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What do you hate the most about 4chan's /b/ Anonymous 102673

For me those are anime porn threads.

Anonymous 102676

I fucking hate that the faggots always spam with this

Anonymous 102747

Honestly just seeing the thread titles and images is enough to piss me off

Anonymous 102749

politically uninformed text with extremely sexual image

Anonymous 102750

I find the BBC and Andy Six spam funny. Sorry. The threads about posting their wives'/girlfriends' pics are the worst. I haven't been there in years, though.

Anonymous 102751

>The threads about posting their wives'/girlfriends' pics are the worst.
those are larps

Anonymous 102761

I agree, some of them is illegal

Anonymous 104278

The “Trump won” threads are especially guilty of this.

Anonymous 104294

All the bait threads.

Anonymous 104295

Mostly that its 4chan /b/

Anonymous 104296

Havent been on /b/ in probably a decade. I cant believe I ever wasted time there.

Anonymous 104304

Yet you waste time here…
Oh the irony

Anonymous 104305

Oh I waste hours of my day every day. Just in better places than /b/. Even /qa/ is better than /b/, and its 90% soispam

Anonymous 104350

I would hate it too if somehow i would fall under the impression that looking at a wall of spam is a worthwhile activity. There is no "IB culture" there, board has long lost all thought and operates on impulses, its just 100% spam and its been like that for almost 10 years now. Its an internet famous board that's long dead.

Anonymous 104384


Anonymous 104402


What is this petty 'hate' I'm expected to dig up excusses for?

Why the hell would I hate anything on a site that I don't have to bloody go to?

What I hate the most about that cesspit is all the traffic/material/support it sucked away from old normal boards and such.

Anonymous 104448

Don’t be sorry, it is funny.

Anonymous 104468

There's a [my country] version of 4chan and it's just as bad as the 4ch itself, to the point you can spot a user of that board anywhere else on the internet mostly based on how they talk about women.

Anonymous 104480

I'm guessing it's either Slavic or Indian? Middle Eastern?

Anonymous 104499

It's 2ch

Anonymous 104519

I'm curious how you can tell them apart in a sea of moids online, I assume it's not something as telltale as speaking Japanese. Are they worse than western moids?

Anonymous 104593

I don't go on /b/ lol
seriously, stop doing it

Anonymous 104619

The way they talk is just gross. Idk if they're worse but they do talk about rape and pedophilia a lot, sometimes you get shit from them like "women are inferior to men because there's more male mass murderers LUL" or something like that.

Anonymous 104708

Huh? Why would I ever go to /b/?

>threads die too fast

>porn everywhere
>shock images
>huge traffic + low attention span users = encourages stupidity

If you spent a few minutes on /b/ you'd know this. No reason to go there.

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