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Anonymous 10650

Do you feel there is a shortage of qualified workers in your country?

And are women getting more opportunities to work now in fields that aren't considered "woman-like"?

Anonymous 10661

There's no global conspiracy to keep women down. Gender segregation happen by personal choice. (at least that was the case with me) Nursery jobs are almost exclusively female. Are you telling me women are conspiring to keep men out of it?

>qualified workers

You mean blue collar? Because there's a shortage of those. And no. Women don't flock the market to become welders, carpenters, masons or even painters. Even though they are of short supply, and there are great opportunities to move abroad with minimum experience.
We recently refurbished our home and it was a nightmare to find anyone who would do it due to the brain (and muscle) drain of a neighboring country.

Anonymous 10707

I find it so stupid. Anyone can be trained for anything.

Yet they want people with a million years of experience, so ridiculous.

Anonymous 10748

I was considering blue collar work as an option once but I found out fresh blue collar workers are paid really poorly. $11/hour for apprentice welders where I'm from. Seems like you can only make a middle class wage after you've been in the business for 20 years.

Anonymous 10785

It's all about location, location, location. Im Canadian so I'll use my country as an example. There are people working in the Alberta oil sands who make over 100k after 2-3 years. Western Canada in general pays tradespeople a great wage. But on the eastern side of Canada they're paid fuck all. Their journeyman electriciabs typically only make $20/hr

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