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Anonymous 106045

Is a 20 year old dating a 17 year old pedophilia?

Anonymous 106062

Lol no
I swear, 90% of the internet doesn't know what the word "pedophilia" means

Anonymous 106065

Pedophilia means attraction to the prepubescent. A 17 year old is not prepubescent and therefore the 20 year old dating her, by definition, isn't engaging in pedophilia.

Basically, what >>106050 said here about 10 and under.

Anonymous 106559

not a pedophilia but imo age gap of 3-4 years is still weird till the age of 20. 20-23 is ok but 15-18 isn't

Anonymous 106579

>age of consent is between 13 and 16
I don't know how it is in other countries but in mine, age of consent does not mean that, for example, a 14 year old can have sex with an adult. I think 17 and 20 is okay though.

Anonymous 106589

Leave it to Americans to make a clear-cut case of something obviously and unambigiously evil into a topic of actual debate.

To the OP:
In my country this wouldn't even be a question.

Anonymous 106591

Yes.. a 3 year age gap.. absolutely wicked and DEPRAVED..

Anonymous 107534

neon_felix 2021-03…

This is cam model Neon_Felix aka Guina Wylde. She's 23. Her current boyfriend is 44. As long as both parties are old enough to give consend it shouldn't honestly matter and is none of your business. If your justification is "I find it weird/gross/wrong." congratulations, those are the same "reasons" given for disliking gay and interracial couples. Your personal tastes mean absolutely nothing.

Anonymous 107536

im not 20 yet so idk. i do know the thought of dating a 15 year old as an 18 year old is really gross tho

Anonymous 107543


>Americans think 17 dating 20 is weird yet 23 dating 44 is okay 'cause they're both over the 18 line
I'm cringing rn, also
>cam model
No surprise there, at least we know WHY she's dating a man old enough to be her father

Anonymous 107546

Normal Americans (not the degen criminal rapist whatever) recognize how gross it is, autist.

Anonymous 107547

Well thank God for that at least

Anonymous 107582

I'm not finding it weird for no reason, it's a pretty big power imbalance. There's no power imbalance in a woman dating another woman, or a white person dating a black person.

Anonymous 107590

It's not weird. She's 23, she's a grown woman. I don't agree with >>107543 though, 17 to 20 is a much bigger difference in mentality and a huge gap in agency/money/power/knowledge so that it's very easy for the younger part to be manipulated.

Anonymous 107592

>Normal Americans recognize how gross it is
>>107590 clearly doesn't.

Anonymous 107599

>For example, lesbian couple abuse rates.
You are a moid, aren't you? No one else uses this example except for moids on 4chan and MGTOW circles, but it doesn't even fit the argument here.
>there's always a power imbalance
No, not always. And the power imbalance between a teenager and an adult is nothing like that of two independent adults, lesbians or not. Those relationships are frowned upon in most developed countries, even in those where the age of consent is very low, for a reason.

Anonymous 107605

it's weird but not the worst.

Anonymous 107608

Why would you say something so moid-y?

Anonymous 107610

>No, not always. And the power imbalance between a teenager and an adult is nothing like that of two independent adults, lesbians or not.
See you understand I'm glad we agree.

Anonymous 107627

Anyone saying "it's only attraction to pre-pubescence" is splitting hairs and making excuses for pedophiles. I had started my period, wore a 32C bra, had pubic hair, etc by the time I was 10. Any adults attracted to me were still pedophiles.

>inb4 muh ephebophilia

That's just a pedophile with a dictionary.

While there may not be anything objectively wrong in terms of a 20 year old being attracted to a 17 year old, they have absolutely nothing in common and there will be a power imbalance. One of them is still in high school and one of them is most of their way through post-secondary (in the majority of the world). One of them has most likely never lived on their own, paid their own bills, had a real job, etc. The life experience that the 20 year old has over the 17 year old will cause that power imbalance.

Anonymous 107628

Most 20-year-olds haven't lived on their own or paid their own utilities these days. You're severely underestimating the extended adolescence of young adults.

