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Anonymous 105911

Does anyone here watch gore and selfharm videos/pics?
I'm not trying to make a gore dumping thread, in fact I'd rather avoid posting any
pictures at all, I'm just curious.
If you do, what is some of the more fucked up things you saw? Do you avoid looking at any specific ones like animal abuse? Are you interest in context of gore videos? What made you watch/look at it?

Anonymous 105914


Always bad.

Anonymous 105917

Anonymous 105924

are you the same anon who uses the self harm site and wants self harm imageboards?
do you have any other hobbies at all?

Anonymous 105928


Hell yeah! i even keep a collection on discord

Anonymous 105958

No because my I'm not in middle school anymore and my brain is fully developed

Anonymous 105959

Normal behavior

Anonymous 105961


Anonymous 105967

I watch gore as a form of mental self-harm. I also use it to punish myself when I'm depressed, self-loathing or when I have a relapse.
I watch videos and photos of suicides to remind myself what I would inflict on my family if I actually went through with it.
I saw a few videos involving children, usually in India, too, and one where a man jumps to his death and ends up impaled on a traffic pole I try to avoid them at all costs, but those were in a compilation style video, they're seared in my mind.
I'm also a vegan and when I was younger I watched lots of those "earthlings" style documentaries about the mistreatment of animals.
It's a sign of a very fucked up mind IMO. I grew up with unattended internet use and ended up regularly watching both this shit and extreme pornography, and it definitely ruined my mind beyond repair. Therapy hasn't helped at all.

I'm the anon who asked about a selfharm imageboard, kek. If OP isn't the selfharm.pics anon, that means there's at least three of us here. I can't tell if that's grim as fuck or reassuring.

Anonymous 105970

One anon recommended gore.g3.pm/c
Its dead but you can still post content and view content

Anonymous 105986

I watch gore but it's hard to find sometimes. To clarify, I watch industrial accidents. I'm not interested in seeing blood and guts and pain. I am fascinated by the horrors of giant machinery and something about CCTV footage of people being destroyed in random Asian steel factories does something to my brain.

Liveleak stopped posting gore and that was my go to. No gore on Reddit. No forums like Death Addicts or whatever

Anonymous 105991


Anonymous 106005

All the mainstream gore sites are gone. But tbh it is probably good in an sjw type way. Because most of those vids were leaked from 3rd world countries.

Anonymous 106021

> who uses the self harm site
>wants self harm imageboards
No, not me
>do you have any other hobbies at all?
If you could see my post history on this imageboard you would know that yes, I do. But since I brought up a topic not widely discussed on this imageboard multiple times it means this is the only thing I like, right?

Anonymous 106022

I keep one on telegram

Anonymous 106023

Not everyone is a 4chan tard who spams gore everywhere where they think they can shock people. Try to be more understanding next time, anon, like an adult with a fully developed brain, who doesn't generalize everyone as children or retards because they like something gross

Anonymous 106026

>I watch gore as a form of mental self-harm. I also use it to punish myself when I'm depressed, self-loathing or when I have a relapse.
Understandable, what kind of relapse?
>I watch videos and photos of suicides to remind myself what I would inflict on my family if I actually went through with it.
Does it stop you from committing it? Because yeah suicide actually looks very gruesome and some videos are very depressing
>I'm also a vegan and when I was younger I watched lots of those "earthlings" style documentaries about the mistreatment of animals.
I'm not a vegan but animal slaughterhouses usually chinese were the first ones I saw and I was 11 at most when I saw them, but my exposure stopped here until I turned 14
>It's a sign of a very fucked up mind IMO. I grew up with unattended internet use and ended up regularly watching both this shit and extreme pornography, and it definitely ruined my mind beyond repair. Therapy hasn't helped at all.
I agree. I never got into porn even though I was on PC for most of my childhood, but got desensitized to gore very fast, I have been regularly exposed to it for 5 years now
There are a lot of gore subreddits, like a fuckton of them
I know what you're talking about, there's this one video that went viral, i think it was from the place I live. lol

