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Times you messed up Anonymous 104346

Just did psychic damage to myself by remembering something

>freshman year of high school

>worked for student council, helped organize dances
>during valentines day dance
>sat down to take a break and have a glass of water in the hallway
>guy I knew comes up and talks to me a bit, asks me why I'm sitting alone
>asks if I want to dance with him and some friends
>"Oh no thanks I'm fine, just a bit tired and taking a break"
>he asks if I'm sure
>"Yeah, thank you though!"
>didn't realize till years later what I did
Time to repress that memory again

Anonymous 104360

That's kinda cute, but think of it this way, if you aren't a great dancer you didn't risk making yourself look silly. We all do those socially awkward things when we're that age, some do it even on to adulthood.

was he cute?

Anonymous 104378

>didn't realize till years later what I did
I am confused, is the painful part that he might have been your boyfriend by now if you'd danced with him?

Anonymous 104380

>didn't realize till years later what I did
What did you do?

Anonymous 104381

NTA but I think OP means the guy was asking her out discretely and anon was too oblivious to notice.

Anonymous 104483

Yeah that's what I meant. I feel cringy as hell for literally turning down a guy that I liked, asking me to dance with him, without realizing what was even happening.

he was and I regret everything now

Anonymous 104486

M-maybe it's not too late! Are you still in contact with him or know his whereabouts? It could be a funny ice breaker?

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