Anonymous 107633

ITT lots of moids ousting themselves

Anonymous 107685

When I was in school, I knew girls who were 17ish dating men in their early 20s. I always felt uncomfortable about that. The legal age is 18 buti don't think legal equals ethical. It's legal for an 18 year old to date a 30 year old, but a 30 year old undoubtedly has a huge amount of power in that relationship

Also, people think of it differently if you flip the gender. Society will accept a 17 year old girl dating a 20 year old as normal but if it's a 30 year old woman with a 17 year old guy people will think there is something severely wrong with the woman

Anonymous 107712

I haven't been on CC in a few months. This thread and others just proves to me this place is now crawling with scrotes.

Anonymous 107713

I'm 22 and I couldn't imagine dating someone under the age of 19, hell even at 19 on the dot it starts getting weird. That being said when someone involved or even both people are under 25 it gets weird in terms of the fact these people are in two completely different stages of life and have no relations to relate. When you're 20 you're worrying about your career, college, work, moving out or living on your own for the first time, etc unless you're a complete NEET where at 17 yr olds are usually just worried about high school and has no business being with a grown up.

This explains the fact 20 yr olds dating 17 yr olds tend to be complete broke losers who can't get anywhere and tend to imprint their inability to succeed on young girls so it ends up hurting a lot of these girls too

Anonymous 107727

I would still date someone in their 20s, because I would want to have fun. Also moids are fucking unattractive the older they get no offense. Save for a few! Who care about the way they look. The game is one-sided and gross for women, so turn it around. I would have no problem being a cougar. :)

Still I don't know about using men for their looks either. Just find someone who gives a damn. Although thats pretty hard to come by and guys who are like that tend to think they owe nobody anything just because they know they look good. Its a rough game so, thinking like you do sounds ridiculous to me. Most of the time, being single is better than absolutely anything though. No ball and chain. It doesn't matter what kind of guy you get with it becomes a TON of work for the woman so whyyy would I go there. Most of the time I would like to opt out of that.

Anonymous 107736

No pedophilia is attraction to children without puberty

Anonymous 107737

Most people actually think theres something wrong with the guys who chose to date older women. See Macron for example.

Anonymous 107741

17 and 20 isn't a large gap though. If it was a 30 year old it would be weird.

Anonymous 107750

True. Moids hated Keanu reeves for having an age appropriate girlfriend
It's not a large gap just like how a 12 yr old and 14/15 yr old isn't that large but these people are in two different stages of life. One people become older age gaps get less important but at those ages it matters a lot and there's something wrong with grown ups who have their career and everything starting up who think that dating a high schooler would be just dandy. On top of that this would also expose the adult in the relationship to even more and possibly younger teens too and most men like this get in the habit of trying to go younger and younger

Anonymous 107757

I don't know, I guess it depends on the person. I knew a lot of girl between 20 and 25 who still had the "highschool" mentality. They never worked a day in their life, they went to college with a little group of friends, they didn't really knew what they wanted to do after it and they stayed at mom and dad house with everything paid for them.
And then you have people at 17/18 who left highschool and started to work for various reasons, and they seem way more mature. I think the stage of your life when you're between 18 and 25 can be very different depending on your experience.

Anonymous 107863

Legally yeah

Anonymous 107917

Is that really 7 years in?

Anonymous 108230

Those are outliers, just like girls who are 15 and under with developed bodies but we still consider it pedophilia if you're attracted to 12 yr olds with C cups

This is just a very very general observation. Most men who date teenagers while being in their 20s are losers who have nothing to bring to the table outside of emotional abuse, an overdraft bank account, and flabby body, most women/men are underdeveloped mentally until they're 20-25 ish therefore easy to take advantage of in their teen years

As far as looks go, you can be of any age and acknowledge other people are attractive, like I will happily point out good looking old people or cute babies, children, etc but finding them sexually or romantically attractive is a whole different ballpark. I'm 22 going on 23 and even if I thought a 17 yr old was a good looking athletic male my cooch would immediately dry up the second I figured out he was 17. It's simply just inappropriate, gross, and there's nothing sexy about teenagers that you wouldn't be able to find more of in adults. Now take that in and let me remind you that men out there will actively get turned on at the idea that they find out a girl they thought was an adult was actually a teenager, when you're under 25 age gaps matter. A lot.

Anonymous 108234

Well said!

Anonymous 108254

And yet men are always going to take advantage of age gaps (I'm not even talking about pedophilia yet! ) while you do not, So what? You think you're winning some race here?

