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Why can't you talk about /b/? Anonymous 102760

4chan once made the rules of the internet, but can anybody explain the rules 1 and 2?

Anonymous 102762

why have there been so many separate threads about 4chan lately? can't you just google this

Anonymous 102767

drunk club.jpg

Certainly! Rules one and two exist for the express purpose of pretending to be some grand menacing super sercret chaos mongerring operation.

Anonymous 102771

the quality of any internet community is inversely proportional to it's size

Anonymous 102805

Have you ever watched Fight Club, OP? Those rules are based on the movie. Basically you're not allowed to talk about it so it will remain a secret club. Of course, since everyone knows 4chan nowadays the rule is dumb, but it made sense ins 2005.

Anonymous 108823

youre a bit retarded if you dont know thats referencing fight club

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