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Anonymous 105358

Does anyone else, when you're done with a drink but haven't finished it, just pour it on the floor?
Itd be wasted anyway,, and it's just going to evaporate so it's not like there's any cleanup required even either.
Why shouldn't I do this? More importantly, why don't you do this?

Anonymous 105359

i WILL accidentally step on it and get my socks wet
Also if you're including drinks aside from water, isn't it going to leave a sticky residue that will stink?

Anonymous 105360

Anon, are you retarded?

Anonymous 105361

I only do this with water, and only if it's on carpet.

Anonymous 105362

It's a liquid, it evaporates its literally its self cleaning

Anonymous 105363

Maybe if by 'floor' we mean 'ground'. As in outside. Otherwise this seems crazy

Anonymous 105364

If your drink is sweet it's gonna attract ants after the liquid evaporates. And it might even get absorbed into the spaces between the floor tiles (or worse, the carpet, if you have one). It will also get sticky.
If it's just water, there'll be mud later on. It's gonna be a mess. Also, I don't like getting my feet wet unless I'm specifically washing them outside or in the shower.
It's not worth it.

Anonymous 105367

>there are idiots who throw drinks and liquids on their carpet
Just dump them in the sink, in that case.

Anonymous 105371

Sure, it evaporates but it's not like it instantaneous. Especially if you're pouring it on the fucking carpet.

Anonymous 105377

It'd bother me, it's out of place. It's also a hazard to myself if I forgot about it, or to others in the house

Anonymous 105387

If it's wood, it soaks into the wood and not only ruins the grain but can grow mold in the floor and subfloor.

Anonymous 105391

>when you're done with a drink but haven't finished it
Then I'm not done. Down the hatch.

Anonymous 105411

I used to do this, but I realized that unless I poured on the same spot everytime I would just get a discolored floor. Now I have a cut open milk carton on the floor that I dump my drinks into it continuously so it's all in one place. It's worked pretty well over the years, but I should probably replace it soon.

Anonymous 105414

What the fuck is wrong with some of you?

Anonymous 105445

Is that a actually thing?

Anonymous 105448

no, unless your floor is tile it might damage it.
Correct answer: dump it out the window

Anonymous 105450

I wish I could have access to guns, but they're mostly illegal in my country. It's a pain in the ass to get licensed to legally own one and it's really costly.
My only option is to buy a gun illegally from some locals which I IRONICALLY plan on doing on 2022, but even then the gun i'll buy will be overpriced and old, and obviously I could get in trouble for having it.
Violence rates are stupidly high in my country and every shitty criminal gets weapons, so why shouldn't i? at least when i learn how to shoot i'll be able to better protect my family

Anonymous 105453

I too want to shoot every retard in this very thread.

Anonymous 105461

Sometimes I ask the same question but then remember I have bags of trash in my room that I can't bring myself to throw away

Anonymous 105463

oopsies, i got the wrong thread

Anonymous 105465

What is that stuff?

Anonymous 105478

I'm not sure that actually makes sense
If mold was going to appear, it'd appear on TOP not underneath, qnd so I'd see the like sprouts and could pour bleach on it or something. That pic seems unrelated

Anonymous 105488

It would, yeah but I generally try to avoid doing that for like decency reasons

Anonymous 105489

Lol no, it's just you who are a pig

Anonymous 105491

There are multiple people in the thread that agree and do the same thing

Anonymous 105638

mold. better hope it's not black mold

Anonymous 105743


Is this your carpet?

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