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Knitting/Crocheting? Anonymous 104864

Any s who knit/crocheting?
>what are you working on?
>easiest and hardest thing to make for you?
>favorite type of material/tools?
>how did you begin knitting/crocheting?
>tell us some tips!

Anonymous 105268

I knit and crochet, its my main hobby. I am better at crochet but pretty good at knitting too and I prefer the fabric it creates.
Currently working on creating picrel and an off the shoulder sweater that is kind of cropped, I don't have a pic because its unfinished and I just made the pattern up in my head.

I have a really bad habit of starting things, then seeing something I like better and making that abandoning what I was making before, so I have a lot of WIPs.

For yarn, I prefer natural stuff or semi-natural. A really good brand is Drops because its cheap but good quality. Bamboo yarn is also really nice because its very soft and pretty cheap compared to some other materials, there is stuff on amazon called "Yonkey Monkey Yarn" and its super soft and cheap. It is NOT worsted weight as it says (kind of shady chinese brand) but that's ok because I prefer buying fingering weight because I can use it for lace or just hold it double.
Beware of merino wool, you'll never want to buy it again when you see what australian farmers do to their sheep. Alpaca is better because its softer, stronger, warmer, and supports small farmers in peru who treat their animals with kindness (80% of alpaca is produced that way).

Anonymous 105269


lol forgot the pic, been gazing at this wanting to make it for forever

Anonymous 105346

I taught myself to knit years ago but forgot how to do it. Easiest thing is granny squares, scarves, anything rectangle or square. My dad gave me a crochet lace set that belonged to my great aunt last year. I'd like to learn how to make something instead of having it sit under my desk in a box.

Anonymous 105560


wow this is so pretty. i wish i could see it enlarged because i cant read that tiny print for the life of me. would really like to knit/crochet this at some point

>what are you working on?

gloves. picrel. if anyone is a good knitter, do you think its manageable to create these gloves with super bulky yarn when it calls for just plain old bulky yarn and size US 10 (6.0 mm) needles? what needles would i have to use to accommodate the super bulky yarn weight?
>easiest and hardest thing to make for you?
easiest? scarf. it was my first project and i made 8 scarves for family, friends and pets. hardest? a blanket. it's so time consuming
>favorite type of material/tools?
i wish i could get my hands on merino wool. i prefer aluminum needles to bamboo. bamboo makes it difficult for the yarn to knit. too much resistance and it hurts my fingers if i knit on them too long
>how did you begin knitting/crocheting?
i taught myself once covid hit because i was bored
>tell us some tips!
start off with a simple project and work your way up to more advanced projects

Anonymous 105670

>Does it have a gauge listed?
14 stitches and 18 rows= 4 inches in
stockinette stitch
Stockinette: 16 sts / 24 rows = 4 inches
Horseshoe Cable: 20 sts / 24 rows = 4 inches
the mitt pattern is called Bella Swan's mittens from Twilight if anyone is interested in the gloves.
>I have a habit of just winging it and making up my own patterns
I wish i was this talented. I follow ravelry knitting guides online because i'm so new to knitting

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