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Anonymous 105745

What are some signs that a guy doesn't see you as marriage material?

Anonymous 105747

Who cares about men

Anonymous 105749

people who are unfortunately romantically and sexually attracted to them

Anonymous 105751

Not her, and not attracted to them, but I’ll do my best.

How old are you?
Is he considered handsome and maybe had a bunch of girlfriends in the past?
Have you had sex already? How long did that take, or are putting it off and you suspect this is irritating him?

I always recommend honesty and getting things out in the open. Like “hey, I know it’s kind of early in this relationship, but I just want you to know I’m marriage minded and am looking to raise kids in ____ kind of timeframe”. Just to get them thinking about it.

Anonymous 105752


> Have you had sex [with him] already? How long did that take, or are [you] putting it off**

Anonymous 105753

>How old are you?
>Is he considered handsome and maybe had a bunch of girlfriends in the past?
I'd say so, he's very tall and above average looking. He's had some girlfriends way hotter than me.
>Have you had sex already? How long did that take, or are putting it off and you suspect this is irritating him?
We haven't had sex, I'm a virgin and yeah, I think it frustrates him.

Anonymous 105755

Well, does he know you want a lasting relationship?
How long have you been going out? You sure he’s the one or is the clock ticking?

Anonymous 105813

If he doesn't want to wait until marriage to have sex he doesn't see you as marriage material.

Anonymous 105827

>marriage material
tranny question

Anonymous 106174

>he gets upset if you turn him down for sex on the first few dates
>he spends more time asking about you than talking about himself (big red flag, men habitually talk about themselves unless they're avoiding intimacy)
>all hangouts lead to sex after the first few dates, then end quickly
>never introduces you to his friends (another huge red flag for obvious reasons)
>avoids giving information about his life
Those are some of the big ones I've seen that aren't completely obvious like spouting pua bullshit. However, if you actually want to snare a man you need to prove you're worth something to him. Just like you want to make sure he isn't some zero-future loser, he wants to make sure you aren't a money pit onahole rental. Learn the 1950's housewife skills, especially cooking, and demonstrate them. Too many women these days think they just need to fuck well to keep a guy, but in reality a man will take a terrible lay who can cook, clean, and is pleasant to be around for him over a wild ride with lacking wife skills.
Being a virgin is your #1 card to use in this case. Assuming you haven't misread the situation, you need to be the one pressuring for a more committed relationship. Just be aware that, if he's tall and handsome as you say, he might just leave and decide to fuck other women instead because getting laid on demand as never been easier for attractive men than it is right now. If he does it's his loss, not yours, as he's saving you from wasting any more of your time. The person who wins in situations like these is the one who isn't afraid to lose if things don't go their way. Do not let him pressure you into sex unless he has shown sufficient commitment. That doesn't necessarily mean marriage but it can if you think you can actually pull it off.
tl;dr Nothing about marriage has anything to do with love besides keeping one together once it's created. This is a business deal, treat it like one and you will win. Don't fall for pop-culture relationship bs.

Anonymous 107465

stay a virgin until he marries you
dont get pressured

Anonymous 107466


When you ask him "Will you marry me?" and he says "No".

t. proposed to husband

Anonymous 107469

Nta, I'm howling thank you for the contribution

Anonymous 107473

i did too

Anonymous 107484

Can a man who grew up in a bad home situation and picked up on some bad habits make a good partner? I've been chatting with this one person who's admitted to acting creepy and rapey when he was younger and he feels bad about it supposedly. I'm not sure how I should react. I understand that victims can become perpetrators and I don't want to get myself hurt.

Anonymous 107492

Most abusers are indeed victims, you are correct in this. Please be aware though that most victims do not go on to be abusers. In it is not only possible he is a good person(in this singular regard), it is likely.

Anonymous 107497

Stacy please leave

Anonymous 109183

>doesn't want to see your parents
>dating for years but no further comittment
>no talk of the logistics that would require (careers you guys have etc)
>doesn't say he loves you often even if relationship is sexual

Anonymous 109234

i'd add not willing to talk about kids but maybe that's too obvious to mention

Anonymous 109257

if he's mentioning it a lot or is trying to say he has changed he's prob overcompensating. I notice this a lot; if a guy repeats something he's basically trying to correct an internal shortcoming by manipulating his external optics and language about his situation, chances are he hasn't really grown.

also for some reason some also use vulnerabilities like that to guilt-trip women or fake being closer to someone than they actually feel.

Anonymous 111193

What this one said:
Just ask him instead of thinking about it.

Anonymous 111203

I wouldn't say "doesn't see you as marriage material" and would say more "doesn't want to get married right now" or even "doesn't want to get married ever", because unless you're just a complete liar who cheats 24/7 and has no ambitions, if a man really loves you and wants to get married he will propose to you. The only exception to this is super religious men or men whose parents are super picky and must approve of whoever he brings home.

But anyways, signs that a man isn't going to propose to you:

>Doesn't want to meet your family

>Doesn't want you to meet his family
>"Dates" tend to be yall sitting in his car or his house, in other words free or cheap dates that can end in sex easily every single time
>Not all that interested in getting to know you
>Not all that interested in letting you get to know him
>Doesn't let you spend time around his friends
>Red flag if his friends just ignore your existence; this means he probably rotates through women a lot and they know not to bother getting to know them
>Actions and words not lining up (if he's the biggest cassanova in the world with what he says but yall are just spending time in his room watching tv every weekend then he just wants something casual no matter what his words are telling you
>Doesn't discuss future with you, or does so very casually (e.g. half-assed invites you to an event down the road, but never discusses anything serious)
>Gets distant as soon as you show vulnerability or attachment

Anonymous 113429


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