Welcome to getting the short end of the stick I guess!! is that what you want me to say?

TONS of women lie to themselves this way and about nearly everything, "age gaps are such a sin for example". Because they can't stand being judged by other strangled/ puritanical women, who don't know how to enjoy /most/ things in their lives.. They do it over not having children, getting divorced, becoming really good at something, getting postive attention.. you name it .. its there, they "peck" each other for everything. But only the stupid ones keep doing it, straight into the kitchen with some guy who pulls out their IUD 3 times….. This blah blah blah gray area is another shite symptom.
Pedophila is one thing, but this "age-gap-sin" is getting obsessive. Its just jealousy you cant bring yourself to live freely, while a TON men and some women do….. And then in the end you just look numb, dumb and naive. Meanwhile.. women who ignore age make you feel batshit insane with rage lol.

Still you COULD have just realized fantasy was the best option 99% of the time. Nothing has to be predatory or angsty at all. Being puritanical and morality, just winds you up tighter and tighter. Women deny a lot about who they're attracted to.. Then they become angry and high strung because they know its inevitable love is really illusory, toxic, short lived, BLIND and one-sided for them. But they enjoyed none of it!

Then again its only really possible to understand these things if you pay attention to how you actually feel and stop running around for social approval you're never going to get for anything.

Anonymous 108336

You know you lost when you have no defense other than accusing women of being jealous
Most women against age gap relationships have been in them themselves and possibly multiple which is why they're against them, did you even bother reading most of these women's experiences?

Anonymous 108353

Yeah and I think women who are abused in age gap relationships shouldn't be in them at all honestly. It sucks to be treated the way guys frequently treat women gaslight them to hell etc… but men are going to do it anyway. I dont think they should really but I have no control over it.

If you aren't then yay. I dont care either way.

Anonymous 108358

most women who are in age-gap relationships are abused, that's the issue. Unless the woman is older.
this is esp true for men fetishizing teenage girls since these men lose interest pretty quickly due to the fact their interests revolve around whatever porn tells them to like, which is a new thing every week

Anonymous 108368


If the 20 year old is a woman, no
If 20 hear old is a man, then yes

Anonymous 108371

Random story I think about and get real sad about when I remember it. I had a friend when I was 17 who told me that she was dating (wealthy/famous) 50 year olds that her (wealthy) dad was friends with. I told her I thought it was a bad idea and she kept trying to defend it, it seemed, eventually I called her a stupid slut that was getting taken advantage of and we weren't friends anymore after that.

In hindsight I'm pretty sure she was trying to tell me that her dad was pimping her out to corporate CEOs for business connections and I completely fucked up her trying to get help.

Anonymous 108383

How could you tell she was sending a signal while also defending it? Was it body language? Why would she do that? Ever tried to get in contact and see how she's doing ?

Anonymous 108643

I dont think that a 20 year old dating a 17 year old is necessarily pedophilia, but it's definitely predatory.

Slightly off topic, but isn't it a federal offense for a 20 year old to cross state lines to go have sex with a 17 year old?

I've been keeping up with this girl who started dating her boyfriend when she was 17, and he was 20. She admitted that he traveled across the country to see her and have sex when she was underage, so doesn't that make him liable for a sex offense? Pls no bully because reading law stuff is hard

Most women are "puritanical" by your standards because they rightfully recognize the danger in the sex practices that men worship

Anonymous 108647

This. For a while they were blasting women for not liking things like anal, until they started liking prolapses, until those women needed surgeries and diapers and fix their bodies

They blasted women for not liking teen porn, then started blasting women for not liking ddlg, then started blasting women for not liking loli, and now women are supposed to accept them dating teenagers while the men are in their 20s

They blasted women for not liking spanking, then choking, and now the average girl is expected to have sex that covers them head to toe with bruises

The slippery slope does exist and men have proven it time to time, if we don't put our foot down now eventually they'll start demanding we accept them being attracted to and raping children

Anonymous 108733

>17 year old
ask me how i know you're american

Anonymous 108734

"u PURITAIN roastie hagz are jus jelis of my 15yo discord gf"

Anonymous 108736

and what country are you from where dating 17 yr olds is perfectly fine and what are the child molestation, child marriages, and pedophile rates for your country?

