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RIP ANGEL Anonymous 105416


Anonymous 105423

i like her style, who was she?

Anonymous 105426

Nasim Najafi Aghdam, the YouTube HQ shooter.

Anonymous 105451

Me too. She would have fit in here.

Anonymous 105458

If any youtuber deserved to be paid it was her

Anonymous 105476

I wish I could have been her friend so bad :(

Anonymous 105506

I feel sad and mad at myself any time I forget about her

Anonymous 105796

it was a troon

Anonymous 105798

You got a citation on that? All the accounts I can find only mention her once she was 16 years-old as a naturalized US citizen. No record of name changes in the US. She immigrated under that name as far as I can tell, so she would have needed to undergo surgery before then.

Anonymous 105833


Schizophrenic vegan and obvious woman. What is this bullshit you feel you have to slander a dead woman for?

Anonymous 105838

there are pictures of her as a young girl, dumbass. now Iran does forcibly troon its gays, but Iranian parents don't do it to literal children.

Anonymous 105859

>this entire thread
tf am i reading

Anonymous 105935

You are worse than a moid. Just because a woman doesn't conform to your super special beauty standards doesn't mean she has balls. You speak with absolute conviction yet you know nothing on the topic. Maybe you are a moid after all.

She is a queen. It's a terrible shame that nobody heard of her while she was alive.

Anonymous 106060

was just thinking about her today a true heroine

Anonymous 106085

she did nothing wrong

Anonymous 107242


Anonymous 107245

Oh wow

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