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The cops cant stop…

Anonymous 103795

How do we stop/work on this?
Is there something we can do like this that men can't?

Anonymous 103797

>she can't rotate objects in her mind
are you retarded? What's next, you never daydreamt in your life? You never imagine yourself into imaginary scenarios?

Anonymous 103799

Men are too powerful

Anonymous 103800

is this really something you can't do? Am i too autistic to pick up the sarcasm?
Or am i the weird one here for being able to rotate things in my head? Can the average woman really not do this? wtf

Anonymous 103801

You're either some sort of sentient supercomputer lost in the internet and unaware of the true nature of your being or youre a moid. I'll leave it to the mods to decide which one is more likely…..

Anonymous 103803

you're trolling right?
Fuck i really have no idea.

Anonymous 103804

I can like Imagine multiple "snapshots" of the same thing but not like one smooth motion, and if I add in more snapshots to make it smoother, anything beyond like 45 degree turns gets too slow to visualize

Anonymous 103808

i have no idea what you are saying. Just imagine an apple and rotate it. It's that simple.
Did you not daydream as a child? Do you not daydream now?
If you were locked in a dark room with nothing to do, what would you spend your time with? I personally know that i would imagine myself into scenarios, and watch them as if i was watching movies, but what about you?
If you can only visualize in snapshots then you couldn't daydream at all. Would you just sit in the dark, doing absolutely nothing? Just sit there?

Anonymous 103809

How would you daydream without prompts like the bumps in wallpapers and stuff?

Anonymous 103810

I don't think i understand what you are saying.
What do you mean by "prompts like the bumps in wallpapers"

Anonymous 103811

I have to imagine shapes out of like other visual cues I'm seeing, so like when you see the shapes of animals in paint bumps on the wall.
Is that not normal? I thought that's what daydreaming was

Anonymous 103812

daydreaming is basically "fantasy".
And no, i don't have to imagine shapes out of visual cues. I can conjure up any shape i want, at any moment, regardless of any cues. I could be sitting in pitch dark and i would still be able to do it.

Anonymous 103814

I can only visualize 3d or moving scenes out of thin air by doing like snapshots, like the scenes from a graphic novel if it's from thin air, if it's like "prompted" from like something I can see I can usually move it, but just rotating a 3d object is like really hard and kind of scary

Anonymous 103815

Not everyone is able to visualise images in their mind’s eye.

It’s called Aphantasia - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aphantasia

Anonymous 103816

This, most women are capable of doing this, and even "girly" hobbies and careers such as drawing and painting are much easier when you can mentally rotate things that you're looking at.

Anonymous 103817



Anonymous 103821

Sorry not everyone is as enlightened as you

Anonymous 103824

I read the article and its actually pretty good. The title is obviously ironic rage bait.

Anonymous 103848

>not being able to rotate 3d objects in your head

this has to be moid bait

Anonymous 103856

I doubt that "rotating" here means "being able to smoothly and vividly move an object in your mind as if you were looking at it on a 3D modelling program", but rather "being able to imagine an object from different angles even if in static images"

Anonymous 103859

it doesn't say nothing about women not being able to rotate shit in their heads. I can do it just fine

Anonymous 103860

Anonymous 103861

aphantasia test.pn…

>itt aphantaslets coping
Look and laugh at them.

Anonymous 103872

>be me
>have aphantasia
>can lucid dream at will and experience things more intense than any waking daydream could give a person.
checkmate, mind's eye haver.

Anonymous 103873

>be me
>be absolutely phantastic 5/5
>can also lucid dream
>do so often
Get fucked.

Anonymous 103876

>she only lucid dreams while she's asleep

Anonymous 103879

My lucid dreaming abilities became so refined the government found the need to gangstalk me to make sure I dont abuse them.

Anonymous 103892

Another "article" about internet memes. Do journalists report on actual things happening anymore or do they just "report" on memes they see and random forums they visit? Anybody can do this job these days.

Anonymous 103893


>the male version of cosmso isnt high brow enough for me

Anonymous 103912

>being able to smoothly and vividly move an object in your mind as if you were looking at it on a 3D modelling program
That's exactly what it means, and i'm able to do it quite easily.

Anonymous 103927

I can fully rotate a 3D object in my mind quite smoothly thank you.

