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Anonymous 104767

Thread of non-conventionally-attractive anime men

Anonymous 104777

I want Dr. Kenzo Tenma to do surgery on MY heart

Anonymous 104798


>non-conventionally attractive
what do you mean by that? Just not a typical bishie?
Cuz there are different types of attractive anime men, it's just that some are more popular than others. In that sense I guess you could call them "unconventionally attractive".
Or do you mean, in addition to not being a bishie, having a specific set of traits (including but not limited to facial hair)?

Anonymous 104801


Do you mean someone like this?

Anonymous 104818

I'm not a weeb, what do I need to search for to find anime men that look like the bottom row of that image?

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 104856

Moved to >>>/media/21486.

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