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Anonymous 107259

how do i suppress and control the urge to crush my cats

Anonymous 107261

is this one of those crush fetish things, or are you just having intrusive thoughts?

either way, you should probably not have any pets if this is an issue

Anonymous 107264

it's not a fetish, they're just so cute i want to eat them. been biting myself or pinching myself as an outlet but its still strong.

Anonymous 107278

Anonymous 107279

Can't help but can relate.

Anonymous 107284

I've been experiencing this kinda stuff for a very long time. Not very violent, but every time I pet my cats or kittens it become so manic I start to pet them harder, kinda scratching them but they're yet to show any signs of pain.
Maybe buy some stim toys?

Anonymous 107493


Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 107650

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