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Anonymous 10441

What is your opinion on Islam?

Anonymous 10442

I don't care as long as they don't bomb people in the name of their god. I don't think religion is always bad and people have the right to believe in God, aliens or Illuminati.
Any religion that promotes violence is dangerous, but hey, Christians killed thousands and thousands during the middle age and there still are conflicts between some kinds of Christians around the world that end in death.

Anonymous 10445

Like all patriarchal religions, it's harmful to women and society in general. It uses so-called words of God (or his prophet) to justify misogyny, violence and other harmful shit. Not that the Bible is much better, though at least nobody reads it, beyond sanctioned passages.

Anonymous 10447

After reading about hell that 9/11 victims went through, I can't laugh or even appreciate the creativity of 9/11 jokes.

Anonymous 10450

After typing this, I'm not quite sure if I want to post this, as it might hurt someone's feelings (I apologize beforehand in case it does). Then again it's something I believe myself, and not discussing about it would also leave no chances for anyone to develop or correct my views.

The difference is that bible, especially the new testament, doesn't actively promote killing or mistreating "infidels". Quran does in few parts and any kind of critisism or denouncing parts of quran is an act that deserves death in many islamic countries, afaik. From what I've read about islam, it started as more peaceful and accepting religion but when Mohammed came to power, he became a warlord and his religion changed somewhat. And both sides can be found from quran, and they are both "truth".

And basing on the demographic that arrived to Europe, mostly young men who seem to be rather keen on raping and doing other crimes when compared to citizens of my own country, I don't quite think we should really promote or be too understanding for their religion. Just think about it, those men were too coward to defend their mothers, grandparents and sisters, who are treated like crap (by European standards) in muslim countries even in normal situations.

That particular religion seems to make people prone to violence an cruelties and is against progression and improvement of their societies. There is not a single country in the world where muslims are the majority and women or minorities are treated well and there are not constant violence against other religions. I think that tells something about this religion of peace.

In other words, muslims seem to be okay only when they are women, and when they are minority in their host countries. And I feel both lucky to be born in Europe and sad for other women who are born in muslim countries where they are often treated like they are lesser beings and don't have all the human rights.

The sheer evidence showing that islamic religion + culture itself doesn't bring as functional society as christian, former christian turned into ateism, buddhism etc., despite it being adopted to many different ethnicities in different geographic locations in the world. I tried to google a muslim country where most people (women, religious minorities) would have decent lives free of oppression and injustice but I couldn't find a single one few years ago (feel free to correct me if you know one). Even those stans I've never heard news about are hostile toward christians, and minorities are harassed and discriminated against in workplaces and job opportunities.

PS: Sorry that this came our overly hostile. I don't hate other people based on their appearance but I've come to dislike this particular religion itself.

Anonymous 10452

Sorry for sameposting, I didn't mean to reply to you but to topic in general.

Anonymous 10458

Me too, anon! Moments like these remind me I'm still human despite browsing the internet too much. It makes me feel really bad.

Anonymous 10463

My opinion on Islam is the same as my opinion on any religion, it's shit. Religions are made by men, for men to make themselves feel all holy and superior to another group of people and keep women submissive. All religions are an excuse for wars, violence, begging for money, controlling uneducated people, abusing women, murdering babies and basically everything that's wrong with the world today. Especially the Abrahamic religions.

A quick history of the Abrahamic religions:
>Judaism is created, they believe they are the "true religion" and use it to claim superiority over Pagans, take their temples and try to convert their people.
>Christianity is created, they also believe they are the "true religion" and use it to claim superiority over both Pagans and Jewish people. Spend many years forcibly converting people, starting wars and claiming things that are not theirs.
>Christianity splits into countless sects; Catholicism, Protestantism, Mormonism, Orthodox, Lutheranism, Methodism, Jehovah's Witnesses…ALL claiming that they are the "true path" and all others are wrong.
>Islam is created, they believe they are the "true religion" and claim superiority over Pagans, Jews and Christians. Use the religion to forcibly convert people, start wars and claim things that are not theirs. They also expect followers to incorporate Islam into every part of their lives including having their own banks, law, how they dress, who they socialise with, what they eat…
>Islam splits into many sects; Sunni, Shi'a and Kharijite, all claiming to be the "true path" and all others are wrong.

