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Anonymous 105284

Petite Parker or Bara Brock, which one do you prefer?

Anonymous 105285

I prefer them to have hot homo pounding sex with each other.

Anonymous 105286

Sis we all would like that but marvel will never go all in.

Anonymous 105292

Somebody track down rule 34

Anonymous 105351

>I'm going to pound you so hard
who says this in a non-sexual context lmao

Anonymous 105366

I like big dumb himbo manly bods way more but Peter Parker isn't petite or skinny, he's decently toned, imo.

What Spiderman series is this and how many comics do I have to read to get to that part?

Anonymous 105374

It's not directly a spiderman series, from issue two of Cosmic Ghost Rider: Destroys Marvel History.

Anonymous 105378

venom is such a stud its incredible
they knew what they were doing

Anonymous 105407

brock most definitely - only downside is he's a blonde.

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 105441

Moved to >>>/media/21628.

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