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Anonymous 102555

Thoughts on the online women's "level up"/hypergamy community?

Anonymous 102917

r/FDS is all men?

Anonymous 102918

I have no idea what this community is and I'm afraid to find out

Anonymous 102921

It doesn't. It makes men seethe.

Anonymous 102943

Same. If it has something to do with normies, it doesn't affect me anyway.

Anonymous 103164

To me it looks like all women who watch influencers like Anna Bey.

Anonymous 103196


its typically braindead normies who consume instagram girlboss shit, most of their talking points are MGTOW / redpill stuff but reversed.

Also for some reason a heap of self hating Black / Hispanic and Mideastern women who fetishize white moids

Anonymous 103204


The first time I heard the word "hypergamy" was from the PUA part of the internet warning men to not commit long-term to women because they're always looking for someone better. I wanted to look at pics of pretty expensive shoes and was shocked to find many women in the #luxury tag on tumblr mentoring others in the hypergamy mindset on how to attract a rich man to buy you Chanel.

Anonymous 103208

>"level up"/hypergamy
Isn't FDS all about settling down ASAP and marrying, and leveling up is basically raising your standards to filter out bad moids from your dating pool?
I don't see how this is hypergamy.

Anonymous 103210

That's what they are calling it themselves, unless I'm misunderstanding the essence of it seems to be trying to snag a man above your social status who can afford to buy you luxury goods.


Anonymous 103211

There's a lot of broken women/recovering pick-mes or women with a sugar baby mindset, I wouldn't take them seriously

Anonymous 103255

Dumb and boring women trying to become smart enough to avoid terrible relationships and interesting enough to attract decent men. I look down on them because a genuinely intelligent and charismatic person does not need such help with it.

Anonymous 103292

Low IQ women fucking up their lives by listening to scammer internet dating and "femininity" gurus who don't even practice what they preach.

Anonymous 103295

it used to make men seethe until fds turned out to be mostly black women in their 30s.

Anonymous 103299

Don't take dating advice from people who are single or in poor relationships.

Anonymous 104383

So it's wrong to aspire? To strive to be better? Even when it's possible to do so?

You're right. People should accept their lot; stoicly (wo)man their station from canal to grave.

> I think you're just mad when you see 'lesser' people overtake you.

The things these groups teach are skills or idea, no more or less duplicitous than someone who learns how to cook, public speak or code. But you're right, these things are inate.

If you identify a gap in your temperament, and work on it to the point of improvement, then social skill or not that is by definition merit worthy.

Salty-ass bitch

Anonymous 104410


Anonymous 104413

>The things these groups teach are skills or idea, no more or less duplicitous than someone who learns how to cook, public speak or code. But you're right, these things are inate.
>Salty-ass bitch

I have never read such Bullshit before

FDS is pretty much the Female /r9k/ for the Women that are Low IQ and desillusional

touch some grass ugly

Anonymous 104513

>FDS is pretty much the Female /r9k/
You are really retarded aren't you? Those two things have nothing in common. Pretty sure you are a scrote, only the bedicked are delusional enough to consider women having standards equivalent to men believing that all women deserve to be raped.

Anonymous 104521

NTA but some of the things I've seen FDS ladies say and believe make me cringe hard, they end up sounding like the female /r9k/, I even used to think it was a clever parody of sexist incels's expectations back when I first came across it.

Anonymous 104529


>level up
They have been self-contradicting, self-destructing shitholes lately, with a majority of moids there preparing themselves to make a paradigm shift on these communities ASAP. See the recent drama with the teddy bear husband at r/FDS which some FDSists praised the husband and, especially, found the post very wholesome and cute; whereas other FDSists have been shitting on the teddy bear husband for being "the bare minimum" in a negative, bitter tone - which I am 100% sure these are jealous as fuck moids LARPing as women.
110% composed of moids, with that extra 10% coming from testosterone roids.
No biological woman is truly hypergamous in this world when men are currently overlords of almost every thing in life - not even feminist bookstores are 100% owned by women and always have to be financed by an anonymous moid.
Pro tip: in order to spot moids here and elsewhere, ask the other person what "she" thinks of hypergamy and if "she" is willing to "settle down" someone her equal in terms of wealth; if "she" gives a red flag response like "why would I settle someone my equal?$ or so, ladies and gentlewomen, we got 'em.
This has a high success rate of catching illegal moids since they are the only ones posting and thinking about hypergamy 24/7, and are still hating on the idea of patriachy et al., unable to see why are women " hypergamous."

Anonymous 104530

>Also for some reason a heap of self hating Black / Hispanic and Mideastern women who fetishize white moids

oof you're right

Anonymous 104531

You even get those here.

Anonymous 104586

Seethe more. Women having standards means they would rather be alone than be with a no value male.

Anonymous 104587

having standards and being a basic bitch are two different things

Anonymous 104595

I’m the anon that posted this >>104383 which - a day later and sober - I’ll admit reads cringely but I stand by the point.

Who said anything about FDS?

The question you originally replied to was about the concept of hypergamy, literally ‘marrying up’ (if you can literally why wouldn’t you??), and the community that surrounds it.

By the time you replied the tone of the thread morphed acceptably to include FDS as was self-improvement. True: FDS are part of the community surrounding hypergamy. True: self improvement is part of hypergamy, how can you influence it, but you swatted that down and I took issue with it. Self improvement, whilst is a tenet of fds, is much bigger than a sub of man-hating shut-ins. It’s like someone asking ‘What do we think about conservatism?’ and you replying ‘people contesting that trump won the election are fucking weird’’ (Sorry this is the best I could do; I’m 100% left leaning libertarian). Yeah they are. Stupid, ineffective and represent a small subset of the wider group. I find no fault with what you wrote in your second comment.

I think smart people go about self-improvement in smarter ways than screaming into an echo chamber (she said on crystal.cafe). It takes 5 mins on that sub to realise that suitcase is not worth unpacking and move on. Instead think of Warren Buffett and his fear of public speaking (became a teacher), a girl that learns how to do makeup / dress properly, or me and my tiny butt (squats, yoga and Greek yoghurt). Identify faults with yourself and work on them.

~ Also
> low IQ
> desillusional

Touch a book

Anonymous 104628

You think women care about not being basic bitches? What do I care if I am like every other women? That just means all of us have good taste. Being afraid of being like other women just means you hate yourself and have self esteem. Go to counseling.

Anonymous 104635

I am the >>103255 anon, and the other anon is not me.
I do not care if they aspire to not; I only care that they are not. That they are not intelligent and charismatic; they are dumb and boring. I look down on them for that reason.

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