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Anonymous 106832

>hooked up with a guy from Tinder
>as he's going down on me he suddenly leaves the pussy and licks my fucking feet

How do you guys deal with men bringing or imposing their weird nasty fetishes in the bedroom? I called him a gross pervert and left right there, but that was because it was just a hook-up, I didn't actually like the guy. I fear for the day when I actually meet a great guy that could be bf material but then he asks me to fart in his face or something.

Anonymous 107010

Who the fuck would leave a wet pussy uneaten? And go for the feet??? It’s like buying a hamburger meal, and only eating the ice that comes with the soda, and then throwing the rest to trash, including the soda. Scrotes, I swear.

Anonymous 107011

at least he didn't murder you

Anonymous 107013

Just tell him "sorry I'm not into feet stuff can you go back to the pussy please?". And if it's a serious relationship you'll either make deals by farting in his face if he enacts your weird kink or set clear boundaries.

Anonymous 107014

>have sex with near stranger
>turns out to be a creep
damn. how could this happen?

Anonymous 107046

Perhaps he needed a pallet cleanser

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 107056

Moved to >>>/nsfw/5836.

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