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kurukru marumaru.j…

Anonymous 107258

what is a good job to get either through minimal college or some certification program that pays pretty well?

Anonymous 107262

pharmacy assistant

Anonymous 107267

Underwater welding.

If you're also wanting reasonable hours though, I dunno, Pharmacy assistant or nurse in old people facilities.

Anonymous 107305

>move to rural state
>take three semesters of college (don't even need an associates, but you might as well get one)
>substitute teach
>get paid 17$/hour (30$ if you're lucky like me) to be a glorified babysitter for High School students
>read books, do hobbies, anything that looks like a teacher should be doing it

Anonymous 107306

What is that pic from? I like the art style.

Anonymous 107323

looks like it says kurukuru marumaru

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