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Anonymous 104782

I got sexually harassed at the mechanic lasses. I wish life wasn't like this.

Anonymous 104786


What happened, are you OK?

Anonymous 104788

chin kimono.jpg

The air conditioning was cold and I don't wear a bra. He commented on my nipples being pointy. :(
I was sad and so filled out the anonymous survey when they emailed me one asking how my experience was. The manager then used my car model from the survey to look up who I was except they didn't have my phone number so they called my boyfriend who's number was on file and interrogated him about happened.
I just wanted to tell them why I wouldn't be back, not be interrogated again and again by different people about what happened.

Anonymous 104790

wtf that's so disgusting that they would invade your privacy like that. i guess they (hopefully?) meant well? but still, there's a reason that survey is anonymous. sorry that happened to you nona

Anonymous 104793

You are so kind anon. Thank you.

Anonymous 104794

You made me think you got groped by the mechanics or repeatedly told gross catcalls while they fixed your caf. It wasn't that bad, kinda rude and unnecessary but nothing that you should let dwell within your mind for too long. What was his tone and such? Could've been that he was trying to tell you that your nips were showing and that you should kinda hide them when you walked out into public afterwards? If he sounded pervy and horny excited tho yeah, that was creepy.

I'd be more upset with being contacted after doing an anonymous survey. They probably had the best of intentions in mind, thinking you were molested by some asshole, but breaching anonimity like that is an ass move.

Glad nothing too traumatic happened in the end, though. Hope your bf wasn't too upset?

Anonymous 104799

>he was trying to tell you that your nips were showing
It is not a women's job to hide her natural body. Do scrotes have to hide the outline of their disgusting beer bellies?
Sorry that happened to you anon.

Anonymous 104802

what do you mean you hope her bf wasn't too upset? what business does he have being upset beyond feeling bad for his partner? moid vibes

Anonymous 104803

>moid vibes
for real lol. probably that guy who just posted in media like a retard

Anonymous 104805

Thought I was the only one who got moid vibes from that post. The way the other anon downplays the situation and even asks what her boyfriend was thinking as if that was important in this kind of situation…

Anonymous 104820

>Do scrotes have to hide the outline of their disgusting beer bellies?
They should, I'd be all for that. But no, I meant the mechanic might be trying to tell anon her nipples were poking out in case she weren't aware.

Upset a guy was looking at his significant other's chest? OP made it sound like the mechanics office called him and let her bf know she was molested or something. Men get into dumb fist fights for less. Chill.

Anonymous 104849

>It is not a women's job to hide her natural body. Do scrotes have to hide the outline of their disgusting beer bellies?
If it bothers him that others see it, yes.

Anonymous 104858

Reaching out to you was extremely inappropriate. Leave a bad review on their Yelp page.

Anonymous 104878

On the topic of sexual harrasment: boi i wish i could just wear cute feminine crop tops and shorts in the summer without being honked at cat called and being looked at like meat

Anonymous 104884

>You made me think you got groped by the mechanics or repeatedly told gross catcalls while they fixed your caf. It wasn't that bad, kinda rude and unnecessary but nothing that you should let dwell within your mind for too long
Most real woman know what "sexual harassment" means. Whether you're a moid or not, you should look inward and try to figure out why you felt the need to say this to someone who just got sexually harassed.

Anonymous 104886

You guys know sexual assault, sexual harassment, and sexual molestation are pretty interchangeable terms depending on the language, right?

Anonymous 104888

What languages, English versus moidspeak?

Anonymous 104893

Spanish, for example.
Molestation and harassment are both "acoso".

Anonymous 104894

if men were to get upset anytime another man looked at their partners chest they'd be pretty fucking busy since men clearly cannot mind their business or even at least SHUT UP ABOUT IT if they are looking.

are you retarded? the issue is not that he saw it, the issue is that he felt the need to comment on it.

Anonymous 104895

Alright well this thread's not in Spanish but thanks for sharing

Anonymous 104896

we're speaking english here though and the difference is very clear.

Anonymous 104898

I'm not even the anon that mentioned the language differences in the first place, but I'm guessing she meant that some people in this thread interpret those terms differently because of their native language.

Anonymous 104900

Kind of a random reach, there's been no mention of ESL posters in this thread and regardless they should learn how to speak the language they're using instead of imposing their misunderstandings on sexual harassment victims lol

Anonymous 104905

Sorry that most of us don't have the privilege of practicing the language as much as a native speaker to reach a level where we understand all the subtleties of English vocabulary perfectly, asshole

Anonymous 104906

Lmao you're calling me an asshole over a random constructed idea that somehow the above posts are excusable because that person might not be a native speaker?

Anonymous 104908

if you are male, no, please leave. if you are female maybe.

Anonymous 104909


>another thread derailed into a pointless moid witch-hunt
>this time because someone dared suggest a boyfriend would be upset if another man tried to grope his girlfriend
Sometimes I wonder if the moids are the ones doing this shit to try and make everything about them.

Anonymous 104911

Personally it was more about this person >>104794 telling OP "it wasn't that bad." Dick move male or female. Asking what her bf thought was just icing on the cake

Anonymous 104914

Getting told you have pointy nipples because it's real cold is not the same as being sexually molested or even catcalled, stop making light of those things.

Anonymous 104915

>Lmao you're calling me an asshole
Yes, because you act as if English Second Language speakers accidentally not realizing the difference between molesting and harassing was worse than intentionally treating said ESL speakers as second-class citizens of sorts. Try learning a second language and being in a community that exclusively speaks that language and see how "easy" it is not to make mistakes, asshole.
>random constructed idea
Believe it or not, ESL users post in every thread on this site. They do not need to publicly announce that English is their second language every time they enter a thread. A small language barrier and misinterpretations may be present at all times, resulting in misunderstandings on both sides. And you may not even realize it.
>somehow the above posts are excusable
I was just commenting on the fact that it's true that "harassment", "assault" and "molestation" are in fact interchangeable in some languages and that this definitely affects how people who speak those languages natively interpret those three English terms.

Also, the "above posts" you're referring to aren't actually that terrible. While you automatically assumed that the mechanic had the worst intentions, that anon probably assumed that he had the best intentions. She clearly did not mean to make OP feel bad about her own feelings, and even asked for more information about the mechanic's comment to know if it was intentional sexual harassment or if the guy had just tried to be polite.
Like yeah I would also love to not have to wear a bra every time I'm not home with my mom and sister, I would also love it if female breasts were seen as natural as a male chest, and I would love for female nipples to stop being much more sexualized than male ones. But since that ain't close to happening, there's nothing wrong about a man politely trying to tell a woman that her nipples can be seen. However, we don't know yet if that's what happened, or if the man was being a creepy and disgusting fuck and intentionally made OP uncomfortable.

Anonymous 104916

Your masculine aura intimidates me and makes me feel like the vulnerable little girl I always was XC

Anonymous 104917

Don't bother anon, I appreciate you sticking up for my ESL ass but now I just feel bad. Bad that I derailed the thread and bad that I might've made OP feel like she did something wrong.

Anonymous 104922

You did nothing wrong either anon, you obviously didn't mean to blame OP for anything and were trying to help her feel better, even if some overly hostile assholes here don't realize it.

Anonymous 104956

OP here, I had suspected you might be an ESL speaker because the difference between harass, molest, and assault is a subtle one but I appreciate you clarifying that you didn't think I was over reacting.

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