It's just a fucking cycle and Islam is the newest flavour of the month. To me, Islam looks like Christianity did many years ago when it also dictated every part of our lives. It's dying down now because people realise how shit it is to have a religion control every aspect of your life (which Muslims have yet to realise, making them appear backwards and uneducated to everyone who isn't). One day another religion will be created and they will claim to be the "true religion", to be superior to Islam, will work on creating wars and converting others and stealing holy sites. Just like Islam is doing. Maybe that religion will be Scientology because they're growing really fast, I've noticed.

Anonymous 10465

most of these kinds of organized religion advocates violence. islam is just a few centuries behind as far as rights go.

Anonymous 10483

I think religions are tools to control masses of people. The more 'moderate' ones are just usually a waste of time to get invested in.

There COULD be good in them if people take only the good lessons to heart, but even then it should be obvious things to follow regardless of religion.

Islam is pretty bad, to women especially, and the extremists there are really bad and cause a lot of harm.

Anonymous 10484

All the Abrahamic religions are shit, but Islam is the worst and most dangerous. Judaism was subdued by the fact that they repeatedly had their shit stomped in and often ended up small insular minorities in most places, which meant is wasn't smart to start shit or to kill you own family members (women), which over time allowed a looser enforcement and the rise of Jewish Secularism. The new testament and Christianity is shit in it's own right, but it's ambiguity, emphasis on the soul but also sin of all men, and at least lip service to peace, love, and forgiveness allowed an ideological debate that eventually lead to Enlightenment thinking and Christian secularism.

Islam, on the other hand, basically took the new testament, said "Lol, Jesus was just kidding about all that hippie shit, the fire and brimstone god is the real one and he wants you to enforce that shit". Muhammad was not just a man and a prophet of god, he was the perfect man and everyone should strive to be like and live like him. His biography is extensive and his preaching well documented- There's almost no ambiguity or room for interpretation, know exactly what the perfect human though of women, of queer people, of non-Muslims and especially followers of non-Abrahamic faiths, of progress, and it's not fucking good. There have been a few places (Turkey/The Ottoman Empire, Iran, and a few countries in SE Asia) where outside forces have been able to keep things relatively calm like with Judaism, but they inevitable fall back into the more violent forms of Islam and don't always come back out. It's dangerous, and I don't see any foreseeable change to the culture it creates in the near future, because there's no reason for it to change. Even the US was too pussy to enforce a cultural change and install Turkey-like secularism in places like Afghanistan, and even if they did the chances that they would eventually just backslide is very high.

Anonymous 10491

That's by no means the truth. The Bible promotes violence too in the Old testament. I can discuss this with you if you want to, but you probably already know this and both books are pretty bad. Jesus is really an exceptional character in the Bible and he changed many ideas people had about God making him more approachable and forgiving. The old testament promotes stoning people, especially women. Come on now, anon.

Anonymous 10493

Patriarchal and oppressive.
But hey bitches like to cite mua accounts from Dubai as if it "proves" how progressive Islamic nations are and completely ignore that Dubai is still intolerant towards LGBT, profits from human trafficking, etc.

Anonymous 10494

Sorry, sometimes it's hard for me type concise replies.

But isn't the whole point of christianity to abandon the laws on old testament, because the Jewish laws couldn't lead to sinless life and salvation? That's why Jesus supposedly came to live among humans and teach what are important things to strive for in life (forgiveness and being understanding towards others etc.) and one key aspect was that no human is perfect, we should try to get along.

Some of the apostles even says to pagan converts (after some kind of meeting iirc) that all they need to follow are ten commandments and not eating blood (so no stonings and dick cutting and other nasty stuff). There were multiple other parts as well where it's made somewhat clear that the rules and laws of old testament have expired and people should try to live like Jesus did.

At least in the religion I was taught since a child, the main point of bible was to realize that Jewish laws are worth nothing, beside those ten commandments, and the old testament is there more like for giving examples how their law system, built by adding rules upon rules, couldn't make people to live properly. I don't really remember there being any encouragement for violence or for forcing pagans to convert into christianity in any part of the new testament. I can't explain why the early churches carried out doing so anyways.

