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Anonymous 103898

Thinking and learning about bees. Im newly living in a low income coop with thriving localized gardens. I want bees to help everyone. I fucking love bees but completely understand that they are wild insects and will choose the area with which they pollinate. Should I recognize that if people around me have blooming gardens I should grow what they're growing due to give loyalty or is there something I can grow to super charge them. I'm talking about growing not just leaving out sugar water.

Also shoutout to bees

Anonymous 103899


Anonymous 103904

I love your shoutout to bees. they really deserve it! I think that's so cool you have a garden nearby and you're trying to learn more about it.

Anonymous 103906

Solver sonar

Anonymous 103907

bees are awesome shout out to all the bees in the world

Anonymous 104091

I'm not at all a professional but I have a basic knowledge on some bees and my main takeaway is this.

Please don't bring in honey bees.
Honeybees (also known as european honeybees) are enormously invasive in every part of the world and are actually a major factor in why many native bees around the globe are going extinct and will do so silently due to many thinking that honeybees are the ones suffering and not their own country's pollinators. Primarily because they compete with native pollinators and usually kill them(in America these are bumble bees for example). They're also not very effective at pollinating native plants. https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/the-problem-with-honey-bees/

My advice is look up online and plant native flowers in your garden to promote diversity with your actual pollinator community and make homes/spots that would encourage native bees to stay.

Anonymous 108407


This is a bee hotel.
It is a home for solitary bees, the most common type of native bee.
Solitary bees do not have queens and do not live in a colony. It is also a home for many types of stingless and solitary wasp species.

Put these up. Put them up all over your garden.

Anonymous 108504

be careful with pre-made that are for sale though, not all of them are good. If you can, make them yourself. You can source a lot of the materials from nature, the tools you could probably lend from someone if you don't have them yourself.

Anonymous 108506

This is cute. Bless you and bless our bees!

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