Anonymous 108741


AoC is 14 here.

Anonymous 108747

you sound like an american who don't know how laws in other countries work
the AoC is 14 so 14 yr olds can have sex with other 14 yr olds, not so creepy greg can creep on 14 yr old molly who's still in high school

>The age of consent in Germany is 14 if both partners are under 18.
>Sexual activity with a person under 18 is punishable if the adult is a person of authority over the minor in upbringing, education, care, or employment.
the law is weird in germany but in general the AoC is 18 for people who are over 18 and 14 for people under 18, I imagine most men in these countries also avoid getting in relationships with teenage girls due to the fact those girls can easily press charges if they feel like they are being taken advantage of, which any adult who wants a relationship with a teenager I can promise you does not have good intentions

that being said, germany has a bit of a pedophile problem to

Anonymous 108749

>The age of consent in Germany is 14 if both partners are under 18
i never denied that, you simply never asked before jumping at me.

>under 18

not QUITE right to be perfectly precise, there's something like a Romeo-and-Juliet-Law(?) regarding it. you can't be more than 5 years apart from each other unless the parents allow it and nobody is behind their assumed psychological development for their respective age.

but you can't simply press charges either.
there has to be serious doubt about your ability to give consent, which is pretty much never the case.

any questions?

Anonymous 108750

>you can't be more than 5 years apart from each other unless the parents allow it and nobody is behind their assumed psychological development for their respective age.
find me a single parent who is mentally stable that would happily let their high schooler date a man in their 20s

Anonymous 108751

happens all the time here.
we start hooking up with each other as soon as we leave puberty, basically. just as nature intended.

Anonymous 108752

you've got to be a moid, I don't know a single german would would support a relationship of a girl who just hit puberty and an adult man. Also if nature intended for people to be hooking up as soon as they hit puberty there wouldn't be as many birth defects in teen pregnancies as well as a million risks for large age differences

post proof you're even german or female or gtfo

Anonymous 108753

>21 = AN ADULT MAN!!!
>17 = literally just hit puberty

what's with the lusting?

Anonymous 108754

England here, 16 is the AOC. The only thing you can do at 16 is get married without your parent's permission, but if you want to do that you can easily cross the border into Scotland and get married without permission, it will be legally recognised across the UK.

Anonymous 108755

> cross the border into Scotland and get married without permission

Wow, just like in my historical romances.

Anonymous 108757

>Birth defects
Birth defects are crazy crazy low. The main driver is socioeconomic risks, but there is a smaller increase in maternal complications and low birth weight, but there's bias that pregnant teens tend to be 3rd world/poor and didn't have access to adequate nutrition and healthcare.

Anonymous 108760


Americans have their heads so far up their asses that they think any woman outside of their country who's fine with >>108751 is automatically a moid.

Anonymous 108761

you tell 'im, Minnie!

Anonymous 108784

It is 16 but AOC under 18 in all European countries are highly regulated if the sex is between someone above 18 and someone under 18. Men in these countries also get discriminated against if they're dating children. That being said in all of these countries people under the age of 18 are defined at children, so legally, age of consent or not, if you have sex with someone under 18 and you're over 18 you are having sex with someone lawfully defined as a child

Why would they highly regulate any of this, nevermind legally defining teenagers as children, if grown men dating teens was totally acceptable and normalized there? 17 and 18 sure, 17 and 19 maybe, but certainly not 17 and 20

Anonymous 108786

>but certainly not 17 and 20
[citation needed]

Anonymous 108787

16-17 & 20-21 is like the most common teen pairing in yurop
americans have really weird puritan standards

Anonymous 108788

This an argument on ethics, not laws. Even if under UK a 17 year old is lawfully defined as a child, a 20 year old being with her is not the same as if he were going after a 9 year old, for an example.

Anonymous 108789

europeans are all perverts example #938384

Anonymous 108798

There's nothing inherently perverted about a three year gap in this case. It's only Americans that think there is.

