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Anonymous 107652

lmao at the cringe ass word "aftercare". i fucking hate it and i hate how retarded bdsm shit is taking over everywhere and the moids grooming women and pushing it down everyone's throat.
how they justify being a degenerate who gets off on beating humiliating and traumatizing girls but its okay because afterwards they'll do the bare minimum and pat her head after sex. and they also make it sound like its big good deal theyre offering and that it shows that theyre good partners and people just because theyre like oh sorry babe i love u ;)
having sex shouldn't be a hurtful experience that requires (a obviously half assed as everything moids do) this aftercare bullshit they talk about lol they are insane

Anonymous 107654


BDSM is overall shady and fucked up. I honestly can't imagine how those people live with themselves…like, how do they explain this to themselves? and how do they not see the issue? I get it, both parties agreed upon doing this and it's their bodies and choices. But they can't deny that the thing they do is just sooo fucked up, and no amount of aftercare will fix the broken mind that gets off to this.
sage for sperg

Anonymous 107655

That’s the terror of knowing what sex is about. Watching some good friends screaming “Let me out!”

Under pressure.

Anonymous 107657

I'm not even into BDSM but aftercare has always been a nice touch to sex
Just taking a shower together and laying down in bed together has always been one of the more enjoyable things to do
BDSM usually disgusts me but I'm a super massive vanillafag so take that with a grain of salt

Anonymous 107659

the issue of op is not with cuddling and exchanging affection after having sex, it's how manipulative, violent men into bdsm use the concept of aftercare to make the sexual abuse they perpetrate seem more appealing, less serious and mantain a facade of a good person who cares about their significant other

Anonymous 107660

this made me laugh so hard shajahah

Anonymous 107662

and I fully agree with her there
If you need a king of therapy after having sex with your boyfriend something is wrong in your relationship

Anonymous 107663


Anonymous 107665

no i hate abuse :)

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 107666

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