To elaborate on how I got into gore, I was using tumblr back in 2016 and gore blogs were semi popular and not really hard to find, unlike now. One of them liked my post so I went to check out the blog and it fascinated me, it wasn't just gore so I really liked it, we even had the same music taste, but she posted very fucked up stuff like a kitten getting beheaded with a knife, a puppy getting raped with a knife and dildos (I think the people who did this had a post about them on kiwifarms)

Anonymous 106035

Tumblr gore blogs were pretty good. I found a niche side to Tumblr where the humor was extremely strange. Gore would make frequent appearances alongside like glittery gifs of piss or something, and everyone was gay but not in a Tumvlr way they were gay in a Roger the alien kind of way, and everyone would post gore and just bizarre stuff. I wish I knew what that genre of people was called

Anonymous 106039

try shockgore.com

Anonymous 106056

I know what you're talking about, tumblr is a wonderful website no matter how many people insist it's dead.

Anonymous 106095

Check out @Juno53515798 on twitter heh

Anonymous 106096

Out of morbid curiosity, sometimes I view them in rekt threads on b, but I don't save any webms/images of it. Most messed up one I remember was a guy getting sucked into some kind of rolling machine, in China.

Anonymous 106098

It was a machine in a carpet factory. That's the one where it spins him around and whacks him into the ground until he is all floppy (bones where basically dust), isnt it?

Anonymous 106149

I saw that one but I'm not a gore fan. Someone sent it to me without explanation, and this person is a known /b/tard so it was probably the exact same file as you.

I remember finding the offended page on Encyclopedia Dramatica as a kid, wonder if that's still a thing. I either didn't look at the gory images or I just saw the first few and forgot them. Elsewhere on the site, I saw one of a shotgun suicide but I remember skeptically wondering if it was real or photoshopped. That site used to fascinate me because it was incredibly anything goes.
Once I image searched something like "half man half car" hoping for some whimsical character but got photos of a man torn in half by a car. It was extra disappointing because there weren't even any results for characters who were part man, part car.

Anonymous 106166

What the FUCK is wrong with people who look at that shit? (I looked at that shit)

Anonymous 106197

No it isn't

Anonymous 106199

Tbh I don't think anyone will be surprised with this if they had the luck of knowing about coldnessinmyheart

Anonymous 106224

i suppose it could be. personally, watching gore or even medgore videos/pics produces roughly the same feelings of lightheadedness/slight arousal/temptation as when i'm masturbating.
can't really compare it to porn though as i don't really watch it

Anonymous 106226

Yeah both bad everyone in thread saying they use it as an alternative to self harm should just start cutting themselves it's less callous than consuming media they're supporting the creation of by interacting with

Anonymous 106238

I would draw gore on my notebooks to abstain from it, then I tried looking at actual content of self harm and got amassive urge to cut (started sweating and frantically s3arching for my razor) ended up relapsing anyways.
Its not callous, those people who cut (at least the deep ones) arent doing it for attention and would do it whether you watched or not.
Some who do it super light do it for attention, but when you see cuts an inch thick you know its not for attention but because they're severely ill. They'd do it anyways

Anonymous 106239

The attention is like an added bonus for them, bit they'd do it either way

Anonymous 106285

No, it isn't. For starters, people don't cum watching gore, at least most don't.

Anonymous 106286

Ah yes, it's better to leave permanent scarring on yourself that may become deeper and more sever over time leading to society's disdain for your body and possible health dangers.
It's less callous to whom? To people who are already dead and have no clue you're watching their death? Or their relatives, who most likely have no clue you're doing it? On the other hand, when you self harm your parents/relatives/friends/your boss/your coworkers/strangers who may see your self harm scars and assume different things? You can clean your browser history, you can't clean your scars away.