Anonymous 109008

But men from everywhere go to the Philippines for the legal child prostitution

Anonymous 109011

not mutually exclusive statements

Anonymous 109032

>I'm going to speak about europe like it's one country
I'm french, absolutely zero (0) 20 year old is going to get discriminated against because he's got a 17 year old girlfriend
If she's 14, yes, but it's literally a crime, but 16 or 17? He's fine. They are sometimes loser, yes, but sometiems it's just the two or three year older boyfriend you meet in highschool and he just got older, which is fine.
And dating someone under 18 is not "having sex with someone lawfully defined as a child"
I mean, yes, because he's not an adult, but no, it would not be considered pedophilia, in any european country. If you think it's true, you're mental, and you need to take a law class

Anonymous 109168

>Most women against age gap relationships have been in them themselves and possibly multiple which is why they're against them
that's just aging women punching down. THEY get to have relationships with older men but the next generation should stick to their own age so THEY don't have to worry about losing their trophy husband to a young woman exactly like they themselves used to be. they're worried about the competition from younger women because they used to be those younger women who seduced married men. they know the power young women wield and they were perfectly fine with it when THEY still had it. now that they've lost it suddenly they want to suppress it. pure self-interest.

Anonymous 109169

she probably misunderstood and thought adults could date 14 year olds, not 17 year olds.

Anonymous 109180

Do you have any personal experience with it? Because that sounds like something a moid would say

Anonymous 109181

as someone who "dated" an adult at 17, the issue is we know how vulnerable you are in a relationship like that and how, once we reach the age of who we dated and realize how repulsed we are by the age we were, we understand what kind of man would go for someone that much younger (a freak)

it isn't about being jealous about the "excitement" lmao

Anonymous 109191

>we understand what kind of man would go for someone that much younger (a freak)
oh, then it's really easy. just don't date or marry a "freak", right? but you know that's just cope. all moids want young women.
>it isn't about being jealous about the "excitement"
I didn't say it was. it's about losing their moid / the attention of all moids to younger women.
I wonder why you would bring up excitement / the concept of being jealous of the younger woman for more than just one man. sounds like an admission honestly.

Anonymous 109192

>Women who aren't teenagers are aging
Omfg if anything people like you are exactly the reason why we shouldn't allow teenagers to date adults. Women aren't bitter and jealous that they aren't teenagers anymore and are worried about teenage girls being taken advantage of, holy narcissism

Anonymous 109193

I don't care what moids want you moron also seek psychiatric treatment immediately

Anonymous 109209

>old married men with hanging balls
>trophy husband
Gtfo moid or get standards girl.

Anonymous 109211

>Younger women who seduced married men
Dude, have you seen a single one of these relationships at all? Most of the time it's the married man creeping on every girl who's not their wife until one desperate Becky gives in, on top of that married men almost always cheat with women who are objectively less attractive than the wife, even other men will admit this!

Anonymous 109212


Males really think if they liberally use the word "moid" we won't be able to tell that they are male.

Scrotes always flock to the pedo threads to justify pedophilia or heckle adult women for being omg su jelly. s are right, all men are pedophiles.

Anonymous 109233

>Most of the time it's the married man creeping on every girl who's not their wife until one desperate Becky gives in
I hate how true this is. I worked with like 3-4 guys who were like this, all in relationships, all swore they were playboys, but most women hated them and they would actively make women uncomfortable so much and making themselves a running joke about how all women were just scared of being molested by them. Of course because of desperate women at least 1 or 2 women always gave in out of desperation and insecurity, but never because they actually found these men attractive and wanted to have sex with them. Compare that to men like Channing Tatum or something who have women flinging themselves at them daily and DON'T cheat, vs men who have to get sexual assault charges from half the town before fat Wanda who hasn't had dick in 6 yrs finally gives in for their cheating. Men are so sad

Anonymous 109236

Why can't he just get a wig?

Anonymous 109238


Ladies don't let these males wig-fish you… always take him indoor skydiving in a high velocity wind tunnel on the first date.
If the hair flies, he lies.

