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Learn to code = Become a millionaire Anonymous 102600

Dude, there is shortage of tech workers just learn Python, Django, Flask, Postgres, redis, celery, JavaScript, react, Apollo, GraphQL, css modules, jester, redux, docker, aws, storybook, unit tests, integration tests, automation tests, typescript, MySQL dynamic HTML, design patterns, blender, linux, bsd, C#, .NET, Java, Kotlin, Arduino, CyberSec, OpSec, best practices, React, React Native, Angular, blockchain, AI, ML, AutoIt, BASIC, Eiffel, Forth, Frink, Game Maker Language, J, ICI, TempleOs, Holy C, Lisp, Lua, Pascal, PCASTL, Perl, PostScript, REXX, Ruby, Spin, Charity, Clean, Curry, Erlang, Haskell, Joy, Kite, Nemerle, OPAL, Ada, ALGOL, CLEO, COBOL

Anonymous 102601

u forgot apl, jason and php, nerd.

Anonymous 102604

Fuck off fag

Anonymous 102629

moid hands typed this

Anonymous 102632


Imagine wanting to sit behind a desk and look at a screen all day

Anonymous 102658

Who says they want to, what's actually unusual about doing that? At least the nerdlinger often has the sense to use a seriously ergonomic keyboard.

Anonymous 102862

>wanting to be harassed and belittled by incels and troons all day

Anonymous 102866

1. There is no shortage of people with these skills. You will spend years learning something very difficult just to get in line with thousands upon thousands of others from places like India who will be hired before you as they will agree to work for cheaper and fulfil woke Silicon valley race quotas.
2. There is absolutely no money in learning some niche code. You will either only be good for a trendy startup who will poof out of existence within a few months after the CEO pisses away all of daddy's money or since a lot of these languages are new, you'll have to start at the very bottom of a company in order to "prove" yourself and by that point, the language will have been replaced by something new and improved being studied by the next gen of Ivy league tech graduates who will accept a shitty graduate's salary, you are replaceable.

The only people who make money in tech are already rich and privileged white men who sail their way to the top in every aspect of life due to their connections and of course, I include trannies in that. So which one are you, OP?

Anonymous 102871

any idea of why troons are abundant in those places?

Anonymous 102872

Most troons are confused young autistic men

Anonymous 102873


Anonymous 102884

>There is a shortage of tech workers
there is a shortage of EXPERIENCED devs (Project managers, senior developers, etc). Also I want to murder all webdevs.

Anonymous 102891

There is no shortage, it's all a fraud, they just use the "lack" as an excuse to hire dirt cheap third world coders. When the tech-bubble pops codemonkeys will be fucked.

Anonymous 103310

get them fired for harassment and have the place for yourself.

Anonymous 103346

Actually most troons are self-hating lesbians.

Anonymous 103612

Learn C++ :)

this, unironically there's a lot of autistic ones

Simply don't reveal your gender online and you'll avoid a lot of harassment (doesn't work in an IRL workplace of course)

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