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im sorry christine…

Anonymous 103673

if she were alive today, do you think she would have been a cc poster? Do you think this would have prevented her suicide?

im not trying to come across as mean, but i feel like christine would maybe find this place to be like her home maybe… and maybe by seeing other girls like her she wouldnt feel so alone…

Anonymous 103682

Can't remember her name but she was a femcel news reporter that commited suicide live on television

Anonymous 103683

Did she say she was a femcel or?

Anonymous 103684

Anonymous 103741

Can someone explain why she's a femcel. I read the whole wiki and it just seemed like she was poor at socializing. Incels actively hate other's for their lack of love and she seemed to only hate herself for it. But maybe I'm missing something

Anonymous 103750

All that is required to be an InCel is, by definition, to be involuntarily celibate. To be a FemCel is just an augmentation marking the person as both female and InCel. We can argue about whether or not "involuntary celibacy" is real, but nothing else is required for her to be a FemCel other than lack of relationships.

Anonymous 103759

Thank you for enlightening me

Anonymous 103858

idc, but I think she's pretty based. Went out in one of the angriest ways possible without killing anyone else.

Anonymous 103891

I'm honestly not sure. I feel like even today people like this can only cope with internet communities for so long before it wears off.

Anonymous 104336

she's so beautiful

imagine giving her a hug and telling her you know how shit life is

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