Anonymous 109240

death to hags.png

Anonymous 109253

ngl men are worse catfishers than women, especially men with heavy acne/scarring and extremely greasy skin. Like wtf your skin looks like a horror movie gore scene, would it kill you to put on concealer or use a facial for once in your life? I don't want to puke from having you in my presence

that being said any man who bitches about being catfished is extremely stupid. There's some exceptions but most of the women they bitch about catfishing are extremely obvious, those fat girls with snapchat filters and good angles, those weird asian filters that make your skin an inhuman color with 42-17-42 propotions. it's even worse when other men try to convince other men that there's totally millions of women who look like this irl you just gotta keep trying

Anonymous 109288

I mean I find it creepy but I think jumping to pedophilia is a waste of time and kind of belies more pressing questions. When a grownish person finds an underaged person attractive, why? Do they have the same productive hobby? Same long-term goals? Or is there just an animalistic attraction? Did the older person go out of their way to find the younger one because…they're younger? That's a bad sign.

If it's an actual "preference" fact is they will age out of it, that's it, there's nothing fancy here.

There's a shit ton of research on how age gap relationships are way more likely to be…well. I'll just say worse for now. 17 and 20 isn't crazy like I said, it's just a bit of weird if that person has a history of it.

Anonymous 109293

>Or is there just an animalistic attraction? Did the older person go out of their way to find the younger one because…they're younger? That's a bad sign.

This is the mindset of the vast majority of men, yes.

Anonymous 109664

My apologies, I meant to say 20 for both men and women, I accidentally typed 30.

Its somehow seen as more normal for a 17 year old girl to date a 20 year old man, but not the other way around. That always confused me

Anonymous 109665

I don't believe for a second that young girls want anything to do with older married men. Girls who have been in these situations were more often than not covertly groomed by the older man and was manipulated into seeing the dynamic as some kind of Lana Del Rey shit because the moid know convincing a girl it was her own fault will make them less likely to speak out about predatory behaviour

Anonymous 110098

Actual underage girls yes, extremely young but technically legal girls no. Like I said a lot of these men prey on deeply insecure young women and with the rise of porn addiction for men and women, most women are brainwashed into thinking that dating an old men even without sugar daddy arrangements is somehow sexy and revolutionary and will totally play a part is helping them discover their sexuality via main character syndrome when in reality they're dealing with a nasty old fattie who released disgusting smells during sex who won't give them money at all and will lose their hard on half way in

Anonymous 110099

The age of consent in China and Israel is 14. Is that pedophilia?

Anonymous 110181

It depends. A few European countries also have the age of consent at 14. But in my country, it means that two teenagers can have sex with each other, not that a 40-year-old fart can sleep with a teenage girl. It's not pedophilia in this case. Anything else is.

Anonymous 110199

China already has a pedophile problem, no? I could imagine they made children be able to consent due to the fact that the pedophile rate would be even higher if it wasn't 14. Sorry anon but if you're an adult and you find someone who is going through puberty still to be sexy you need help regardless of muh it's technically legal

Anonymous 110233

>thinking a porn star/cam whore is the bar for morality

Anonymous 110993

I'm American and in my state the AoC is 17.

Anonymous 110996

Not necessarily pedophilia but it's weird.

Anonymous 111072

The amount of m*les ITT is staggering

Anonymous 111651

I still believe in the rule where the minimum age someone should be dating is their age divided by two plus seven. So a 20 year old dating a 17 year old is pushing it, but it's still not creepy if they just so happened to fall in love through work or something. If a 20 year old was pursuing 17 year olds, however, that's a different scenario.

Anonymous 111652

I know. At this point I might literally filter out any thread like this, they're so absurd and attract swarms of creepy-as-shit moids obsessed with making sure young girls stay accessible to them.

Anonymous 111903

The RGB lights gaming PC in the background is what makes this pic peak kino.

Anonymous 111904

I'll never understand what Stacies see in ugly old Scrotes.

Anonymous 111922

It's money, anon. Or gerontophilia. or both.

Anonymous 117504

Seems like you just accuse anyone you disagree with of being male. Please take that kind of stuff back to 4chan. Ironically, this way of arguing makes you stand out as being of a certain sex.

Anonymous 117506

This is nonsensical trash. Why do people like you keep repeating it like it's actually some type of logical rule.

Anonymous 117517

I don't, I feel like 2-3 years of difference isn't that much. A 20 year old guy usually isn't that much mature than a 17 year old girl. That said, when the girl is younger than 17, it's weird to have a +2 difference in age.
A bigger difference than 3 is pretty weird though
>a huge gap in agency/money/power/knowledge
You're overestimating moids in our era. Most moids at 20 year old are still teenagers thinking of just playing videogames, going to parties and doing whatever teenage moids do. There are exceptions because some people mature faster than others, but those are rare.