So, in other words, most of the bad stuff in bible is in the old testament, which is a collection of Jewish tanakh, and Jews were basically the bad people because they hated the teachings of Jesus, who supposedly was the son of God, despite them being the chosen people by God himself.

But maybe some christian branches focus more on the bad stuff on old testament and think these rules should still apply, which would make them just pagan originated pseudo-Jews? I think catholics are praying Mary instead of Jesus, even though Mary was human and now long since dead. So yeah, I guess it depends on which branch of christianity you focus on, there might be huge differences to what I think christianity is supposedly about.

My point of this long ramble is that no branch of islam is peaceful, and cannot stay peaceful. While the moral development in bible goes from the bad stuff in old testament to mostly kindness and forgiveness encouraging new testament, the quran develops chronologically to the opposite direction.

It goes from rather humble, differences and pagans understanding religion (because at the start muslims were a small group and underdogs) into a full hateful set of rules where everyone are supposed to keep an eye on each others' doings and be ready to punish them severely or even kill them if they make mistakes. And there are all kinds of rules in which situations muslims are encouraged to kill people from other religions. Mohammed was supposedly an example of perfect human being, despite being pedofile, warlord, and believing in pagan gods at one point.

It could be because I'm biased thanks to my upbringing but no matter how objectively I try to look at it, islamic religions are way more horrible than christian religions. Christian religions also do have some cons but there is much less of them. And that's why there are countries with christian majority where people can live somewhat freely and believe what they want, as long as it's not harming other people's rights.

Anonymous 10497

Absolutely incompatible with Western values

Anonymous 10500

There are branches of christianity that focus on the new testament and not the old as the old is considered judiasm or just context/history which explains why the new testament was created.

Although, many people don't understand this and they're usually american.

Anonymous 10501

Slightly off-topic but considering most of you share the same views as me with regards to religion, I thought it might be worth asking here. If you don't believe in a religion, what motivates you in life? What picks you up when you feel like shit? How do you keep a regular schedule?

In a sense I kind of envy the lives my first-world Muslim friends have.
>They have a routine because they have to pray regularly, which I'd imagine feels a lot like scheduled meditation.
>They have a community that supports them and meets regularly.
>Ramadan and Hajj probably do feel really spiritual.
I even think about my Catholic grandparents, who used to pray every night, morning and before meals.
>They marked every important event with mass.
>They never missed a service on a Sunday.
>When I went with them, I loved the smell of candles and incense and getting to confess my sins, it was therapeutic.
>For years, one of the best things I was a part of was a church youth group where we cleaned our area, gave food to the homeless and raised money for various charities.

I guess what I'm saying is that I feel like I'm living an unhealthy lifestyle; I have no routine, I have no motivation because I feel like I have no purpose here on earth and I'm depressed. I kind of just wished I believed in something more. I'm probably a prime target for a cult. If you don't believe in religion, what do you guys believe in?

Anonymous 10502

Is it not the opposite? Most American preachers I've heard conveniently ignore the dark passages from the Old Testament and brush off questions about it. Whereas, European sects (Catholicism, Protestantism, Orthodox etc.) embrace the Old Testament, in fact it's usually used to put the fear of God into people.

Anonymous 10503

I'm the first anon you replied to and I am biased due to my conservative and religious upbringing too. I agree with you in many aspects but I have personal doubts about the Bible even though my family studied it weekly at home and in groups during religious meetings. I personally feel like Jesus came to change many ideas the Jewish people had ingrained in them about god, ideas that weren't godly but human.

But at the same time I don't believe the super new agerish ultra forgiving version of Jesus; forgiveness only comes from a heart that really regrets mistakes, and I think god never changed since Jesus came so i try to go by his standards in many things (being a giving person, trying to be forgiving, show empathy, etc etc). Ironically I'm always torn between the idea of believing a deity or not. I've had to deal with a lot of pain and that makes you less prone to believing in an almighty being that loves us and is willing to forgive us for our horrible sins. I used to be the stereotype of an angry atheist when I was younger, but the older I get, the more accepting I become to the idea of God's existence, personally because I am very touched by Jesus' life and story.

I feel awkward saying that IRL to others because people tend to think most religious folks are nutjobs, but hey! That's what my heart really feels. Jesus said he'd break families apart and cause people to argue sometimes, so I guess he was right.
Sorry I didn't respond anything right, I basically just vented, but yeah. Sorry I'm so ot. I'll sage.

