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I'm done with pads Anonymous 106608

I'm done with pads and other period products, you don't really need them if you have access to a fucking bathroom and your flow is normal. I never liked pads, they feel like diapers and make your pussy all smelly because they add a fuckton perfume to mask the smell of clotted blood pooling in your crotch, plus they are expensive as shit and having your outer pussy moist with discarded blood for hours is definitely not good for your health. If you can change your pad every 2-3h then you don't really need them in the first place as you can let gravity empty you while sitting in the toilet. Pic related is the result of today, which is my 2nd day and the heaviest. I just finished emptying my last clot of the day and looked at my pants and almost nothing. Pads are a fucking scam.

Note: if you MUST use a pad I recommend crafting one with toilet paper, it absorbs more, costs less and will actually have a neutral odor because the perfume is less intense.

Anonymous 106609

Is this some kind of weird moid larp by a period fetishist?

And do you girls really bleed that little? I get about 1 period cup worth of blood per hour on my heaviest day.

Anonymous 106611

You know there's unscented pads right? I used a scented one once and felt really uncomfortable so I never did it again
>as you can let gravity empty you while sitting in the toilet
I don't know what this means, you can't just save the blood for later and I'm not going to sit on the toilet all day…?? I have a heavy flow anyway so I would exceed your pic within a minute.

Anonymous 106612

>as you can let gravity empty you while sitting in the toilet
Vaginas aren't like urethras or rectums where you can just clench your muscles to hold it in. If you really hate being on your period so much and having to pay for pads, then take birth control and use a diva cup.

Anonymous 106615

Definitely a larp. The positioning of that blood is all over the ass of the jeans, so it's probably from someone leaking. No one could be comfortable with that, let alone proud of it.

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 106616

Moved to >>>/hb/13209.

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