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Anonymous 102864

I don't understand people like this. If he got less attractive you'd just end up being less attracted to him

Anonymous 102865

Some people want attraction, some people want security. Depends on your level of neuroticism.

Anonymous 102874

And then there's people like me who wants both and just give up having relationships. Maximum level of neuroticism.

Anonymous 102898

Pick me or moid

I shouldn't ever have to put myself on a silver platter for some shitty moid to enjoy.fuck off

Anonymous 102948


I am the person who wrote the post in the OP picture.

You're all kind of right in certain ways. I value who he is more than what he looks like, so if he gained 5, 10, 20 pounds that wouldn't make much difference to me. I realize that I'm an ugly person for that, sacrificing his body image and his happiness for my security is a very unsightly, unworthy thing to want.

To spite me, life laughs in my face. He has also managed to smash all of his previous fitness records and the uptick in his work and the revenue gained from that has almost entirely been eclipsed by his enormous and unfathomable appetite. He's bought a bigger fridge to compensate. It's like living with a slightly less retarded Goku who can't fly… yet. Give him time..

I am also, to a surprising extent, kinda "fucking crazy" as >>102878 quite accurately has pointed out.

I spoke to him about my insecurities and in a typical Mr. Peanut Butter fashion he completely understood and accepted, even thanked me for coming to him with my fears and apologized for not picking up on it and blamed himself for not being as attentive as he could have been. It's extremely frustrating when he takes all of the blame on himself because it makes me feel like a spoiled child, but can I say that? Nope. Because then I'll REALLY sound like a fucking child, here he is punishing himself for my failures and here I am in my head punishing him for making me feel bad about the fact that he's punishing himself for my inability to control my jealousy and insecurities. now that's what I call nuts.

I just need to be better. This is a me problem, not a Mr. Peanut Butter Problem. I refuse to punish someone who loves me so much for things that he should be proud of. I can't be a crab and try to drag him down into my pity bucket. I just have to try harder and do more to feel like I'm living up to my own expectations. I think that's probably the only healthy answer.

I told this to Mr. Peanut Butter and what does he do? Exactly what you'd expect him to do. He tells me if there's anything he can do to help, even if it's just to talk, he's all in 100% because he's happiest when I'm happy.

I want his muscular, dumbshit, adorable kids. God help me.

Anonymous 102954

lol you wont

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