Tl;dr the first part of the Bible seems to be about an angry god. The second part, the one featuring Jesus, is more accepting of people and shows god as warm and more caring.
Tl;dr2 Jesus is a cool guy.

Anonymous 10504

>If you don't believe in religion, what do you guys believe in?
You can believe in God or a higher power without religion, or even in Jesus without ""religion"" itself, just using him as a standard, I guess. That's how I personally feel atm.

Anonymous 10505

Good post, The Law of Moses in the Old Testament was always and only meant to be observed by the Jewish people. It's also important to consider the context that these laws were instituted by the Jews when they were freed from slavery in Egypt and were going to have to live on their own out in the wilderness for decades.

Just looking at the Law of Moses from a secular perspective, there are a few good reasons why death was used as a punishment so often back then. For one, they weren't even close to being an organized society which could have some sort of police force and run things authoritatively. Because they were constantly traveling, there was no way to set up a jail to hold people. All of this put together simply made death the only real way to punish somebody, especially for harsher crimes like murder, because anything less would result in the murderer killing somebody else. The only real alternative is banishment, which would also mean certain death, as one could walk hundreds and hundreds of miles before finding even the smallest settlement back then. To sentence a man to that would be no different from sentencing him to a long, painful, tortorus death, so it was a lot more humane to just do it and get it over with.

Much of the violence recorded in the Old Testament, like the intertribal wars in the book of Judges, or the court feuds in Samuel and Kings, is also just recorded. God did not advocate those conflicts.

Anyway, this post is already way too long but I also wanted to address this:

> I think catholics are praying Mary instead of Jesus, even though Mary was human and now long since dead.

In Christian canon Mary is actually alive in heaven, as are all the saints who have died in God's favor and now experience eternal life. In the Catholic tradition prayer is also not necessarily always equated with the adoration that is due God alone, it simply means "to make a petition." The Catholic usage of the word is the same as the Old English usage of the word, as used in phrases like “pray tell” or “I pray thee my good man.”

Anonymous 10506

Not that anon but the Bible consistently teaches that we should pray only to God, doing so in the name of Jesus Christ, not to saints. “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life,” “no one can come to the Father except through me.” (John 14:6, Catholic Jerusalem Bible) Those unambiguous words harmonize with Jesus’ teaching recorded at Matthew 6:9-13. While explaining the subject of prayer, Jesus said to his followers: “You must pray, then, this way: Our Father in the heavens, let your name be sanctified” (Matthew 6:9). so the Father is the only one to whom we should address our prayers. This truth rests on a fundamental Bible principle.

Anonymous 10508

The Father is the end point for all prayers of petition in Catholicism. It's common in all Christian culture to ask for living friends and relatives to pray for you. When they do this, they are making a petition on behalf of you to God. Catholics believe that those that have died in God's friendship and now have eternal life in heaven are also able to do this.

In Revelation 5:8, John depicts the saints in heaven offering our prayers to God under the form of "golden bowls full of incense, which are the prayers of the saints." If the saints in heaven are offering our prayers to God, then they must be aware of our prayers. They are aware of our petitions and present them to God by interceding for us.

The King James Bible has many examples of the term “prayer” being used analogous to the way Catholics use it when they pray to saints, like for example in I Kings 2:20 the KJV has Bathsheba say: “I pray thee, say me not nay.”

Anonymous 10509

I'm not religious but my family is Hungarian Jewish and that fact triggers a lot of Muslims despite my giving 0 fucks about which religion they belong to. I was also born in the Balkans where Bosniaks and Albanian Muslims used to (and in some parts still do) routinely terrorise Orthodox Christians and Catholics just for being "infidels", like beheading children from neighbouring villages and murdering pregnant women etc which resulted in the Srebrenica massacre, where if you'll recall the victims were only male and they did not harm kids and women. Obviously it's still terrible but it puts a few things into perspective. I'm also not too fond of the way they treat women, immigrants and in general anyone who doesn't dance to their tune. It's also creepy how they encourage that their religion take over their lives, which I also detest about any other religion really but few others encourage straight up murder and deceit to the benefit of your God. At least in most places in Europe religion is mostly kept around to honour tradition, which I'm okay with even in the context of Islam, but within reason. And I hate to pull the "some of my best friends are Muslim" card but I hang out with a lot of Moroccans at university and none of them are very religious so I'm obviously aware of the fact that not everyone who follows Islam is part of the problem, but I'm speaking in general terms and would never judge on an individual basis unless a person was really mad about it. Which I've had the pleasure of interacting with before and it wasn't pretty.
So yeah, not a big fan, don't really care about being "Islamophobic" if it means avoiding people like this.

