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Anonymous 107667

I made a budget report to see where most of my expenses go and it turns out i spent $1200 on popsockets in the last 2 years

Anonymous 107738


I grab a handful whenever I go to a store with them

Anonymous 107739

Bird behavior

Anonymous 107740

you are a magpie

Anonymous 107749

Why? Do you even use them?

Anonymous 107752

No, I tried but I couldnt figure out how to put it on my phone case.
i just like buying them

Anonymous 107763


Anonymous 107767

I thought OP was joking Jesus Fucking Christ.

Anonymous 107790

> I couldnt figure out how to put it on my phone case
Somehow that makes it even worse.

Anonymous 107791

I won't believe this until I see a timestamp.

Anonymous 107793

I reverse searched the image and it’s unique. Amazing.

Anonymous 107799

So I looked on Amazon and pospsockets cost between $5-20, assuming that the average value of each one is $15, this means that you only have $345 worth of popsockets in this image. You have got to post the full collection with a timestamp.

Anonymous 107805


This is the true crystal cafe experience. The sheer insanity and autism of 4chan, but in women only form.

Anonymous 107809


>buys 50$ of popsockets a month
>doesn't know how to attach one to her phone

I am dying

Anonymous 107813

Why do I have a feeling op crams more than pop sockets in her house?
I'm already scared of your living room

Anonymous 107828

why the fuck are you spending all your money on bad quality trends?

Anonymous 107829

How can you be this stupid holy shit

Anonymous 107846

damn, u culd have spent that money on literally anything else

Anonymous 107856

Are u fat?

Anonymous 107861

A little

Anonymous 107869

I’m new. Please enlighten me.
>toasting in epic bread

Anonymous 107871

No im not fat and also you aren't me retard die
I'm thin

Anonymous 107872

I believe you. There’s no way you can afford food

Anonymous 107873

You aren't me wtf? Is this a raid?

Anonymous 107875


How did u find us?

Anonymous 107880

Word of mouth. Came for interest, state for the terfposting threads

Anonymous 107881

Delbert asked if I was fat, you replied a little as if you were me which you ARENT

Anonymous 107883


Anonymous 107894

Who's mouth told you the words? Where was the post made that told you?

Anonymous 107895

Idk what you're doing but please stop pretending to be me

Anonymous 107898

I made a post on 4chan in a thread about troons and feminism and got told to “fuck off to crystal cafe.” Never heard of this place so I googled it, and it showed up on page one

Anonymous 107899

It's no secret there are no women here, just incels and troons larping

Anonymous 107906

Sorry anon, I laughed.
Good luck with overcoming this, though!

Anonymous 107924

Larping as radical feminists and tranny haters? Right

Anonymous 107947

>she doesn't know

Anonymous 107948


Speaking of sockets i just ordered some of these, got tired of using hand sockets so im switching to full impact sockets

Anonymous 107984

What’s the difference between hand sockets and impact sockets?

Anonymous 108014

For most people not that much, but if you use a impact wrench a lot it gives a bit better grip and torque. Also it wont snap violently and break your hand like normal chrome sockets.

Anonymous 108035

What do you do with all those tools?

Anonymous 108041

you take one out of the packaging
remove the protective sheet from the sticker on the backside
then put it on the back of your phone

would love to see you update us with one on your phone

Anonymous 108056

Work on my scooter and car mostly
Basic homeowner repairs as well

Anonymous 108217

Wish I had hobbies like that, but it sounds kind of expensive.

Anonymous 108272

That sounds so cool. I only know very basic car things but I love working on her. It makes me feel like im repairing a spaceship.

Anonymous 108467

Peak Goblin brain

Anonymous 108468


Put me in the screencap

Anonymous 108699

It's an investment, some day they'll be worth ten times what you spent

Just like my Pogs

Anonymous 121952


Once you pop them you can’t stop em

Anonymous 121994


It’s what makes this place so amazing

Anonymous 122183

Thank god this thread was bumped so I was blessed with seeing it

Your next step is to get a nice display case for your popsockets since they'll never be on your phone anon. You've made quite an investment in them, you have to show them off now

Anonymous 122184

Anonymous 124792

> poop socks

Anonymous 124926

I need a phone tumor.

Anonymous 125604

I remember seeing this thread a while back. Still golden.

Anonymous 125883

Lmao did you ever stop buying Popsockets op?

Anonymous 125955

I got covid so couldn't pick, I'll post more pics when i have the chance

Anonymous 125956

pick up more for awhile*

Anonymous 126124


Today's harvest

Anonymous 126128

Anon, please. Did you ever figure out how to use them?

Anonymous 126132

Anonymous 126144


Stop pretending to be me.
And actually, while I have the chance…
>>107861 >>107873 >>107895
You aren't me either

>>107871 >>107881
These posts are mine.

To answer your question, yes actually! My friend showed me how to do it after I read the post on here too that tried to explain it but i actually disliked it so i took the one i put on off my phone and threw it away.
No im not kidding

Anonymous 126145

, please try one out. That abalone shell one from your first pic is really pretty. Are you anxious about picking one out and committing to it?

Anonymous 126146

Oh, nvm. So, do you still have your collection then?

Anonymous 126149

Yea I just threw away the one cause it wasnt good no more
I dont even know if I consider it a collection at this point, I don't like buy them based on "I dont have this one yet", I'll grab duplicates if I dont have enough in my hand when Im ready to check out.

Anonymous 126153

but why buy dupes if u can have new ones u dont have instead?

Anonymous 126162

ok now post your fingers and prove >>107861 wrong

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