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Anonymous 105936

do guys like kiryu actually exist? and if they did would they make good boyfriends?

Anonymous 105939

i… i think the chances are extremely niche, but if you could find one like him, i’m sure he would make a nice boyfriend. just look at the side missions in the game, he seems to be someone with great morals, not too high standards, and is genuinely kind. if i had the chance, i would DEFINITELY have him as my boyfriend, or at least go on a date with him.

Anonymous 105945

how would you tell if he is really like Kiryu or just someone who pretends to be that way like Mine from Yakuza 3

Anonymous 105953

No, they don’t exist, any more than Disney princes.

Anonymous 105965

this is false

Anonymous 106031

Yes, in my dreams

Anonymous 106161

I already saw this thread on /r9k/, what are your goals with this

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