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Creepy Norm Anonymous 107178

Why do men love this unfunny, fat, old, misogynistic, degenerate gambler creep so much? Venues he would perform at would have to have strict protocol to prevent women from entering his room. Many women have alleged sexual assault.

Anonymous 107181

Yea he's completely unfunny even ignoring any creepyness

Anonymous 107182

Unfunny? B-b-b-but one time he rambled on and on in telling an ancient joke about a moth?! And mocked Carrot-Top on a late-night talk show!

Anonymous 107183

Yea great examples

Anonymous 107185

Anonymous 107186

Unfunny. Not because 9/11 jokes are unfunny. It's just unfunny. There were funnier jokes in the playground in the morning after 9/11. I know because I was there.

Anonymous 107190

This post uses all the words I would use but in a better way so I'm just going to say yea this

Anonymous 107192


I think his comedy was ok but to be honest, even if he was a creep, he was one of the only people in the mainstream shitting on OJ and his definite guilt while everyone else was just focusing on "le black man murders white woman" aspect of the case or sucking off his pedophile lawyers making """hilarious""" quips and slogans and one liners in court.
What OJ did was definitely more of a show of how anti-woman america's attitude and culture is than any of Norm's standup. You know, given he murdered someone and all that. So to an extent he had my critical support.
If it's true that he was a creep to women working at venues fuck him though.

Anonymous 107194

All stand up comedians just seem like self-important assholes. Hate them.

Anonymous 107195

Sorry what did he supposedly do? I can't find anything other than the pretty generic comments he made about #metoo a couple years ago.

Anonymous 107212

Subtle funny is an acquired taste. I was raised a christian conservative and frankly didn’t see anything wrong with Norm at the time. (I’m way far left now). Looking back, he’s got some insensitive barbs at some people. But they’re jokes.
I didn’t always laugh, but of all the conservative comics out there, he was the best

Seconded. What’s the charge? His divorce? His calling Sarah Silverman unfunny?

Anonymous 107225

Anonymous 107240


And she’s smiling. Tsk tsk tsk

Anonymous 107241

It’s a smeary article that takes a while to get to the point we’re reading, but I’m not going to apologize for him. Probably why he divorced

Anonymous 107244



Anonymous 107246

The best part of this is that Norm's comment actually worked.

Anonymous 109259

roseanne vj.jpg

>Barr’s reboot of Roseanne was canceled by ABC in 2018 after she went on a shockingly racist Twitter rant about former President Barack Obama’s ex-adviser Valerie Jarrett, comparing her to an ape.
Overstating it just a bit maybe?

Anonymous 109295

always liked this one

Anonymous 109365

why care? idek who that mascloid is but why is it so fat?

Anonymous 109627

Chemotherapy drugs.
His reluctance to garner any sympathy is intriguing to me. He may have felt sometimes like god was punishing him. Like why he chose to bomb in front of Nancy Norton after she told him she was hurt. Weird funny guy.

Anonymous 109629

Maybe he just didn't want to make a big deal out of it because he disliked other people making a big deal out of it. Odd specifics on the guilt angle.

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