Anonymous 106295

bitch gorehub isn't a thing, poor chinese construction workers aren't being pressured into stepping inside of active machinery so that people can get their rocks off, how the fuck is watching shaky vertical phone recordings of people dying on unmonetizable sites that will be closed in like a year tops in any way comparable to the porn industry. take your meds and spend less time on radfem tumblr, freak.

Anonymous 106297

Not all of the examples people posted about looking for were shaky security cam footage

Anonymous 106298

I actually find morbid reality videos really fascinating..but then I deeply regret watching them. All gore is deeply disturbing to me but this one time I saw the video of these morons lighting a firework mortar. The one kid blew off his hands. In one instance of stupidityhe lost all those motor functions !! and it really made me value my hands and all my limbs forever more…. this happened in my own home town and I met a friend of a relative of the guy with no hands. In the end of the video he had nothing but spaghetti mess hanging from his stubs and he was screaming and sitting in the back of the truck and… all I can say is I needed eye bleach for days. It kinda made me a way more careful person. Think about it! in one stupid instance of not wearing your seat belt you could ruin your life forever over that kind of injury !

Sometimes I'm not good about wearing my seat belt when it's a short drive. I should probably watch more videos like this.

Anonymous 106299


I used to watch gore all the time like an addiction. But I've managed to get it mostly under control. Only watch people getting mangled by machinery like twice a month now instead of twice every hour. I guess I was just fascinated by it? I dunno

Anonymous 106300

Surely, but is there an industry where people are getting paid to kill themselves/kill someone/cut themselves etc.?

Anonymous 106359

I thought your heart starts racing when you're on adrenaline, my heart never raced when i watched a gore video. And deriving pleasure doesn't equate it to porn, orgasm is a much stronger reward for doing something
>Surely, but is there an industry where people are getting paid to kill themselves/kill someone/cut themselves etc.?
My reply still applies then. No one is getting paid to do this or make others do it, if anything, people that frequently post their self harm online are either looking for: attention, an advice for medical care because they're confused, to document their habit, or all of those. Yes getting clout might egg them on continuing but it was their choice to post their self harm, and most self harm communities look down upon encouraging/giving tips
The closest thing I can think of is hardcore bdsm videos, cause I think people participate in it do it as a form of self harm, + they're getting paid for it. But as someone who seen gore for the past 5 years I always thought bdsm is disgusting, i don't want violence/abuse/self harm and sex to be ever mixed

Anonymous 106383

>Yeah and? Doesn't make it feel any less good, people do stuff for thrills all the time.
People don't start having thrill dreams when they don't get their adrenaline fix in 2+ weeks. "All the time" is an over estimation, most people masturbate regularly, as opposed to looking for thrilling stuff
>Obviously isn't for everyone, just as not everyone gets off to porn
Most people watch porn to get off, can't say the same to gore, unless you have a survey that says otherwise
>it is like porn because it is imagery that can produce a strong pleasurable chemical reaction in your brain.
Strong pleasurable chemical? So, an orgasm? No it doesn't, as I said, most people don't masturbate to gore. unless you imply adrenaline can be compared to an orgasms or sexual needs.

Anonymous 106401

I love watching geeks debate stupid shit in long paragraphs on 4chan dot org (tm)

Anonymous 106412

Shock and disgust?

Anonymous 106466

Apologies then, I misunderstood what you were saying. But I was mostly going off the this post >>106167\
>Problem is you think like porn = sexual pleasure, when that is never what I've been saying. At heary, they are similar because people watch them for similar reasons, to produce a sense of pleasure. Doesn't matter if they're equal in power or if caused by different chemicals, at heart they're the same, driven by similar desires.
Ah I get what you're saying now. It's ind of redundant though. people do lots and lots of things for le pleasure chemicals. Like eating fast food, listening to good music, etc. etc.
I do still want to add that not everyone who watches it does it cause it "feels good" some videos are just plain revolting and you're only watching them out of curiosity, some even cause a weird feeling in your body, almost like a phantom pain. It's not pleasurable at all but you just can't stop watching

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