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images - 2021-09-0…

Anonymous 103133

>It's Monday and you didn't clean your room sweetie, you told me you were cleaning it on Sunday.

How do you reply?

Anonymous 103137

I'm sorry dad. I just can't bring myself to do it. I have no energy. No motivation to keep on in this machine world with these machine men. I am not a machine dad. Is this all there is? None of this matters.

Anonymous 103169

Everything is in its place.

Anonymous 103179


cleans room

Anonymous 103181

I sleep with my brother to avoid cleaning my room. It used to have the floor and desks full of leftovers, soda cans, dirty clothes and pantyliners wraps, until mom helped me clean it.

Anonymous 103184

god i wish i had a dad

Anonymous 103186

Why don't you have a father?

Anonymous 103199


>I sleep with my brother

Anonymous 103200

Wish I had a brother to sleep with

Anonymous 103201

Which war, WW2?

Anonymous 103218

I cleaned it tho

Anonymous 103221

"it" happened again while you slept

Anonymous 103224

I sleep with my brother in his room to avoid messing up mine.

Anonymous 103228

is he cute?

Anonymous 103229

It's okay sweetie, sometimes I don't have energy or motivation myself. Life can be pretty tough, and if you don't find any meaning anywhere, that toughness is going to wear you down. I don't expect you to be superwoman, just do what you can when you can. Next time, if you don't think you can clean your room, just say what you can do. Maybe you can only manage throwing away a couple pieces of trash. As long as you're being honest with yourself, you'll be up to anything you set your mind to, eventually. I believe in you. Anything you want to talk about right now though?

Anonymous 103231

He is 13, you paedophile. Yes, he is cute.

Anonymous 103232


Anonymous 103234

I'm just having wholesome thoughts here, don't be like that

Anonymous 103241

>you paedophile
Huh, you're the one sleeping with an underage boy

Anonymous 103242

You are forgiven.

I am sleeping with my brother, not doing anything inappropriate.

Anonymous 103443

Am I out of the loop?
Because it's usually the dads who don't give a shit about your room.
It's the moms who nag

Anonymous 103460

I wish my dad had been like this but instead he beat me and degraded me verbally.

Anonymous 103471

I sleep with my sister and it's a double mess.
The thing is that I refuse to let anyone else help us. I don't want them to touch my things. But unfortunately my sister isn't interested in helping me clean, either.

Anonymous 103478


Anonymous 103491

Are you an adult? Consider moving away ASAP. Remaining in that environment will harm your psyche. If you are underage talk to your mom, or look up shelters for children/women in your local area if you don't have a mother or she enables your father.


Anime has rotten your brain. I'm not attracted to my brother, we have seen ourselves nude since we were children and we do not feel lust for each other, just sibling affection.

My brother cleans for me, since it is his room, mainly by removing cans, leftovers and putting our clothes in the hamper. I help him by changing the pillow sheets and curtains every week, this summer I painted his room too. Mom does our laundry, God bless that woman.

Anonymous 103507

I can't stop laughing at this gif

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