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Anonymous 103829

I've been gone every since I found a site called funnyjunk like 3 years ago. I only just discovered that this site is still up off of a post about it there, and that site has grown really annoyingly misogynistic and sexist over the past year.
whatd I miss here ?

Anonymous 103833

theyre older than 4chan even

Anonymous 103841

They're literally older than 4chan and where m00t came from.

Anonymous 103842

Mixing Pepsi and milk together, it's pretty good.

Anonymous 103843

Pepsi milk! The most durable drink money can buy! Simply combine Pepsi and milk, and it's been proven to be edible up to one year afterwards. Just remember to swirl the chunky bits ;)

Anonymous 103866

There is NOT chunks in it, and even when it does get chunks, you can usuly crush them up and top it up with milk and coke and it dissolves back in

Anonymous 103870

…. am I just bad at identifying sarcasm? Didn't m00t come from SA?

Anonymous 103884

i literally just looked up and saved this pic a few hours ago.
stop stalking me anon

Anonymous 103886

Where do you think I got it from? Your door doesnt have a lock on it anyway

Anonymous 103900

ot but would pilk actually taste good, i feel like it would thin out the milk and make it less harsh tasting bc of the sugar. it would also get rid the chemically painful taste from pepsi. i mighjt try it

Anonymous 103902

I made a Coke float tonight and it was fucking delicious, so yes, if cilk is good than so probably is pilk.

Anonymous 103915

Coke or Pepsi with milk is called an egg cream, at least in New York. I used to have them a lot as a kid, I wouldn't have one now but they were pretty good

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