm. I’m an Orthodox Christian. So I don’t even know if Id be around to save anyone in this situation because id already be gone?
But if I had to choose it would be a very hard to choose between my mother and my husband.

Though my mother is a nominal Christian and while I cannot know what is in her heart, I hope that she truly does believe and that she would also be saved so that then I can just ask for my husband to be saved because he is definitely not.

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 87268

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