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Fabulous Quartz wi…

theoretical cafe Anonymous 103616

what kind of menu would a cafe themed around crystals even have

Anonymous 103617

Full of the kind of fucking idiots who believe in horoscopes and chakras and past life regression most likely. The cashier will tell you about your spiritual aura and they will read your fortune in the tea leaves when you finish your brew.

Anonymous 103620


Crystal themed cake

Anonymous 103624


jelly cakes. lots of jelly cakes.

Anonymous 103625


Anonymous 103626

Looks like is made from unicorn piss

Anonymous 103627


Anonymous 103628


in a good way or a bad way?

Anonymous 103632

Oh, a good way. Unicorn piss has magical powers which is why it has always been so sought after by master patissiers since times of antiquity.

Anonymous 103634


oh, good to know. yum!

Anonymous 103642

my fortune says I'm going to die tomorrow what does this mean

Anonymous 103649

I don't believe in any of that crap, but a cafe like that sounds kind of fun, tbh. Sounds like it would be aesthetically pleasing, as well. And filled with the nice kind of idiots, not the assholish kind, at least.

Anonymous 103659


I don't know what we're drinking, but we're drinking out of this.

Anonymous 103660



and this.

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