Anonymous 10515

Do you support Trump's muslim travel ban?

Anonymous 10522


Given the increase of islamic terrorism in the west since the millenium I'd say I can understand why it's a thing.
Personally I think trump is an asshole and Idiot (so is hillary) but I give him props for disregarding political correctness in favor to foreign threats

Anonymous 10526

I worship a head of lettuce named Ralph… If that any difference…

Anonymous 10528


I love Bert and Ernie

Anonymous 10529

Yes. They are problematic. They need to fix own country instead of fucking off like a bitch. Who wants cowards of another country? If anything happens you know they'll run away and not help.

Anonymous 10530

Weren't Christians fighting with… Muslims anyway?

Anonymous 10531

Christianity destroyed European culture and history around the 500-600s. Not the middle ages. Don't even give an inch to these people, christianity is the cancer of the world and the reason why women are treated like garbage and erased from divinity today. Islam and muslims are the same type of tumor but too bad they're too primitive and busy stoning their own women to death.

Anonymous 10565


Are there any non-terrorist mulisms?

Anonymous 10566

The OT is ignored because unless you're a jew none of it actively applies to present day. We are living in the NT. The OT is supposed to be historical context.

Anonymous 10567

They're also raping and trafficking white girls in Europe and historically they did have white slaves so, no, it isn't just their women.

Anonymous 10571

I like Trump, even though I know Aim I the minority. The U.S. has a lot of issues already. Last thing we need is to take on the same issues as Western Europe (I’m American living in England but also traveled Europe recently). Non-politically correct friends who lived in Europe warned me, but it wasn’t until I saw it with my own eyes that I truly understood the issue. The media seriously is skewed liberal…I’m shocked there isn’t more outrage…Don’t care what SJWs say, if there are entire neighborhoods you can walk for miles and it looks like you are shoving your way to Mecca, integration isn’t happening for a lot of refugees and refauxgees.

If you read the Quran, it notes that if you help conquer other countries, you’ll go to heaven…I doubt the majority feel that way, but can still imagine quite a few immigrants planning to breed like mad and gain majority…

>>“And whoever leaves his home as an emigrant to Allah and His Messenger and then death overtakes him, his reward has already become incumbent upon Allah. And Allah is ever Forgiving and Merciful.” aka Hijrah

With that said, I don’t mind Islam in its basic, Quranist form. Unfortunately, Hadiths are for whatever reason, accepted and I believe Saudi culture has too much influence on Islam…despite Saudi Arabian culture being basically opposite the good teachings from the Quran…

Anonymous 10572

*I am in the minority

Anonymous 10592

Non American here but I don't see anything wrong about banning potentially dangerous people from entering a country. He didn't ban ALL Muslims, it was just a short list of countries that have a high number of extremists? You can correct me if I'm wrong, I don't really know. But if that's what he has done I don't see why it should be such a big deal since safety and precaution come first. People have their visas denied for other reasons, that shouldn't be such a dramatic issue.

Anonymous 10595

dont know much about the religion itself but the muslim girls ive been friends with are really nice and have my type of morals, but i live in a hot country and cant help but feel really sad for the women with only their eyes showing, and i dont really agree with fasting in any religion, no love of god is worth potential death.
that being said i loathe all religion but unlike other atheists i am not butthurt when people choose to believe in imaginary friends.

Anonymous 10608

i really don't get this hate for people believing in deities. that part isn't the issue, it's the rules that people write and force others to obey that are fucked up.

