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Anonymous 102182

Why is it that every time I make a thread, it eventually devolves into american politics? I make a thread about something completely unrelated and there is always at least one person who turns it into american red versus blue / black vs white / or somesuch and the thread is over since 50 more americans come to defend their view. I have never seen any other nation do this. I don't care about your politics, please just leave my thread alone

Anonymous 102185

report them as pol anon and it will get removed

Anonymous 102202

I mean in general on the internet, not just here

Anonymous 102203

Americans are a disease

Anonymous 102227

Because there are a lot of US Americans on English-speaking websites.
No offence towards them but sometimes I wonder what the English-speaking internet would look like if it could be divided into US Americans and non-US Americans. If there'd be a big shift in topics and opinions that got discussed, if the trolls would be different. That would also mean giving up access to US-based social media but I wouldn't mind.

Anonymous 102811

Americans tend to think they're the center of the world. That's partially true.

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