Anonymous 117555

It's also likely that the 18 year old will be settled into taking care of a crusty ass ugly moid who will cheat on her at best and cheat plus abuse her at worse. Actual intelligent women don't settle with moids period or not for a very long time ( basically until they mature and get their bearings)

Anonymous 117556

seems fine

Anonymous 117557

You sound like a moid. An 18 y/o woman dating a 30 y/o man will always result in unbalanced power dynamics within the relationship.

Anonymous 117558

No it isn't, any 30+ year old moid that shows interest in 18-20 olds should be shot on sight
Way more likely to raise 5 rapists than 5 scientists when it comes to moids, just saying

Anonymous 117559




Yeah, I bet most of us stopped reading right there. Who let this 50 year old man in?

Anonymous 117562

Now listen gramps, we all know that no matter who a woman is dating she is always intelligent. Don't force girls or women to go for granpas by telling them the lies that it makes them more intelligent. Your intelligence is not reflected by how big the number is in your partner's age.

Anonymous 117564


Here is the right version.

Anonymous 117568

Because women have only recently been allowed to study science and previous women had their work stolen by moids or not credited (see all the women who worked at Nasa that no one has heard of or Watson and Crick who stole the DNA crystallography data).

Anonymous 117587

Are you brainless? Women's formal education is very recent and that's in the West, in plenty of other places it's non-existent and women are married off after middleschool to stay at home and birth kids. How are you expecting those women to become scientists? Men have had far, far greater opportunites and resources to pursue education and become scientists than women have ever had.

Anonymous 117590

This thread is teeming with moids, more than any other. All males are pedophiles. Look how riled up they get for this thread in particular.

Anonymous 117592


Anonymous 117593

I mean,, maybe they are a child in mind and heart, i.e there a fucking teen or a young adult barely making their way into the adult. Why the hell should they force themselves to be with " mature" men when there aren't ready for that either

Anonymous 117635

Just the fact that you swallowed "the wall" pill means you are a hopeless idiot; let alone wasting your time with 4chan guys.

Anonymous 117638

>if he rapes them that’s awful.
>if he grooms her and she accepts that’s fine.

Anonymous 117641

>she isn’t being settled in to take care of a moid, she can leave anytime she wants. this is america.
Retarded take, try again moid.
>all relationships have imbalances.
No shit. that doesn't make all imbalances equal or morally right.
> she isn’t an idiot, she KNOWS what he wants and vice versa. it’s not some child he chains in the basement.
Because young people absolutely have the same level of life experience as some who is almost twice as old as them or even more. So if he isn't literally tying her up and keeping her as his sex slave it means it's okay, I guess.
>i hate moids like all girlies
Begone troon.
>but let’s not act as if 18year olds are clueless ditz that are in a stupor and some 30yo moid just molests them. especially now where girlies make being a minor a personality trait.
No one acts like that. Every time someone shows concern for big age gap relationships there's always this same argument 'well 18 year olds aren't toddlers being violently raped, therefore we should dismiss all the potentials of such a relationship being harmful for the girl!"

You know, maybe it would've been possible in some universe where moids aren't rapey, porn addicted scum that always showed most interest in young women or teenagers and viewed relationships with women as purely transactional, maybe. Not in this universe, though.

Anonymous 117642

The number of women in stem is gradually increasing, but the crime gap stays the same. Connect the dots, moid.

Anonymous 117643

first it was the fertility arguement, and since that has been long disproven as moids are actually the ones that age like milk, now it's the "older moids are actually more caring and protective so why would you date a young moid huh?"

Any woman knows that older/adult moids are no better, they're just a different flavor of retarded. They're still porn addicted, hold misogynistic views, but now they're also getting less attractive, balding, and on their way to their dick stopping working.

They're really just using their age as an advantage to show teenage girls how much more matoor they are and how them not screaming dick jokes and having random boners means they're husband material

Anonymous 117646

kek literally only old greasy moids talk like this, no woman pulls the 'reeee if you have relationship problems it's because you're dating a boy instead of a real man like me!!!!!'

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