Anonymous 103936

>moids outing themselves by describing the ability to do something physically impossible.
its too easy

Anonymous 103942

>tards who can't even rotate an apple in their imagination coping by calling us moids
You are bringing shame to the female race, i bet OP who is almost surely a moid baiting, is laughing his ass off at you for not being able to do a simple task like this.
You need to learn.

Anonymous 103944

Can men actually do this? This doesnt seem like something humans should be able to do without drugs

Anonymous 103947

No it's a larp

Anonymous 103949

I can 100% guarantee you with all the trust you can place in another internet person that I can do this. There are non-zero numbers of people who can do this.

Anonymous 103951


You cannot be serious. Is crystal.cafe being raided? Are you all spamming here just to make us look like retards?
Just imagine a cube and rotate it. Why are you acting like it's some sort of black magic?

Anonymous 103952

And theyre all male. We know. No you cant sit with us.

Anonymous 103954

> make us look like retards
Youre doing that to yourself by taking discussion about a parody meme as anything but parody.

Anonymous 103957

So it was sarcastic?
Sorry if i didn't get it, i'm a sperg

Anonymous 103958

Yes, the entire meme is sarcastic.

Anonymous 103963

The joke isn't that some men can rotate 3D objects (this is true), it's that they're addicted to it. Though those scoring 0 on the scale probably find this information shocking to learn. >>103861

Anonymous 103964

No the joke is that its a special ability. Women can do it too, just in the test they are score lower, meaning they take longer. its just an absurdist reduction of the "men have better brains because they were the hunters! we should make the rules!" logic.

Anonymous 103978


>disdain for plebs

Anonymous 104559

Lost at least 50 braincells reading this thread.

Anonymous 104568

>How do we stop/work on this?

Pretty sure visuo-spatial abilities can be very much improved by partaking in video games and other generally male activities

>Is there something we can do like this that men can't?

Its often claimed that women have better verbal intelligence and intricate long term memory.

Seems kinda socially conditioned tbh. Personally I enjoy rotating 3d objects in my mind lmao but im also very much "female brained". I know many women who are very feminine while really enjoying mathematics and other interests which are claimed to require spatial intelligence. Im not claiming there arent brain differences but they dont seem that extreme

Anonymous 104574


I dont get it, are there LARPers here? How can you not imagine a 3D object in your head and move it? Don't you have daydreams where you're running and shit? Just imagine an object you've seen before and interact with it like it is there, but in your head instead of in real life. It's really that simple. Even if you can't just rotate it without help, imagine your own hands moving the object.

Anonymous 104605

This thread is fucking bonkers

Anonymous 104623

You're fucking with me this is impossible I just spent almost 5 minutes trying to rotate a dice cube and I couldn't do it smoothly, it always switched to the other side of the dice. Is this really a moid raid or are anons just fucking with me?

Anonymous 104727

It doesnt have to be a smooth transition. Youre doing it right

Anonymous 104736

But can guys rotate it smoothly? This is what I don't get and can't figure out if people are trolling. The dice cube is like showing a side with two dots, and when I rotate it I don't see it move, it just suddenly switches to a side with four dots.

Anonymous 104738

Rotating a cube is not complex. Rotate a Tetris shape.

Anonymous 104739

>Rotate a Tetris shape.
That's even harder than a cube, unless we're talking about the square tetris shape. It doesn't rotate in 3D or whatever, it like flips like in the game, but with more dimensions. I don't see it rotate it just suddenly changes.

Anonymous 104743

Yea only moids and CRAY supercomputers can render such things

Anonymous 104745

Not just guys, but yes, you are coming to the sudden realization that different people have different mental processing abilities.

Anonymous 104748

Just try to visualize that old screensaver with the cube that bounces around.

Anonymous 104754

It's easier if you also imagine yourself manually turning an object with your hands. Or if the object is right in front of you, in the space you currently occupy

Anonymous 104762

yes. I personally can rotate it smoothly. I am surprised that there are people who cannot. I keep thinking you're just not trying to rotate it haha. like..just …imagine it…

Anonymous 104763


this thread is so retarded I wish people would stop replying to it!!

Anonymous 104765

stop dating scrotes

Anonymous 104981

Can't even tell who is baiting and who is retarded anymore

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