Anonymous 10609

You are 100% right on what is happening. A lot of people bring up that he didn't ban Saudi Arabia as an excuse that he shouldn't ban the other countries. With that said, I believe not banning Saudi Arabia probably has a lot to do with weighing pros and cons. They are a powerful business partner and the upper-class who can easily afford to obtain a visa and visit the U.S. are probably not likely to be terrorists. The people coming from there aren't going to be "refugees" and losing them could cause a lot of economic issues across the U.S. (oil aka gasoline for transportation, heating, gas stoves etc). While I personally dislike Saudi culture, it makes sense not to destroy a relationship with them.

Anonymous 10610

One leads to the other. If you believe in a deity that isn't here and doesn't really show up to explain itself, you start making up rules and twisting things to suit what -you- want people to act like.
That's also why there are few different paths and extremists in any religion.

People don't -always- do it and they don't always push their ideas on others even if they do believe in one but mostly that's what it's like.
At least that's what i think might be the reason to hate people believing in one.

Anonymous 10726

European culture before Christianity was barbarism and fuckery. Middle Easterners and everyone who wasn't European was far more advanced until Christianity came along and civilized you apes. Don't even pretend otherwise.

Anonymous 10730

My opinion on Islam: It's shit and I don't like it.

But it's significantly better than
>atheists who think they're tolerant but just as intolerant as religious hypocrites they criticize
>and especially the "spiritual but not religious" or "pagan" deluded sad sacks of shits

I'd rather deal with an Allah Akbar then some New Agey cornball faggot who doesn't make any sense. At least Muhammad has direction and passion for his beliefs.

Anonymous 10767

>what is Ancient Rome
>what is Ancient Greece
Guess how I know you aren't white.

Anonymous 10768


>European culture before Christianity was barbarism and fuckery.

Except we can never be sure of how true or false that is because the christians literally burnt and destroyed every bit of European knowledge and history they fucking found

Anonymous 10770

Not them but holy shit you're going to just ignore the massive downsides of paganism bullshit? Like even when I was a part of that faith I was capable of acknowledging the shit wrong with it.

Anonymous 10776


>What is Athenian women being equal to slaves?

>What is mass crucifixions?

The Romans were nutters especially. Yeah they had lovely buildings but they did all kinds of horrendous things.

Anonymous 10779

It's more like people trying to show how SMARTTTTT they are. Annoying shit. But I think religion does help people who aren't in good places come to peace with things. Like instead of living a life with no guidance they could say I'm doing this to get into heaven. And they are usually nice people.

Anonymous 10783

My contention to the person I was replying to is that she criticises pre-Christian Europeans as uniquely barbaric, she's obviously a non-white.

Anonymous 10788

You're right

rich people are great
poor people are terrorists

Anonymous 10800

>acting like the ancient world wasn't made of commonplace violence in every civilization
>pretending such commonplace violence stopped existing when Christianity came around
>forgetting that the Christians who were "omg we're a religion of peace" before also started destroying pagan temples and murdering innocent people who had nothing to so with their power struggle
>conveniently completely ignoring the barbaries encouraged by the Church

Have you ever read the Bible, like, at all? I do not like Islam but acting like Christianity is so much better when the west could only progress with people starting to deny that religion should control their lives, the rise of the Age of Enlightenment that deliberately wanted to separate Church and Government etc.
The reason muslim countries are so backwards is because they still think religion = the maximum authority that should rule everything including the country and the laws they are obliged to obey, and (most)western countries are far past that kind of absolute retardism, despite a lot of countries being majorly christian.

Anonymous 10801

I didn't read any of that. Save your words for next time.

Anonymous 10802

Savages who didn't bathe regularly, worship sun gods, and raped little boys and women. That sounds like Islamic countries now doesn't it

Anonymous 10803

that still doesn't change you're a massively socially retarded larping faggot with mental issues and god knows what else. get out of the past for once.

Anonymous 10804

Everythig ecept for the sun god sounds pretty christian

Anonymous 10805

tfw christianity took europe to the dark ages but thats ok because it was 20% less brutal, homophobic, sexist, pedophile….

Anonymous 10808

Are you okay anon? Having a bad day? I'm here for you. hugs

Anonymous 10813


Anonymous 10816

Uh okay.

