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Anonymous 102668

I really wish I visited /biz in 2016 when I wasted thousand of dollars on the stock market like a normie I would be at least 6 figures if I navigated my mouse slightly to the right and clicked on /biz instead of wasting my time browsing /pol.

This will be the only time someone directly tells you to visit /biz and spend 10 minutes reading the latest crypto threads or people comparing their 6 figure and 7 figure portfolios. If you don’t visit /biz and realise how much time you’ve wasted after this then there’s no helping you.

Anonymous 102669

>these few moids made money off of /biz/ that means you would too
If you're feeling FOMO you are incapable of understanding how good investing works and you should just hand it off your finance to an actual firm.

Anonymous 102670

Thinking about "what I could have done" will get you nowhere and will make you very sad and angry. Please stop it yourself and don't encourage others to it

Anonymous 102671

The question isn't why you should have browsed 4 years earlier, it's if you should browse now, and I'm mixed on that. On the one hand I 4x on RAINI with their heads up, but that was a very small amount of money. On the other, /biz/ is covered in pink wojaks all the time, so we'll see if the luck continues.

Anonymous 102672

No most of the investors were doing completely basic shit like accumulating bitcoin when it was at $100 and encouraging others to do so. If I had browsed biz for more than 30 seconds I would have found some new sub $1 coin called ethereum and then been encouraged to accumulate with my several thousand dollars which would now be worth several million if not 10s of millions. At the moment I’m doing exactly that and accumulating new or low market coins based on research and seeing if /biz childishness effortlessly slices through bullshit or sees it as a legitimate coin. If you can get past /biz insulting you it’s the most useful resource of your entire life, at least it is for mine

Anonymous 102674

Well literally anything is a better use of your time than browsing /pol/ so I guess I can't refute this post.

I would actually recommend the Kiwifarms finance board instead. It's less retarded than 4chan and when people there argue you can often see the pros and cons listed on both sides. They don't just go 'cope seethe dialate' when someone disagrees, they get into details and as an observer you can figure it out for yourself.

Anonymous 102696

>accumulating new or low market coins
today there are loads of shills on biz
why would someone buy something other than btc, eth and maybe xrp
when you consider then fundamentals at least

but i might be wrong
please do not consider this financial advice, but do your own research instead, as i don't want to be responsible for someone losing money or missing out on gains

and remember: money is made up

Anonymous 102697

Crypto is meme money and not real

t. Wall Street broker

Anonymous 102944


>she spent years browsing /pol/
why would you even do that ?

Tbh I was on biz in 2017 when BTC was really getting big and thought it was "just a bubble", and I didn't invest anything. Currency speculation isn't for everyone, especially not me.
It's fine to prefer producing things rather than speculating on value, aswell.

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