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Anonymous 107091

Is there any way to make money without getting a job? (no onlyfans suggestions thanks)

Anonymous 107093

Investing (this requires capital)
Owning a business (this requires capital)
Renting out property (this requires capital)
Currency Speculation (this requires capital)

All the things that give you money that aren't work require you to already have money in order to make more money.

Anonymous 107094

Almost nothing

Anonymous 107096

except marrying a rich guy

Anonymous 107097


Anonymous 107098

Art commissions

Youtube channel or podcast with patreon

Flipping items from thrift store online

Survey sites and other "beer money" sites (only for a little bit of spending money, not for surviving off)

Anonymous 107099

>Art commissions
This is a job.
>Youtube channel or podcast with patreon
This is a job.
>Flipping items from thrift store online
This is a job.
>Survey sites and other "beer money" sites (only for a little bit of spending money, not for surviving off)
I suppose this counts.

Donate plasma.

If OP were in any position to marry a rich guy she wouldn't be stupid enough to post this OP.

Anonymous 107102

This only isn't a job if you and him legitimately love each other. If it's gold digging then the job becomes full time emotional maintenance of a man you don't really care about, which is an intense amount of emotional labor and acting.

Anonymous 107103

scam guys online

Anonymous 107104

That's a job.

Anonymous 107105

any tips?

Anonymous 107108

Anonymous 107172

define "job"

Anonymous 107215

Are rich men who aren't scum really that hard to find?

Anonymous 107218

How would one recognize a rich guy, when not everyone likes to show it and some people who like to flaunt status symbols are actually in dept?

Anonymous 107475

Lick the sidewalk for cashe until you get e colli, an std or the plague I'll give you $20 😉

Anonymous 107476

Meme answer but crypto is one way. Even if you don't have capital to begin with you can just borrow some at very cheap rates. I've made more money just gambling coins in the last year than I ever made waging, and I have a pretty decent paying job.

Anonymous 107477

What is your strategy for shitcoin betting?

I'd say that borrowing is a valid strategy if you've already get mild "fuck you" levels of income and won't be instantly destroyed by a bad bet.

Anonymous 107478

Sorry to samefag, but also, where are you borrowing for shitcoin bets?

Anonymous 107480

>What is your strategy for shitcoin betting?
There is no real strategy. Just be early, look for projects with a small marketcap which are useful for something. If you want to be safe just invest in ETH and Bitcoin. Some people may recommend scouring Telegram groups for controlled pumps but I think it just makes you prone to get rugpulled. Once you have made a certain amount of money that, you can throw small amounts that you are okay with losing into random memecoins. As far as borrowing goes AAVE seems to be the safest option.

Anonymous 107481

Where do you find out about new projects?

Anonymous 107507

AAVE doesn't let you borrow more than you put in as far as I can tell. You'd still need a shit ton of capital to borrow anything meaningful.

Anonymous 108738


get free furniture from ebay & sell it again

buy cheap halloween articles like stickers etc., put them on stuff like notebooks and sell them as goth accesoires

Anonymous 108763

that's fucking sad if you actually live on that

Anonymous 108766

learn to code
start with python

Anonymous 108840


If she's making a living like that then good for her, better than wageslaving at Amazon or McDonalds IMHO

Anonymous 108851

I learned python a few years ago and now I have a decently successful career in cyber crime

Anonymous 108928

Stream on twitch. You don't need to be a hoe or even pretty for it (although it definitely helps). Just get a camera, sit your ass on chair and play videogames while recording.

Anonymous 109005

No, god help you… you will waste years of your life stagnating and failing to develop, and before you know it you'll be 40 and even more agoraphobic than you are now, living in parents basement. All the advice I've read in this thread sounds naive futile and retarded…

Anonymous 109006


Evidence this thread is a trainwreck

Anonymous 109044

Money is the universal lubricant of all trade, so if your work force is not something you're willing to trade in look long and hard what else you have.
You have your body for instance. Some medical studies pay good money for experimental treatments, general products need testing, also you've got organs and hair and blood you could sell.

Many of those have the bitter after taste of not being healthy, or worth it, so unless you've got something else you can trade in, nor money you can get yourself dividends from you will most likely need to work at some point.

I believe the trick is finding a job that you like.

Anonymous 109518

without a degree (and job experience, internsip) to back it up, learning any professional skill on your own is useless in most countries

Anonymous 109602

Even if not technically a job, you can't make money without doing something that will require as much time and energy as work.
Trying to make it as a day trader? that requires thinking about it for most of your waking hours.
Trying to monetize a creative project like a book, video game, videos or art? you'd need to do it full time to live off of it, and if you don't work on it for the same amount of time as a job you're not gonna make it.
Go the only fans route? you still need to make content, manage a community and deal with fires as they pop up.

The only no effort ways to make money is inheritance or marrying a rich guy, and the latter isn't preferable to a job unless he's also a fantastic guy, in which case he's probably already taken.

Anonymous 109620

I too am interested

Anonymous 109624


This technically counts as a job, but honestly, it's probably the best option if you're willing to use a face cam. Basic conversational skills also help, and remember that twitch users will love it when you involve them in any conversation. Just ask how their day is going, pretend not to know some things about whatever game that you're playing and ask questions, and add onto whatever that conversation starter entails. You can also watch other popular streamers, as mind-numbing as it is, to try to learn what they do. It's not for everyone, as I already know that some cc users would despise sucking up to moids.

t. small streamer that's made a decent amount and has regulars that enjoy watching me

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