If I did need a hug I wouldn't need it from the likes of a imageboard shitposter son

Then it can apply to pagan and christian Europeans because I didn't say anything wrong lol

Anonymous 10817

yes so nuke the entire continent and let dark invaders fuck it over because europe's never been anything good apparently

asia is becoming the superpower continent of the 21st century anyway

Anonymous 10826

The Romans and Greeks had an extensive bathing culture, you slack-jawed shitskin. Don't even attempt to talk about Europe when it's so obviously far out of your imagination.(YOU CAN'T SIT WITH US)

Anonymous 10827

Not her and you're wrong. Not all Romans and Greek bathed like you think, plus public toilets were disgusting and not widely used. Do your research more properly. Also shitstain? Do you really need that to win an argument? Please.

Anonymous 10836

No needs for that. Europe is very atheist so its cool and good

Anonymous 10838

I think all religions should be open to criticism, for some reason islam often gets a pass and people scream racism over questioning it lmao

I think islam is just as problematic as other abrahamic religions, but people always turn a blind eye to it's terroists and always find excuses to ignore the problem.

Anonymous 10886

>I think all religions should be open to criticism, for some reason islam often gets a pass and people scream racism over questioning it lmao

This. OT I'm also tired of people assuming that there never were scandals with Buddhist monks and corruption, Shinto, etc. Eastern faiths aren't always perfect either.

Anonymous 10888

You sound mad as fuck.

It's also doo doo balls and being invaded.




Anonymous 10889

Which rule did this post violate?

Anonymous 10890

Rule of being a sperg and sounding like a maleposter

Anonymous 10892

It was definitely a bad post but there's no way to infer that anon is male from anything they said. It doesn't seem like they broke any of the site rules to me. Maybe the "posting in an obnoxious way" rule but there is plenty of other shitposting on that level that isn't being singled out for public bans. For example, this post >>10888

Anonymous Moderator 10893

I banned the user after checking post history. I banned them for only posting inflammatory comments and race baiting, they never contributed to any other threads/topics whatsoever (FAQ/number 7 - only posting bait).
However it is a short ban, it's pretty much just a warning. We're not here to police your opinions.

Anonymous 10896

Thank you for the clarification, in that case it definitely sounds like a warranted ban.

Anonymous 10898

> guess how i know you aren't white
> you slack-jawed shitskin

Kind of baiting so… yeah.

Anonymous 10899

No thanks

Anonymous 10989

k, troll confirmed. Everyone replying angrily to this kid/wanting to angrily reply to this kid: Don't feed it.

Anonymous 11806


its fucked how the women dress like bee keepers but the guys all dress like fuck boys

Anonymous 11819


Not to powerlevel, but I dislike all the abrahamic religions for personal reasons. They're all sexist, unfair and nonsensical in general with useless restrictions that were put in place for historical reasons. Now I'm just talking about the religions as institutions themselves, because not everyone follow the rules the same ways and interpret the Bible or the Quran the same ways.

My family is Muslim in the sense that they believe in God and follow some of he rules but not the ones that are too stupid and old-fashioned like the ones about inheritance or women who have to cover their hair. I mostly know muslims because of that despite being in Europe. The moderate ones like my family are pretty cool for the most part just like moderate Christians (I'm only familiar with Catholics because of my country) or Jewish people. They respect others just as much as the average person.

But there's something I really dislike about the "community". The more extreme ones just don't know how to mind their business. Those are the ones who will nag at you at best if you don't fast for the Ramadan regardless of the reason. I've been called a slut by a ex friend of my mother as a kid because I just can't fast without passing out and I had to take a treatment that required me to have an healthy diet for most of my childhood. My mother kicked her out after that, but you get the idea. These people are gossip hens and judgmental as fuck, especially towards women. I also really dislike the men who don't follow any of the rules, don't respect anyone and probably don't even believe in God but treat young women like sluts if they're not acting like prudes and good potential gfs/wives and baby-makers. But that's definitely not exclusive to Islam, see the conservatives Christians who call women sluts for literally no good reason and are pro-life because women's duty is to support their husband and make a lot of babies for example. It's probably just from the fact that some of them are incels idk.

I also dislike how some rich white-looking American women with supportive families claim that Islam is a progressive and feminist religion and claim to choose to wear the hijab, like that's a choice for everyone else. It's closely related to countries, their laws and cultures more than just the religion and I wish people would acknowledge that.

I didn't really follow the conversation here but the answer is yes, and they're hated by the terrorists just as much as non-Muslims.

Doesn't it depends on countries though?

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